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What is it with all the so called some sending emails demanding this that or the other without
Male Slave, 47,  New Mexico












 Male Slave

 New Mexico

 6' 1"

 190 lbs






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What is it with all the so called some sending emails demanding this that or the other without ever reading my profile? Are they bots? Or really that weak?

Looking for hard labor slave type experience. REMOTE or primitive areas are perfect.

I have some limited experience in being a labor slave best suited for farm, ranch or any remote or primitive areas.† Minimum existence, minimum inputs...get the most out with the least cost possible.† Quarrying, felling trees, clearing land, digging stumps, moving dirt or rocks, weeding, grounds maintenance, cle3aning stalls are some suitable applications. †

I am not quite a slave on the online tests...but with the right combination who knows? †

If you are Gorean I am more like a salt mine slave or any labor slave...I am nowhere close to a silk slave.†† I do not expect sex or gratification or play time or friendship or even respect.† The dynamic between masters and labor slaves in that world mirror closely with what drives me.

I hate pain and yet I expect it to be likely a part of the day to day operations.† As a masochist I feel a contradiction there. †

Due to† current responsibilities there are only two general scenarios that will work.† 1) a 4 week or so work-away.† Not ideal to me, and many would call that a vacation.† I am open to it but am really interested in finding something much closer to me...about a 2 hour drive or so from El Paso, Texas.† In addition to a 4 week period available in mid spring, I could do most 3 day weekends in that role.† Anything outside of that general area realistically become unmanageable enough to be impractical for long term service. †

Iíll see how this profile goes.† Critique of this profile accepted.† Good luck in what you seek.

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