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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Update Update:  Feb 20th, I actually begin updating the profile. Oh shush, I got around t
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Update Update:  Feb 20th, I actually begin updating the profile. Oh shush, I got around to it eventually.



Hello all.  My name, as most of you can pretty clearly see, is Vandros--well that's not my actual given name, but it's a very useful nickname that friends have called me for years so I answer to it readily.  With the introductions of of the way, how did I get here?  I clicked on the website, of course.  But how did I get to be a Dom?  That's a better question.


It's my theory that Doms and subs tend to mostly have an innate need to fulfill their role.  It seems like around puberty, or shortly before it, both begin to realize there's something in them that demands they do it.  For me, I started noting around age 8, 9ish that the idea of doing things to girls to punish them sounded really interesting.  (Of course I was 8, a horrible punishment was like, clip on earrings being put on someone's boobs).  I also thought there was something wrong with me because no one else seemed to have that type of fantasy at all.   


"So why didn't you just realize you were a Dom?"  Thank you invisible person setting me up with questions, that's perfect.  By the time I was a teenager, I was vaguely aware of what a Dominatrix was, thanks to TV, but I thought that was it, that you had to be a woman, and it only involved hurting someone.  Neither of which I am or enjoy doing.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered that being a Dom meant lots of different things, but that hurting others wasn't -required-.  And so here I am :)


If you've read this far, good for you!  Smart submissives are a huge turn on for me.  I love to tease, I love to play power exchange games, and I'm very affectionate to my submissives, in person or online, but stupid girls are boring, I'm sorry.  It may be overly picky, but if your idea of an email response is "lol." to something I spent 7-10 mins writing, please move along to a Dom that is more inclined toward bimbos.  


So who am I looking for? Long term of course, I'd like to have a gorgeous young submissive to marry and keep forever! (Well not forever, but like 70 years or so).  If you want online training, fine with me, if you are remotely in my area and want to get to know me, fantastic.  If you simply are new and have questions, are scared, or want to learn more, I'm a teacher in my day job and I would love to help you, even if that's where the relationship ends.  So say hello, and we can talk more about what I like and what you like.


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