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I am not looking for anyone seeking friendship or love.  I am here for those that are sea
Male Dominant, 60,  Dover, Delaware

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BisexualFemale Slave
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 132 lbs.
Location: Near cologne, Germany
Last on 4/18/18 at 12:42 AM
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Straight Submissive Couple
Age: 56, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 225 lbs.
Location: New York
Last on 4/8/18 at 1:27 PM










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 220 lbs





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Submissive Female

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I am not looking for anyone seeking friendship or love.  I am here for those that are searching for a sadist.  Someone that wants to be treated brutally, without compassion, without limits, someone that seeks brutal used.  There some of you out there that this is your goal but having difficulty in finding a cruel, non-caring, sadistic bastard to completely destroy your body and life.  I am not for 99.999% of you on this site, there will be no compassion shown or given to you.  You are a piece of meat with your only goal of giving me pleasure from your screams.  If you are at the point of shaking your head in agreement with my statements, I warn you to tread lightly because I am real and you may just get your worst nightmare.

Are you ready to drop what you are doing, to give up all you have and own leaving it behind as you walk, no run to my pickup location, then reply.

At the present time I am non-discriminating between men and women but I can tell you my real preference is women.  I will brutally torture either sex but I will be much more select in who is selected for my treatment when it comes to males.

I realize that having a pic attached to the profile causes a much higher viewing rate.  The pic is one that I have found on the internet that brings me pleasure.  I will not send pics of myself, of my past “victims”, or of my “playroom”.  I am a very private person and guard my identity, and the identity of who I have used in the past, I do not want any connection that could ever come back to haunt me legally, so just do not even suggest it.  I may ask a pic of you if we get to the stage where you are serious in coming to me.  How will I know who to approach at the meeting site if I do not know what you look like.  You will be given a password that I will say to you so you know to go with me, or my pickup agent.

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