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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

**I am NOT here for 'friends'. I will never accept a friend circle request ESPECIALLY if it do
Female Dominant, 43,  Chandler, Arizona










 Dominant Female



 5' 5"


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

**I am NOT here for "friends". I will never accept a friend circle request ESPECIALLY if it doesn't have the common decency to even speak.**

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty. I am a delicious stern Ebony QUEEN who is  now actively searching for white property to own. (if it ask me what I'm looking for, I know it didn't read the profile.)

Is it full service? 


Completely single? 

Know that it deserves nothing but chastity?


Limitless?--this is a trick question. It should definitely have TWO things that are totally off limits. If they don't match mine-it will not be serving me.

it understands that it is now an object and that its place is beneath my feet.  its duty is to do whatever is demanded.  it understands that my seat is its face and whatever else I decide to put my ass on. I have just a few limits and I will let it know when that time comes. All I want to hear from you is "yes mistress". I only ask for it's opinion when I want to be entertained, but it really means nothing.



In no ways am I interested in a woman or couple. you are going straight to spam, save yourself the trouble. the answer is no!

I am so not into "training sissies" nor do I want one. My inbox is suddenly full of these pleas. No. I will not train you to be me-that is STUPID!


it will have to prove its worthy of my time. Be available and have means to visit. In my time being on here, I've run into nothing but flakes and time wasters. I don't give second chances. One fuck up and I'm done.

Let's just make this clear: if you are living overseas and not a U.S. citizen and only willing to relocate "for the right woman", I promise I am not her, keep going.  Also,  this cyber shit does nothing for me. I will not cam or call you, especially if I'm not feeling a connection. 

I don't entertain married bastards. I don't care that the marriage life is boring. Handle that with someone else. 


I will not be posting videos nor my face on this site.  Like fuckin SERIOUSLY quit asking me this shit-especially if I've displayed ZERO interest in it.  ***for the slow ones, it includes messaging.

*CHAT FUNCTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON MY PHONE* Bluntly put: NO! I will NOT chat with you here. There are ways to be invited to chat if I feel like I like it.

Journal Entries:
3/30/2018 4:58:16 PM
Don't beg to be a slave and then render itself utterly USELESS!!! 

1/17/2018 5:18:53 PM
Just deal with the fact that I don't want to fuckin claim every single damn slave in my inbox. No need to call me fake because you weren't chosen. Grow the fuck up!!!

....and I know you're reading this. Go ahead and fuck completely off.

Butthurt old asses

12/1/2017 3:45:30 PM
before it asks any stupid questions...

read my profile

11/28/2017 9:46:06 AM
Since it cares to visit my page every day-it should have memorized my profile, thus, there should have been some interaction by now.


11/23/2017 6:02:57 AM
Funny thing happens when one assumes shit.

If I give the means to contact me offline it's for a simple reason-I DON'T WANT TO BE ONLINE ALL DAY!!!

Everyone knows that logging into this site is iffy as shit. Sometimes there's more errors than conversation. It just makes sense to chat offline. 

Sometimes there's no ulterior motives 

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