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e  Before you even start reading our profile, We have some rules and requests.  
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Before you even start reading our profile, We have some rules and requests.

  We are Married to different people.  Please be polite and act with some class and manners.  Please respond, even if its a no "thank you", we do not ignore anyone, who writes and would request the same of you.  If you reach out, please be polite and do not send us naked pictures or anything other then a "G" rated pic.  Please also do not judge us  Just because we are Sub and Dom, does not mean we can not act with Love, civility and support for each other...

Once again we would also appreciate a response, if we reach out to you.  That is the polite thing to do. ( We think manners still count for something).

We welcome all to contact us as we do not discriminate. We also might entertain a Sub male (must be married).

Now on to the stuff you want to read.....




     A Poly-amorous Dom and his Sub would like to have some fun experiences with couples and/or singles. We are all educated and have a wicked sense of humor. All parties have "very" professional careers and are extremely discrete and private. We are not pushy, love to laugh have a good time with each together  (after all life is stressful enough). The sub is  bi and is more then open to enjoying life and what it has to offer.

     We do not have pics on this site as we have found to many pic collectors. We are not the freak entertainment show, at the local county fair either.  In addition we do not want to be added to some random google search on bi-lesbian lovers or some crazy tag.


    If you have ever wanted to really explore your sexuality in a none judgmental environment, this is your place. If you want to simply learn about yourself or the lifestlye, that's great, also.  We are a secure unit who will give you the freedom to be experimental and open in a safe secure place. We have a strong bond so there is never any jealousy, or drama. The male is from England the sub is Italian. We are all height and weight appropriate for not being kids lol

We do not interact with anyone interested in children or animals.  Please no one under the age of 22.

Did I say we never judge.

One last thing, we have a website which is listed below.  We have people from all over the world visit.  We write about our lives, the lifestyle and other life experiences.  We welcome writers and we can even Ghost write with you.  Do you have a story to help others in the lifestyle. please share it, we are in this together.


We have a website





Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 3:57:07 PM
If you email us whether a male or female, please send a current g rated picture. We will return. Promise!

4/5/2018 2:40:44 PM
I am a woman, I am a submissive woman to men only. Ladies, get a grip. If i email you be respectful. I am tired of the wanna be submissives who you can't chat even casually with... it's really why you're alone and single... grow up... Sugar

4/4/2018 10:57:00 AM
Just so you understand there are two of us on the profile. I am a woman, Sugar, and my dominant is here as well. If I send you an email it’s me. Sugar. If he does he notates it. We are walking and understanding. Be real as well thank you. 


3/16/2018 7:49:36 PM
Much of BDSM in general is built on trust. I have written a lot about that trust, on our blog The blog will give you a lot of insight into our relationship, if you are interested. Give it a look... see what you think!


2/28/2018 5:30:20 PM

What is Topping from the Bottom?

The phrase is use a lot. Doms love throwing it around. Subs think they never do it. What the hell is it? I've looked for a definition I agree with and most are simply about a "scene" in which a sub tells a Dom exactly how they want things done to them.

Now that definition works fine if the D/s relationship is simply a top/bottom bedroom one, but for my relationship with Daddy doesn't work at all. Why? Because the sexual part of our relationship is probably the least important part. So if I ask for something, it's just that a request, not a command. So if I appear to top from the bottom, it distresses me to think of that as something I've done terribly wrong. In my own personal definition, topping from the bottom isn't guiding. It's demanding and/or leading for the purpose of personal gain.

So officially, I am saying this as my definition: Topping from the bottom is the coercing of a Dominant to do something specifically for or to the submissive, in order for the submissive's gain of power and/or advancement.

Meaning if it only improves the quality of life of the submissive and doesn't improve the dominant's life, it is topping from the bottom. If however, the submissive is guiding the Dominant's behavior to improve his own life, she is doing the job of the submissive to care for and help her Dominant in any way she can. She is only trying to guide the Dominant, so as to not allow the dominant to fail at taking his own mental, physical and emotional needs into account.

This may be up for debate on what his needs actually are, but that is to be negotiated as to what they are and how she can best provide that without upsetting the exchange of power.

Kayla Lord in her Loving BDSM podcast, "Adding a Tough Love Clause to a Ds Relationship", describes it as when the sub has to respectfully communicate with the dominant to what she believes he needs to do to care for his needs. (Key word being respectfully) He may not be in the frame of mind to heed such a message or not realize he needed one, but it is important to have such a clause. Sometimes we just can't see the forest for the trees. Even the biggest, baddest, most fierce Dom, needs a warrior submissive to help him at times. Hence, the tough love clause is perfect. This Falls perfectly in line with my own personal definition of it's not topping from the bottom if it is in the best interest of the dominant.

So Daddy whenever I appear to be Topping from the Bottom, please ask yourself, Is this an act that will only benefit my own wants or needs, or is it something I have done with your best interest at heart with a tough love clause in my hand? Smile. We all don't like being the "bossy" sub, but we need to take care of the Dominant who needs to be cared for properly.

My heart is yours sir and it is my job to make sure you're properly cared for by everyone, even yourself.

Love you, always and forever,


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