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Kitty is collared and owned by Master C as of 03/15/2013 Searching for local/willin
Female Slave, 34,  Northern , Virginia

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LesbianFemale Submissive
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 122 lbs.
Location: Tampa, Florida
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Kitty is collared and owned by Master C as of 03/15/2013

Searching for local/willing to relocate FEMALE girl/pet/sub/slave.

Your profile stated you’re willing to relocate: Do you have the money and transportation to relocate? If you cannot relocate yourself, let me know upfront and I will not bother you. I will not give money to help relocate you. 

This household in Virginia is open for female sub/slave(s) to serve Master C together. This is a home where we aim to keep it drama and stress free as possible because we have enough of it in the outside world. This is a home where you can have purpose, sense of accomplishment, structure rules, and worry about keeping Master C happy. If that’s what you want, feel free to contact me.

By the way male sub/slave, I doubt you have anything for my Master (who is straight) to make him happy.

LIVE FOR: Collar, Leash, Cage, Mental Control, Watersport, Objectification, Public Display, Cooking, Cleaning, Financial Dominance, BDSM Lifestyle and more. HARD LIMITS: Vegans, Scat, Permanent Physical Damage, Diaper, and Death.

Journal Entries:
9/27/2017 7:03:31 PM
It has been a while since the "personal journal" was written. I figured I better add some updates here. I continue to wear the dog choke chain collar at all times. I do not wear bra and underwear anymore. I continue to serve Master C sexually, usually a well-practiced blowjob everyday keeps him happy. He continues to control all my finances. He increased my credit scores. My income increases each year. I am growing out my hair; the goal is to have my hair reach to my butt. My cooking skills is improving. My cleaning skills is improving somewhat. Cleaning is my struggle for some reason. As long as there are improvements, it's okay.

9/5/2014 6:44:38 AM
Master C and I discovered a Tattoo place who can do genial piercings which is located an hour from us. We decided to go there soon after I finished my work for the day. We started out planning to just take a look to learn their prices and see what they have and can do. We were planning to replace the nipple jewels from rings into stubs. But we end up getting genial piercings instead, due to the fact I'll be off for two days, which will allow it to heal. Plus, I was getting quite tired of wondering when I shall have it done. 

I asked for the bathroom so I can pee. I didn't feel nervous, till I enter the small room. I was told to take off the pant and pantie. I was wearing black slack and black lace pantie. I lay down on the platform with the stirrups for the feet. Master C knows that I preferred to be choke (have his hand on my throat) rather than holding my hand to keep me calm. He stood at the side, firm hand on my throat, while I hang on to his arm. Yes, I was very nervous, wondering how painful it'll be. I know I'm a pain slut, but I didn't like when it's being inflicted there, preferred other parts of the body, like my nipples. 

Mind you, this isn't just one, but two piercings. One (a stud) for the cilt and other (a ring) for the hood. The piercing man started with the stud, which goes through from the side. It caused me to jumped when it finally pierced through, luckily Master C held me firmly. It doesn't hurt too much, just startled. I apologized a few times for moving when he pierced but it seem to be okay. I was told that it's all over, all done, then added okay one more piercing. WAH! 

Master C massage my throat till I was half-asleep, then finally felt the piercing man ready to do the second piercing. Master C told me to take a deep breathe in and start down a count down. 1...2...3. Firm hand, deep breathe in, quick pierced and it actually felt kind of good. Giggles.  Then shortly afterwards, when I know for sure it's all over, I pretty much pass out or went into subspace. I lay there for awhile then was told to get up. I was like but I don't want to move, nervous that if I move, it'll hurt. But I learn quickly that it barely hurts at all. I was still feeling whoozy for a while after I got pantie and pant on and walk out after tell the piercing man thank you. 

I find that walking and sitting in the car wasn't difficult. When I look at my pussy, it looks so different, like it's not my pussy anymore. But I think it's pretty cool and neat. It's a birthday gift for my Master C. He was pleased and happy with it. 

It has been over 12 hours since it was pierced and I often forget about it, because I was moving around like I normally down. I barely felt pain there, other than slight throbbing or stings every now and then. Can't wait for it to heal completely and then have fun playing with it. 

6/12/2014 6:39:27 PM
11 Requirements of Female Slave:
1. be open-minded and be willing
2. be a female/woman/girl
3. be real and serious
4. be willing to learn and grow/change
5. be curious and adventurous
6. be honest and useful
7. be loyal and obedient
8. be willing to trust and love Master C
9. be submissive and smart and sweet
10. be pretty and playful
11. be sexy and seductive

BE OPEN-MINDED AND BE WILLING: being open-minded is someone who loves to learn new things and be nonjudgmental about those things. being open-minded is someone who is willing to see things in different or new perspective of life or varies of things, to gain better understanding. be willing to accept whatever new things has been given to you. be willing to do research or ask questions about the things you don't understand. know that sometimes we cannot understand everything

BE A FEMALE/WOMAN/GIRL: Master C is 100% straight, attracted to females...the real boobies, the slender legs, the spankable butt, the long hair, the smiling lips, the shining eyes, the moist womanhood.

