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Bios (Written by the opposite person) And since we won't be using names on here, I'm Mith, she
Dom/Slave Couple, 33/29,  Villa Park, Illinois

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BisexualFemale Submissive
Age: 28
Location: Villa Park, Illinois
Last on 2/8/18 at 4:01 AM






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 Dom/Slave Couple

 Villa Park 




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 5' 11"

 170 lbs



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 5' 11"

 130 lbs



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Bios (Written by the opposite person) And since we won't be using names on here, I'm Mith, she is Tua. (Our web names) And if you want to understand our user name, look at picture #6. If you don't understand beyond that, then you aren't nerdy enough.


About Him: My Master is almost too geeky to function. He's got these really really awesome bluish grey eyes that I love to stare at when I wake up in the morning next to Him. He's really strict with me but also really playful and sweet too :) we've been together oh about 2 1/2 years now. I think he realized he really liked me when I was playing Majora's mask while Skyping with him and I was ranting about skull kid stealing my ocarina... I eventually made skull kid give it back. My Master can be very very serious sometimes but I bring out the fun in Him :) He's so smart, and understands me so well! I've grown and truly come into my own with this man, and I can't wait to relocate to Chicago with Him! So, if you're a beer snob, like video games, star wars, and d&d you'll hit it off famously with Him!


About her: As much as she points at my nerdiness, she's the muse to my ideas. Be it kinky things in the bedroom or in general creativity. Her mind is all about art, on the page or in the world. If something is pretty it trumps all other value the has. She wants to be taken to her limits in all s. She's submissive to almost a fault. So strangely enough a lot of her training is actually pushing her to speak her mind, to not be walked on. She's a masochist and she's my furry kit (baby fox). She has a tail and fur bands (I'm trying to find a picture to upload otherwise we'll have too talk more). She's a pet, a slave and my best friend.


So to clarify the point of this profile. I'm moving shortly (just working out job details) to Chicago. I grew up there and still have family in the area. She will be moving in with me just after I get settled and have a place of my own. We're looking for friends in the area, either to geek out playing video games or to show us some good lifestyle bars/hang outs. Nothing wrong with vanilla friends but at the same time we don't want to scare them off when I scold her for doing something wrong/in general show them our D/s dynamic. We both are a bit of exhibitionist, but we not looking for people to join in. We're just comfortable being ourselves in front of others.


<>Amazon Wishlist. ://

<>There are things for both of us. Should be fairly obvious which pieces go to her and which ones go to me.

Journal Entries:
11/28/2017 10:50:43 AM
So we're playing WoW again. Lord forgive us.

7/28/2017 1:49:03 PM
So before people rant at us (because multiple people have, which if you have to rant on CS...grow up) I put the wishlist on our page for shits and giggles. I had multiple people want to buy us stuff. I didn't ask for it. I didn't expect it. I personally think Findom is prostitution, which if you are ok with great. But don't call it a relationship. It just demeans us all.

But back to the point, don't write a brick of a hate mail to someone, then block them. It just shows ignorance on your part because you don't know us. This profile is not our entire existence. Obviously even the most shallow of person is more than a 3 paragraph profile.

Also, since I'm annoyed and not above public shaming:

"From: LittlelCuddlebug
Dated: 8/1/17 4:43 PM
you been reported as whore cunt low life bitch and low bitch boy begging for money get job and buy your own shit like real man and stop asking ppl to fuck your nasty whore cunt for send your lazy ass cunt boy as sjit"

Please note, the typos are from the OP and I just used copy paste.

1/30/2017 3:26:08 AM
Current games, Paladins and Final Fantasy 14

9/30/2016 1:07:02 PM
And Tua's computer just died... Now that Amazon wish list looks like it needs to be a New Egg list

9/25/2016 10:50:04 AM
This is too funny not to share Femtoslut "is that the slave udders photo showing her udders with no bra on they are nice to see the slave that way, i think all slaves should show there udders off so that all can see them i would like to see the slave full body photo and her showing her sweet clean shaved vagina as i love eating vagina until i am done with it and if the slave is multi orgasmic then i can eat for hrs" Me "There are so many things to say to your message. I'll just say the important one. Go back to school, you need a lot of lessons still." Femtoslut "what ever you are so worth less to be a dom so go play the dogs like should be and have your slut fuck the dogs after she dos give them a good blowjob" Then it blocked me. I say it only because anything that stupid isn't human. At least I got a laugh when I was bored

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