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Hello  I recently got interested in hypnosis and am looking for individuals in the area
Male Dominant, 33,  Kent, Ohio


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BisexualFemale Switch
Age: 26
Location: Minnesota
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I recently got interested in hypnosis and am looking for individuals in the area that might be willing to subject to me and help me learn and experiment.


I consider myself primarily a Dom but on occasion like to submit. I'm looking for a lot of things but at the moment I'm looking for female play partners regardless of whether they are sub/switch/domme. Although I'm looking for play partners I'm not looking for a one time thing but rather something ongoing. As for long term I'm looking for a sub/slave/switch that will also be my girlfriend and in time wife. Ideally this person would be open to a poly relationship but I'm also willing to consider a monogamous one as well. This person would also need to be around my age.

looking for:

  • female sub/slave

  • attractive

  • live in or around Kent, OH or willing to relocate


I've been looking to create or join a pack for some time now. I'm looking for people who would be interested in this kind of life style. Anyone in the area or will to relocate should read my writing about how I see a pack and send me message with any questions. Whether you are interested in joining a pack I create or are interested in me joining there pack I would love to hear from you.



I'm looking for long term TPE male and female slaves. The males should expect to be put in long term chastity and only be released for short periods as a reward when I'm feeling generous. The females will be required to join my harem. All slaves will be required to do both domestic as well as any sexual act with myself or any other person I desire. All slaves will be required to live together in a location to be determined by me. Switches are also welcome so long as they are willing to fully submit to me. If your interested or have any questions feel free to send me a message.



Now a little about myself. I like anime, manga, movies, tv, games, computers, reading, camping, bowling. I don't drink, smoke or do any drugs. I have an associates degree in programming from ITT. I also like making and building things. I like etching mirrors with simple images although I've been starting to get a little more complicated with it. My favorite animal is a wolf. I have over 10 statues and pictures scattered around my apartment.


I'm pretty much open to trying just about anything.


Exhibitionist / Voyeur 100%
Experimental 89%
Dominant 79%
Sadist 68%
Switch 32%
Bondage 29%
Masochist 21%
Degradation 14%
Submissive 7%
Vanilla 7%

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