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You should know beforehand that I only accept slave property. I am not interested in a wife or
Dom/Slave Couple, 50/18,  South Dakota






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 Dom/Slave Couple

 South Dakota



Primary Partner:









 6' 1"

 222 lbs



Secondary Partner:









 5' 0"

 150 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

A Poly Household

You should know beforehand that I only accept slave property. I am not interested in a wife or girlfriend. You must be capable and desire surrender in all areas of your life.


Things that don't matter to me:

- Your brain or mind: Body > Mind at all times
- Your self-esteem
- Your self-respect
- Dignity
- Pride



Let's get something straight.  In the grand scheme of things, no real man is going to put up with your feminist bullshit.  If you don't like men, then stop looking for one.  Quit trying to be a man.  I have zero tolerance, empathy, or sympathy for anyone who labels themselves a feminist.


Where I go, you go.  End of discussion. I am my own boss.  I have more than you.  I will not trade my way of life for your version of "home".  I work hard.  I get stressed.  Your sole purpose is to make my life easier so I can continue to move forward.


I am your god, your world, your Universe.  If you reject any part of that statement then you are not what I seek.


Expect to be collared, cuffed, and leashed.  Expect to be treated as property.  Any truly dominant male has the natural tendency to claim you in his mind and manifest this realization through his actions.


Let's face it.  You are worthless to me if you are bent on proving how worthy you are. I am not interested in anyone who thinks their submission is a gift or that they are somehow priceless.  We both know you are a liar and have never lived that fairy tale life.  


All I am looking for is chattel.  Property is nothing more or nothing less.  If you want emotional attachment then you must first learn your place as property; nothing more, nothing less.


Self esteem comes attached to ego.  Dominant males are repulsed by the female ego.  It is both unnatural and vile.  I don't care how intelligent, attractive, or independent you think you are.  None of that matters.  What matters is how well you know your place and how well you take to being owned as property.


Do you understand the theme here?


This site is overrun with scammers, fakes, flakes, and people who just want to get their ego boost by leading others on.  You are nothing more than scum or waste to be flushed down the toilet.  


You thrive on having your independence taken from you.  You thrive on structure.  You thrive on living for someone else.  You are not self absorbed.  You are not happy with being a fat pig.  You are not happy being left to fulfill your own happiness.


You need the validation only I would give.  You need to see the look of satisfaction in my eyes.  You need to feel my approval or disapproval through my touch.


Respond only if you are ready now.  There will be no talking on the internet or texting at length.  Get your act together and serve me or simply fuck off.  My life and time are too valuable to waste another second on pathetic internet trash.

Journal Entries:
9/27/2016 8:04:19 AM
I turned off kutishka's profile due to the sheer lack of honesty and intentions from females on this site. I allowed her to be part of the process and she was misled and saddened by the liars and fakes. I allowed her to talk with potential slaves to prove that I'm not a man pretending to be a couple. From now on, you go through me. If I think you are genuine, then I will let you talk with her.

9/25/2016 1:26:41 PM
slave has accepted her place as an object.  slave becomes emotionally upset when separated from me for prolonged periods of time.  slave has separation anxiety.  This is a very good trait in a slave.  slave begs me for punishment and pain in order to put her thoughts in the right place and to regain focus.  slave is still severely punished for not conveying what is on its mind but it is getting better at it.

8/25/2016 8:49:04 PM
I took my slave into the black hills national forest over the weekend. It was quite relaxing and sexually invigorating at the same time. Slave took 100 strikes with a wooden dowel among other training. It seems that slave is afraid I'm going to release her and this scares her. She seems to frighten easily but insists she will do whatever I command. Our time in nature seems to have brought about raging erections and the desire to treat slave as meat property. She has never had anal sex. She is terrified at the thoughts but begs that I be the one who takes her. Slave knows I will rape her ass and she will love me more for it. Our time away has done us both good.

8/19/2016 10:12:31 PM
It's been just over three weeks since she appeared.  I was pleased that she looked like her photos and I knew what I had to work with.   What I wasn't expecting was how quickly and sincerely she took to being slave rather than "submissive" or a "baby girl".  I explained that I do not accept such nonsensical titles and mindsets.  

It has come to my attention that she has sought out this type of relationship before and that the "men" she was with simply are not dominant.  I have to explain in such a way that is blunt, honest and to the point which at times she tried to tell me she didn't understand.  Now that she knows my word is law and that she owns nothing of me, she can now begin the process of acceptance.  I have given her many ways out and she refuses each time and instead becomes hard on herself because she believes that she is not pleasing to me.

She is raw, emotional, and appears to be the typical millennial.  We are in a period of adjustment which is going quite well.  We are 32 years apart but it doesn't seem like it.  We have different tastes in some things but this is normal. We have been together constantly 24 hrs a day and we don't rub each other the wrong way.  She is confined to my immediate area and has learned to ask permission before she does anything.  She becomes sad if I am not leaving my mark or if she doesn't feel like she's making me happy. She possesses simple challenges like not liking to be alone with her thoughts and social media but she also understands that her life is no longer her own.

She understands the difference between pain of punishment and pain of pleasure.  She has learned to ask for discipline if she feels that she is in need of it.  She has complied enthusiastically to lose weight and go back to the way she was before.  She also took measures before coming here to do this for herself.  Now she is doubly motivated because she understands that she receives no pleasure from me until I get what I require.

She has naturally taken to cock worship among other things.  She learns with enthusiasm regarding domestic duties, etc.  I show her how I want things done and I don't have to worry about it any longer. She can not cook but she will learn.  She likes that I do cook and I have introduced her to things she didn't think she would like.  She likes that she experiences so much around me because I am diverse and I possess more knowledge than she ever expected.  She wants to learn. She wants to obey.  She wants to learn how to live her life for another.  These are important building blocks needed in order to be with me.

5/23/2016 2:55:30 AM
It's funny that I've never listed my hard limits so here they are.

1.   Your fat ass
2.   Your tattooed body
3.   Your piercings
4.   Pretending to be something you are obviously not
5.   The fact that you don't have a job
6.   The fact that you don't have the money for a bus ticket
7.   Saying that you have a car but no job and no gas money
8.   The fact that your use of the English language sucks
9.   The fact that you post fake photos or send fake photos
10. The fact that you pretend to be American or living in America
11. The fact that you complain there are no real men here when you exemplify any of the top 10 items

Get Real Already

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