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Hello all, My name is Emily,and I am owned by SDlady. I am a true transgendered (mt
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Hello all,

My name is Emily,and I am owned by SDlady. I am a true transgendered (mtf) AB . I am SDladys daughter and her submissive. I only have this profile as a means to help my mommy find another family member. Considering the following mtf transgender or cis females.

What my mommy is seeking as well as I is preferably another AB and not a DL. In other words being a baby is more important than when youre next orgasm comes. This means that any pre-op transgender must submit to chastity. If you are genetically female chastity will still be considered based on accessibility of a chastity device.

Some switches may be considered providing they understand that they are always submissive to Mommy. Mommy may consider having them help her dominate her little girl, but will never have authority over her without Mommys permission.

We are seeking someone who has hidden their true self and is ready to accept who they are and join a family where they are accepted and loved for who they are.

In order for a house to run every member of the family has to do their best to contribute to the household of their dreams. Preferably the other bABy or submissive in the house can work from home but is not required. For safe reality reasons the member should expect to contribute enough to keep the house solvent. There is something afoot that will make life easier, and is very viable, but is one we do not wish to divulge at this time.

We are looking for someone who is true to themselves and also true to their family if you are chosen. This is not a fantasy, but rather a reality that only your fantasy has lead to so far.

It is my job to weed out the fakes and fantasy players, and be warned I can spot the insincere from a mile away. I take this task, asked of my mommy, very serious so you should be too. I welcome all who are interested, and the select few I consider should not take my task lightly, because you will be blocked without warning.

I really hope Mommy and I can find our new family member, and my potential babysister.

Sincerely baby Emily

Amendment as of 62318.
It has been very hard to find anyone on this site who is true to their profession. We seriously have a baby girl under consideration, but even it has become tedious.
Beyond that baby girl we truly want to find, I myself, as a transgender woman, have become obsessed with being taken sexually as a woman.
That being said, I wonder if there are any submissive males out there, who can submit to my mommy first and foremost, and yet still be able to deflower me, under her supervision, as a woman.
Are you really out there?

Journal Entries:
1/29/2018 10:17:12 PM
As I had to seek out a sister, and baby girl, for my mommy, I couldn't help but notice a few things. To many on here dance around who they are on, and what they seek. Be careful people!!! The true offers out there, seem to fall by the wayside. Instead of concentrating on you, you let the crap of what you think is expected into play. Your wants are yours. Plain and simple. Don't sell yourself short, because you don't think your desire isn't good enough. You can't do this... Your submission to your desire is personal for you, and it can't be watered down, because only you will lose in the long run. Be you, stay steadfast in what you seek, because aNY deviation from you, hurts you

1/12/2018 6:41:46 PM
I think, and I mean think, that mommy has found her new baby girl, and my sister. I hope this is the case, but will never believe it until she is diapered, and napping at her sisters side. It is a simplistic, and peaceful submission, yet has been clouded to many times for me to declare it true. I can only declare, true babies still try, yet understand there is someone ahead of them

1/6/2018 12:00:15 PM
I am getting so pissed off. Doesn't anybody on this site read? Seriously folks. If you are willing to give up your freedom, which is such an important decision, don't you think you should treat it that way? To many messages lately, call me mistress. Read, you fucking morons. It is as simple as that, but it sure is a good way to weed out you phonies out there.

1/4/2018 9:26:40 PM
For those who have the intelligence to actually read a profile, as well as journal entries, this is for you. I changed my profile to Dom, to give me more options in a search, I have been tasked with by mommy. I am not Dom. I am a transgender baby girl, owned by mommy. We are looking for another baby girl to join our household. Yes, this life can be very real, for a true baby girl. If you have the intellect to read, let me make this perfectly clear. We are not interested in boys, who have a forced feminization fantasy (Sissy). Trans girls, true trans girls, are girls. So are cis girls. This is what we seek, period!!!!! I don't know how to make this more clear. Anybody who writes, from now on, whose profile is blue (Male), will be ignored.

11/14/2017 8:33:10 PM
My last journal entry was true, but unfortunately mommy and me, suspending the search, seems to fruitless. So we are open to talking to others about what we offer. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions, on real subjects, beyond the fantasy. We ask a lot of questions, not only to protect us from phonies, but it also involves a commitment that we want you to realize, so that you don't regret your choice. This is a life altering event, and should not be taken lightly by either party

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