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I've been involved with BDSM for a long time.  I have a real practical understanding of w
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I've been involved with BDSM for a long time.  I have a real practical understanding of what it's really all about.  I have no time for online fantasy jerk off games.  And if you are one of the new ilk of online scammers and bilkers TAKE NOTE you don't have a prayer of ever putting anything over on me.  I've heard every lie and tale of woe that has ever been thought about.


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Physical contact whether gentle or not is part of my personality.  As much as I enjoy having my fantasies filled I enjoy filling a submissive slaves needs. I try not to practice contempt prior to investigation. I can make a newbies dreams come true and put a new twist on old favorites for the experienced.  I accept that LTR situations although desirable are not for everyone. Meetings can be casual, playful or as intense as is appropriate to your ability to accept the energy I have to offer.  The more willing you are the further I go.  Some people like more then one thing or more then one at a time, it's all available.  Daddy/Son Master/slave Sado/Maso  And when it comes to LTR there is more to life then BDSM fun and games.

Does it really matter what anyone write here?  Either you figure I've got what it takes to curl your toes or you don't.  And nothing is likely to change your first impression. I receive a great deal of satisfaction from being able to discover what really winds a guys clock the tightest and tightening his mainspring until just before it snaps and then releasing all that tension in one glorious moment.  From vanilla to sadistic I cover the spectrum.

All you have to be is real.  I'm after that rare male whose main goal is to be involved with someone who has a need to dominate equal to your desire to submit.  This can manifest in many different ways, it is not always about strict rigid structure 24/7.  It's a dynamic relationship which works best in the long term which is my ultimate goal but not my only purpose in being on this site.  I prefer guys who's submissiveness is not just sexual but in a LTR would extend to other aspects of life.  Do you not feel complete unless you belong with another?

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For some as yet inexplicable reason more and more females are viewing my profile?

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