BE REAL AND SERIOUS: there are too many fakes and scams in the internet, too many of them who claim it is what they wanted but unwilling to act on it when it comes to DOING it for real. be willing to show that you are real through verify on webcam or send a picture of yourself with a paper written "wanted to be owned by Master C".

BE WILLING TO LEARN AND GROW/CHANGE: be willing to learn and grow or change where we all have skills to develop or fine tune. such as becoming a better slave, not to destroy who you are. learning and growing is part of life and must have sign of improvement along the way. Master C is very patience.

BE CURIOUS AND ADVENTUROUS: being curious helps eliminate the fear of trying new things. see or hear about something new, lets try everything once and go from there. be adventurous because life is meant to have fun and explore. Master C tend to be spontaneous.

BE HONEST AND USEFUL: needs to know what you feeling and what you are thinking in order to guide you better into a good slave a good girl for Master C be useful in every way as much as possible, be it working part time job for income, learning new ways to cook up a good meal, or even as simple as being a footrest.

BE LOYAL AND OBEDIENT: being loyal means that you'll stand by his side and would answer only to him. be obedient even if it's something you do not enjoy doing but will get it done

BE WILLING TO TRUST AND LOVE MASTER C: trust that Master C is mindful and watchful of your well-being, your needs, and your wants. love Master C for who He is as a Dominant being inside and out. BE

SUBMISSIVE AND SMART AND SWEET: submissive to feel complete in His Dominance, smart to carry intelligence conversation, to think things through of ways to keep Master C happy and comfortable, sweet to balance His stern frame of mind

BE PRETTY AND PLAYFUL: pretty in confidence, smile, clothing, and beauty inside and out. playful to brighten up the day and make the day fun

BE SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE: believing and carrying yourself out to be sexy and seductive, and attractive, to stand tall and not afraid to show some skin, to be Master C's pride and joy.

4/12/2014 1:04:39 PM
This is my first blog on this website so be patience with me. I have told Master C numerous of times that I miss writing a blog and wanting to get back to it. He told me that I can do it on this website. I was thinking more toward Blogger where I can write it out like a journal or letter for Master C to read. I couldn't decided if I want it to be private or public. But then again I am a slave and it's up to Him to decided. He see it as a place where I can express myself as a slave and be of a good help for others who read it. Despite me wanting to write a blog, I have been hesitating to write one because I am scared to write something bad or wrong about the whole thing. Being a slave and all. I know I am getting better and more settled in this lifestyle, yet I felt like I might say something wrong or offhandedly that would kicked me out of it. As much as I wanted to be open and honest about everything from my mind and feelings, I don't want to sound like I am actually seemly unhappy about it all. I know it's normal to have frustration and struggle with varies of things but still. I can drive myself insane. Ugh.  

A little background about me: I am in this lifestyle for less than a year and coming from a Mormon family, there are a lot of conflicts and struggles for me I know that overtime I will become more rooted into this lifestyle that is unlike vanilla or Mormon way of living. I still feel guilty about not attending the church for months, feel sad about my parents and family where I felt very different from them now, and many more.

However, on the positive side, I have grown a lot since Master C moved in with me. Mostly it's just silly little things. We recently moved into a different home which is a lot better than the previous home. I was setting up the table for the first time since moving in the new home, I started crying. I kept thinking it's ridiculous of me crying so suddenly. (I dislike crying FYI.) I managed to eventually stop crying then busy myself with folding the laundry (had to look up Pinterest on how to fold the bed fitting sheets) till Master C gets home. When he's finally home, I was so eager to get him to sit down on the table and enjoy the meal on the table with him, I couldn't help but cried again. I told him that I practically cried over setting the table. What seems like a normal thing to do made me cry. What the heck. Apparently I am not use to be overcome with eagerness, happiness, pride and desires to do simple happy things for Master C. He assured me that it's okay to cry the tears of Joy.

There are days where I wanted to do so much that I get overwhelmed and frustrated when I feel unable to do it all. There are days where all I wanted to do is sulk and grumble which of course Master C would not allow that. However those sulk and grumble days became less frequency as I immerse myself into household chores or tasks given to me.

One thing I like most about living with rules and tasks, it pulls me farther away from using my laptop and iPhone. During my single life, I spend way too much time on the laptop which brought me down, feeling dull and unsatisfied. I know I needed a guide, or a push, into being more active, rather than being isolated in my bedroom, being consumed with the Internet. Over time living with Master C, I gradually talk less with the males and I am working on talking more with the females. Not that I'm forbidden to speak with the males, it's more of learning to develop friendship and relationship with the females. I have very few female friends in my life. I love the female friends I know but I did not spend a lot of time or attention with them, beside they are currently far away. So I need/want to develop new female friends nearby to learn to get more comfortable hanging out and maybe some intimacy moments, too. So ladies, feel free to get in touch with me. I have much to learn to become a better slave. Especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

I feel happy and proud that I am getting better at keeping kitchen, living room, and bathrooms clean. I feel frustrated about cleaning the bedroom. Making the bed is easy enough. It's the CLOTHES that frustrated me the most. Practically drive me to the point of wanting Master C to toss away all of my clothes and just live naked in the house. Thankfully, it hasn't happen...yet.

-slave kitty

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