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I have an extreme lezdom obsession... being made to please/serve another woman (or more than o
Female Submissive, 35,  Springfield, MA, Massachusetts

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 Submissive Female

 Springfield, MA 


 5' 0"

 105 lbs






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I have an extreme lezdom obsession... being made to please/serve another woman (or more than one) is definitely on the table.

So someone messaged me recently saying our prime hits at 25 and by the age I am now (35) I should not be so picky or have my ducks in a row by now.  I say, fuck that, if you have lived my life, even a mere tiny fraction of it (seriously, like a smidgen), you would see that the girl I was at 25 was nowhere near the solid person writing this today.  Perhaps it's just those of us who have had no option of privilege or even a taste of a 'normal' upbringing who can relate and understand where I'm coming from.  It didn't bother me at all, only reaffirmed how hard and difficult the search really is, but I'm not stopping.  I look and feel 20, so why does the actual number really matter?! :-*  

I would like to clear some things up in general, please bear with me:

1.) I am NOT able to relocate (aside from perhaps a state, few towns away), not now, not ever. Therefore, if you write to me from some place further away from the states surrounding MA, you'll just be wasting your time.  Although this has been emphasized in my profile -- I still get messages from people in TN, CA, UK, etc! While I really do appreciate your interest (really, TY), it just will never happen.  In addition, it makes me sad that you are so far away from me and nothing can come of it!;

2.) If I read your message and/or looked at your profile (even more than once) -- but have not responded -- that does NOT MEAN that I am not interested, it just means I have not had the time to write a proper response to you and I sincerely apologize for that.  Please be patient with me and if potential arises, you will know soon enough.;

4.) I do have another profile on here.  If you happen to know/see it - yes, that is most definitely me -- I am 100% NOT fake and have many people who can attest to that.  I could not get into my original profile when CM first changed over so I made this one.  That being said, once I review all messages and make note of all friends, I will be closing that account. (I am honestly too lazy to even go on there right now and delete/view it).  I'll get to it when I am ready to do so.;

5.) If you send a one-word message such as 'cunt, slut, whore, etc' while I love being called those names (like, constantly -- it's ridiculous) -- that one-word message will get you nowhere with me.  Substance is key here and so are first impressions, and it is not one-sided, I feel the same on my side as well.  I'm not asking for a novel or anything, but some words besides a dirty name and an exclamation point would be nice and very much appreciated;

6.) If you think that me making this list reflects that I am a snob, bitch, brat or even a 'top from the bottom' kind of girl... think about it -- I am just making things much more easier for both of us and saving us both from potential heartache or a dent in our self-esteem(s).  I am pretty passive, quiet, shy at first, and have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I can assure you I do not believe I am a bitch at all and definitely do not have my nose up in the air (not even close).  In addition, topping from the bottom is one of my utmost 'no-no's -- it's only when my smartass sarcasm comes out (completely by accident btw) and I deserve a good slap to put me back in my place, that I believe it is acceptable (and isn't that so much fun when it happens?!); and

7.) I am not a simple girl. I am complex, complicated, hard to read and have trouble opening up at first.  I come from a dysfunctional past and have gone through a lot of tough, life-altering experiences.  However, if you feel that you can break me, get inside my head, earn my trust to let you in, mold me to what you want, like a challenge, etc., continue reading and perhaps something will click.  I may be a pretty face with a good heart; however, there is much more to this face/body that meets the eye.  I feel that my experiences and complexities in my life have given me insight to a lot of things others will never be able to see.

If you are still interested after reading the above -- please feel free to read the below.

Again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

~AAHF xoxo


Currently seeking something solid and long term if fate allows. Right now I am able to chat... and hopefully a little more (or perhaps a lot?).

I am going to be overly picky (understandably) and truly take my time. This is a process, and not an easy one, but I feel it is that time that we take that makes all of this worth while.

I know what I want, what I crave, what I yearn for, every single day.

I want something real, something true -- something solid. I don't want to be the girl on the side -- I want to be THE girl........ eventually.

I want to feel loved and be loved and be able to give that love back just the same. I want someone to hang out with, have fun with, do things with.

I want someone I can call my own, and they can call me theirs, without hesitation.

