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I need to move from Jersey to Pennsylvania somewhere near Philly, preferably within 30-40 mile
Male Submissive, 32,  Newark , Delaware












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 5' 8"

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A Poly Household

I need to move from Jersey to Pennsylvania somewhere near Philly, preferably within 30-40 miles of the city, a little further is fine.

If any Dommes, switches or couples have a room to rent, or even a cell or cage i am a single, professional with no baggage or bad manners and I am very willing to serve.

I am ready to sign a contract, for the room, for submission or even 24/7 slavery, you of course name all the terms and I will obey without question

Journal Entries:
8/31/2017 12:18:32 PM
My origin story began about 6 years ago, i was living with my girlfriend at the time and she was always the kinky one and 1 night she wanted to tie me to our bed and have sex. She cowgirled me, then got a little rougher, rode my face hard, did some cock slapping and spanking and it was intense and fun, nothing really out of the ordinary, different but not very surprising until she tied my ankles to the bedpost above my wrists put a ball gag in my mouth and produced a strap on i never saw before and said it was "time to tap that ass" i enjoyed the role playing...hated the strap on. I spent the whole weekend tied tightly to the bed while she oscillated between sexy, sensual, sadistic etc and she put a chastity device on me and padlocked it. It was a cb3000 and it was very tight, it was very arousing and at the same time very unforgiving. It turned out she decided on her own that i was going to be her slave, i didn't know anything about bdsm or the lifestyle but I do know now that all a woman has to do is get a chastity device padlocked onto a man and we become extremely devoted, obedient slaves....and that's exactly what happened to me. About a week after this she came home one day with a metal dog kennel and a padlock and put it next to what used to be our bed and she had complete ownership of me and i worshiped the ground she walked on. She even kept me plugged 24/7 at home to keep me in heat for her strap on....i never really enjoyed it, but i craved the attention and the way she used me to please herself She was very strict, controlling, but also knew how to be sensual and keep me panting at her feet. It probably didn't really take any effort on her part because she had me broken, trained and conditioned to grovel at her feet and care about nothing but pleasing her and obeying her and being desperate for every moment to see her, smell her, hear life was about nothing but her. Until she left me a couple years later....turns out she took it too for her own liking. And now I am hoping to find someone who shares her desire to own her man

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