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     Hello. I will take a moment and mention a few things. about me. 
Male Dominant, 39,  South west ohio, Ohio













 Dominant Male

 South west ohio 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 190 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


     Hello. I will take a moment and mention a few things. about me.  I consider
myself to be an honest person, I'm employed and  a hard worker in my job and with relationships. friendships, etc. While I may be somewhat of a shy person, I don't let that hold me back. I can be open , but I do hesitate and wait for that to come back to me before I put the time and effort into going in-depth about myself or my past experiences.
 I am an independent person. I drive, and I tackle the things life throws at me. I am not perfect nor do I expect anyone else to be. However I do expect people to be responsible and able to " fend for themselves".
I also expect that from anyone who would like to talk to me, or I'll opt to keep my time to myself. Maybe that sounds like a lot to ask, but I am sure there are people here that are genuine in their search. I'd like to give the people a chance who can do that in return.

 I am looking for a person that can be open, and talk about themselves
as well as wanting to know about me. I am looking for someone who can communicate well. I feel," that quality"  is  very important. People need/should make the other aware of personal thoughts,
 feelings, and desires. To sum it up I seek a girl who is attractive, intelligent, fun, interesting to talk with, and also has their own " identity" , and not the type who are quiet and simply afraid and unwilling to open up because they fear being vulnerable.
 I believe that getting to know someone on here should not be rushed.
Taking time to learn about someone is greatly needed, in order to not only become a friend, but to build the level of trust within any type of relationship.
  I would like to find someone, who might be interested in a possible relationship. However I am not opposed to something casual under the right circumstances and "chemistry".  Someone who would
consider themselves to be a sub, slave, or even a switch....(depending on their interest in that).
I can understand shy people, since I am a little of that myself, but I do insist on being contacted by people who can upload a picture on their profile, or at least be able to share one. I did !!. I tend to view those without pictures as being not "real" people, or maybe people who are uncomfortable with themselves.
 I have very little on my " interest" list. That is because I'm not one who thinks that those things need to be shared right away, and I don't want those topics to " cloud" the getting to know some one phase. Everyone is different in what they want, need, and can tolerate. People also vary greatly within the level they might want their " play" to be at. I tend to not discuss " interests" right off, because, there are so many more things that make up a person. I'd like things to go well because of a deeper connection, and not because of one thing I happen to like.
I do not have a "type" of person I specifically seek out. I value the differences in interests and opinions as much as I value anything else. I wouldn't want someone who is identical to myself because that would get boring pretty fast. I like differences, they offer me new things to learn and be exposed to.
 I am not looking for someone who is overly opinionated. I'm sure it's nice to be right sometimes, but can't be right all the time! So, the ability to agree to disagree is welcome with a red carpet.
I am looking for certain qualities, and none of them are qualities I wouldn't offer myself. Some of the ones I find most important are good communication and listening. I also look for openness, open-mindedness, and the ability to be flexible/ or adaptable. Being adaptable I find is important because no two people can be woven together perfectly. There will always be moments where they disagree , and being able to work together, and give a little , and compromise with one another I feel are excellent ways to keep a relationship running smooth.
If you'd like to take a little time to get to know me, great! I ask that you send me more than a simple " hi" . Put a bit of effort behind want you reply with. After all, I can't get to know you, if you don't tell me about yourself!!
  If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to ask. Good luck to everyone in their searching.

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