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Hi there!!!   I am going to throw down a lot of information,,,and I will apologize in advanc
Dom/Domme Couple, 41/42,  Missouri


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Hi there!!!


I am going to throw down a lot of information,,,and I will apologize in advance for the massive run-on sentances that will happen, but I am writing straight from my heart and I want it to come out just like that.


About us:


We are a couple, we have been for 20 years.  That is not going to change.  The best way to describe our interpersonal dynamics is 1950's household, (obviously with a twist or we would not be on this site).  I am straight, she is bi, honestly she prefers women just a ta more than men.  Currently she is in college going back for another degree, that takes up quite a bit of her time.  I have a job that I am able to work from home with.  We have three children, one has moved out already the other two still remain living with us, and this lifestyle is kept from them completely.  


What we want:


OK, here is where the rambling starts.  I want to say so much, and I know about 90 percent only read the first few lines, and even fewer read all the way through, and most likely even less actually make it to the end and I am fine with that, simply because if you do actually make it through, I am interested in you.  I tend to over write profiles simply to discourage those that are not really serious.


We are looking for a girl. our preference is a younger girl, simply because she is more likely to not be jaded from a bad life experience, that does not exclude in any way shape or form any age of girl.


We want a slave.  We want 24/7. Slaves to us are property, they are a thing.  Very simple concept, and so complicated at the same time.  We don't want to have a romantic relationship, the slave is there to add to our relationship that we already have.  The slave enhances us both and makes us better and adds to us as a whole.  However she is still property to us and still a thing.  By doing so we never take away from our own relationship, otherwise it gets entirely to complicated and nothing works long term.  That being said it does not mean that we do not care for our property, quiet the opposite, we get very attached and prize our property, put tons of work into it and are equally proud of it.  But girls are property and we will keep them that way for good reason.


What we want to find is our last girl. By that I mean one that we are going to keep, one to join us and not leave.  We are perfectly capable of supporting her long term in a permanent situation, and that is exactly what we want.  We have been in the lifestyle for about 15 years now, had several different slaves and had always agreed on a limit of time that we wanted to have the girls for because we did not want to effect our relationship between us.  Over the years we have learned so very much, and at the same time know nothing at all, that is part of the beauty of this lifestyle, it is always new and beautiful.  Also 24/7 naked and in high heels just does not happen in real life lol, makes a nice story or movie, but real life people get tired, sick, grumpy what ever you can think of, they are people and life just gets in the way of imagination most often.  This does not mean that in some form or fashion it cannot be followed 24/7 it just means that there are non sexy boring times in between.  What we expect from our slave and what we would use her for varies, but primarily housework, companionship, then sex and kink.  We expect a no limits slave (is there any other kind? slave kind of dictates no limits doesn't it?) however that does not mean that we will do everything imaginable, its just the principal of the matter.  Our slaves stay at the house, they don't leave it, they don't have to have a job, no other responsibilities other than what is in this house.  They do not interact with our children either, we raise our kids, we do not need or want a babysitter, that is our job.


A slave makes us better, it makes our personal relationship work.  While we can get by without one, we flourish when we do have one.  At this point in our life we have soul searched discussed and been through enough in the lifestyle that we know what we need, want and how difficult it will be to find.  We are patient we understand that this will be a very long road to find our "last" slave.  We know that so many will scoff and laugh at this profile, that too is fine, clearly they are not the slave for us lol and we would not want them.  What we want total ownership of a human being, someone that is truly ready to step into the lifestyle for long term, someone that is ready and willing to give their all, a girl that understands that it is not all kink and fun, one that does not want a traditional job, one that escapes from the real world into a safe life of order, is what we are waiting for.


I had so many more things in my mind that I wanted to write, however for some reason they are escaping me, I will update more on the blog as they come to me.  In the mean time if you are in the one percent category that made it this far, please ask any questions that you might have :) we would love to hear from you very much.

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