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Thank you for reading my profile my name is Sir Michael and I live in Northern Arizona, Im am
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Thank you for reading my profile my name is Sir Michael and I live in Northern Arizona, Im am Highly skilled in the lifestyle and knowledgeable, I have also been a trainer for over 35 years. I feel no matter what level of BDSM is established its also a partnership with respect for each other position within the lifestyle. Yes, theirs is a lot more to the lifestyle than just sex so if you just seeking sexual relationship or sugar daddy move on. My relationship is based on trust principles even though I am a dominant and I do rule my household I am also seeking a companion and because of my knowledge base I can be a sadist to a daddy and everything in between the depending on the relationship that is established. If you completely read my blog you will learn a vast amount of information regarding my background and training in the lifestyle I also come with references.

Im seeking a slave who loves the lifestyle and understands the philosophy behind it as I do and who understands the complexity and enjoyment of serving a dominant. You can be experienced or not because I can train my slaves away I wish. You must be willing to get off the fence and commit to a relationship for the long-term. If you are interested in what I have to offer, Its not about your age or how you look its about commitment heart and soul. If youre not committed to the lifestyle and unwilling or unable to commit to a relationship please do not waste my time.

Please dont send me your e-mail address or phone number, GET to know me first before we move on. I have run into a lot of people who been searching for months and years, their problem is they are unwilling to commit to a relationship Im looking for commitment!!!!!

Note I am running into alot are fakes profiles, let me make this very clear I am not sending money to anyone unless your collared me so quit asking for iTunes cards. Also no one wants to read profiles or blogs and if you dont read mine I will not waste my time on you, I will know if you read my profile.

TO START WITH.................. password RED

in my book it is mandatory to get to know each other well so be prepared for short e-mails at first on this site, and then texting and then long discussions on the phone. You must have a fully operational smart phone and be able to communicate and answer and ask questions.

Sir Michael

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4/2/2018 1:07:45 PM
P.S. When I say I do not send money, I mean I do NOT send money EVER. If you require cash, tribute, gift cards, wish list items, etc., before a face to face meeting I will assume you are a fake and I will report and block you. This site is overrun by scam accounts, and according to site rules, even if you are a flesh-and-blood person, by asking for tribute you ARE a scammer. 

3/28/2018 2:05:37 PM

I was born an Air Force brat in San Antonio Texas where my father was stationed, for a few years until I was five we moved around from base to base where we settled in Southern California. In my younger years going to school I always had a chip on my shoulder and would get in trouble fighting with other students, I even punched the principal in the face. I was transferred after that incident to a female teacher who for several reasons took in hand and started to straighten me out. One day she introduced me to her husband which was Japanese as she was and became my lifestyle teacher. Over the years I learned a lot about the lifestyle and who I was and became an A student until I graduated high school.

At that time, I became a teacher myself who instructed and taught other submissive and dominance who was in her wanted to be in the lifestyle where I met a lady who I married and had two beautiful girls and one boy who are married themselves now and have kids of their own.

Over the years I trained many individuals about the lifestyle about safety, obedience, protocols and rules whether they were submissive or dominant, also over the years I became a master mechanic had my own business and work in woodworking building bondage furniture.

Over 10 years ago my submissive wife passed away and for a period I stepped back from the lifestyle because of it. I moved to Phoenix Arizona where I started a new business automotive and continued to build bondage furniture also I also moved my parents which at that time were elderly to a place I purchased that had two homes on so I could care for them for the rest of time. My father passed away eight years later then my mother passed away and yes during all that time I had a new submissive for about 10 years, but two years ago she moved back to New York to take care of her parents.

I purchased 10 acres in the country of northern Arizona where I retired from auto mechanics, but I still build bondage furniture and added adult baby furniture. For two years I worked on the property build a woodworking shop I have a nice three-bedroom home and is completely off the grid in the country. I have all the modern conveniences I had in Phoenix Arizona plus all sorts of animals including ducks, chickens, rabbits and will be getting some goats soon. The reason I moved to my new place in the country is because of the violence and the dangers in the city and I could live my lifestyle the way I want without nosy neighbors. That pretty much in essence brings me to now as I started looking for a new partner that I can spend the rest of my life with.

Over the years and the lifestyle, I've built many dungeons for different organizations and have gone to hundreds of lifestyle get-togethers as a vendor to sell bondage furniture and leather items. I have a lot of knowledge I'm always looking for more and I'm not perfect I do make mistakes from time to time.

I'm seeking one person to become my slave who understands the philosophy and her place within the lifestyle.

That pretty much wraps up how I live through the years and who I am today,

 Sir Michael

2/28/2018 9:31:13 AM

Some of my philosophy regarding BDSM and a relationship.

"A Master is a very special and unique human being who craves to take
responsibility for the well-being, growth and development of his slaves.”

"A slave is a very special and unique human being who craves to surrender
in service and obedience to the Master she/he trusts and respects.”


The myth is that it’s abusive, actually it’s about trust and communication and BDSM operates on the principle that you seek to be controlled or control and that you feel the intimacy is more arousing when control has left your hands or control is in your hands. 

BDSM to me being a dominant is how I wish to live my life, it's who I am and it’s fun, erotic powerful and it's also about respecting your partner, it’s about love, trusting your partner and communication. It’s quite an honor to have a submissive’s body, soul and her love in your hands to do whatever you wish to and of course you need to respect all LIMITS! If you violate any limit, then BDSM truly does become abuse or violence!

Several years ago, I saw a quote on the net by an anonymous Dominant who said "There are really two kinds of submissive’s in the world: those who believed they didn't deserve any better and those who believe they didn't deserve any less." I like that quote and I believe that any submissive should always strive for the best in herself and for the best in her Master.

Slavery refers to a dominant owning a submissive person as property with no break in ownership. It is a unique type relationship. It’s a consensual power exchange where the slave grants her Owner authority over her decisions, it’s how I wish to live the lifestyle. Above all, it is a consensual alternative intimacy that although controlled and guided by the dominant, it's a partnership!

4/28/2015 3:11:42 PM

Definition: Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.

The other day I asked a question on one of the discussion groups because I wanted to get difference opinions. The discussion fragmented all over and people were fixated on the word trainer, and they did not see my question just a word I use in my question. I was bombarded by so many questions I could not answer them all and the ones I did lost my meeting of what I was trying to convey. In the BDSM lifestyle we have a tendency including myself to put our own definitions to words, right or wrong is what we do and a trainer or teacher basically are the same if you look it up in the dictionary.

We have trainers in gymnasiums, horse trainers, corporations have trainers and they call them instructors and I can go on forever.
Everybody has their own opinion and that’s okay I respect that but I think we need to start understanding different points of view and determine for ourselves what is right for us in my case me.

Don't get me wrong or misunderstand we are all different, we have different ways of doing and thinking about the lifestyle that we are in I respect that in others, what I don't respect is somebody trying to imprint their thoughts or believes or philosophy on me because it doesn't match up with theirs.
It is always good to have a discussion on various topics it's healthy and how we learn from others.

I’m a trainer, I'm a teacher that is what I do and it will never change. I respect your beliefs so respect mine!!! Respect to my way of living and I will respect yours.

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