I want to be happy -- I just really want to be happy.


What I seek is rare, or more so, what I am actually able to obtain is a rarity.

  • I like to be treated roughly, not just thrown down/arms pinned during sex, etc., but pretty much generally, in both a physical/verbal/emotional manner.
  • I seek to be slapped, hair pulled, choked, dragged around by my hair, pushed, verbally degraded as well as embarrassed and humiliated.
  • I crave to feel the power and strength behind a man's bare hands, stern voice, 'that' look, understood mental connection than any whip, cane, paddle, etc.
  • That being said, I am not a pain slut and do not wish to be brutally tortured; however, I believe these limits are addressed once potential is established (as I do favor the belt and other spanking devices as well as various, uncomfortable punishments).
  • For many, I have realized that the 'consistent roughness' I desire is too much and that while that is completely understandable, it is something I know some men do crave (naturally) and I am searching for the one who is comfortable expressing all of that natural aggression and 'caveman' instincts on/with me.
  • I can't really explain it really, just being completely powerless in the hands of a man is a feeling like no other and I crave it more than anything.
  • Please Note: I am not some broken, little girl with low self-esteem who believe this is all she deserves (well, perhaps a lil broken, shh).  I am not looking to be in an abusive relationship or to be treated as a doormat -- what I am looking for is daily consensual non-consent. I guess it just takes a lot to scare/intimidate me... I don't scare easy (and I love to be scared, to a point, lol).
  • Aside from the physical/verbal roughness, I love various Dom/sub like activities: Having to ask permission to talk to men, being monitored when we're together, general house rules, rituals,  -- all of it.
  • Yes, I do like vanilla mixed in too, of course! Cuddling, laughing, playing, kissing, teasing, general affection, etc., should all just come naturally just as much as the D/s aspect.
  • If you are writing to me because you think I am pretty, or interesting or intriguing, different, etc., but have to make yourself believe you can be that rough or have never in the past, don't want to and believe you'll be able to change my desires with "gentle Dom" type qualities... you probably should just stop reading right now.
  • Overly possessive/jealous/controlling Doms, please read on. _____________________________________________________________

Me, generally...

I am a 35 year old girl who craves the dominance of a man.  Although very powerful/dominant in my general life, throughout my day I am constantly fantasizing about being put in my place. I am a natural submissive and give 100% of myself to my lover. Being there for his pleasure only. Not stopping until he cums.. until he is satisfied. Pull my hair? sure... Spank my plump round ass? anytime... Make me choke and gag on your cock and cum on my face, mouth and down my throat? Yes please, Sir.

I always admired the idea of the house wife serving her husband. However, in my version.. she is wearing only an apron and donning a choke chain... being made to crawl around the house doing chores, picking up things with her teeth, used as a step stool, ashtray, etc. I love the thought of being controlled not only physically but mentally as well. I would love for someone to be able to take full control... telling me what to wear, having to ask permission to leave the room, go to the bathroom, use the phone, get off my knees, texting with updates on where I am and what I am doing while out, etc. Being so 'in control' of my regular life at all times, it is such a release and also a feeling of comfort and surrender that I constantly crave.

I love various role playing scenarios, wearing costumes, lingerie, etc. I have a very vivid imagination and love to physically act it out. I am constantly seeking variety and would love someone to introduce me to new ideas/scenarios.

I'm a small, petite girl who doesn't mind at all when being rough-housed. -- I'm light, my weight bouncing between 102 - 108... so I can be easily thrown around. Although petite, I have large natural breasts, a flat stomache and a curvy (and spankable, I've been told!) ass. I have long blonde hair, big green eyes and pouty cock-sucking lips.

I value cleanliness, professionalism and someone who takes pride in their appearance. Mutual, physical attraction is very important to me just as much as the strong, emotional bond that should form between the right Dom and his sub. I'm a very intelligent, well-spoken, professional woman who is completely independent.

However, behind closed doors -- I am a naughty little girl who deserves and craves to be dominated to the fullest.. and who will thank you for it... after every single spank, confinement or any special punishment you have in store just for me.

Dominate me... force me.. push me...slap me... command me... I will not let you down.

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