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I'm an a Gentle Dom but with a firm hand, I seek a submissive that desires to be listen to
Male Dominant, 47,  Sioux falls, South Dakota










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 Dominant Male

 Sioux falls 

 South Dakota

 6' 0"

 170 lbs





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Submissive Female

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Friends Only

I'm an a Gentle Dom but with a firm hand,

I seek a submissive that desires to be listen to and to be understand of her needs as well as My desires to fulfill them for her. I'm also seeking friendship in the Sioux Falls area one that like to hold conversation and to enjoy listening to each other thoughts, or their day went.

I enjoy being affectionate, caring, sensual, and Loving,

But.. I do have a firm hand, and I believe that if one is required to be put in line it should be used,

I've a wide variety of toys, from crops to paddles to violet wand to many others useful and enjoyable teaser or used for punishment.

I love the sound of a woman that whimper at each swat of the hand upon her bare bottom,

Enjoy playful time as well, and affectionate time as well as long as she deserve it, I believe in aftercare after any sessions to ensure that she is comfort and cared for.

Not many people understand that, I've heard stories about a Dom beating or what ever they done and leaving their sub alone and only to find out that they don't remember what happen that night.

so with That, I can rest assure you that you'll be cared for before and after.

I look forward to meeting new people and to explore their curiosity as well as My desires on a mutual agreement, and understanding,

Talk soon.



Journal Entries:
12/6/2013 9:19:53 AM

I've met a few people from this site and other site, just because one decide to change thier name doesn't make them creepy, its basically what I call renew My Spirit, refreshing, and git rid of the old and bring in something refreshing, if One can't understand that then thats their issues, not MINE. Some People need to grow up. Especially if that person never met you in person, They should be a bit respectful until they meet that person in a neutral place.


Before people slam others get to know them, and find out what they are looking for or why they change thier name or why they are into this lifestyle,


Some people think they are all top dogs and they are better then you.. or I, Leave them think that because all People are Created Equal they came from the same dirt as You and I did.


so I just ignore them and be as polite and I can be, instead of name calling and being ignorant,


Thats My tip of the day.

12/1/2013 8:35:17 PM

Am seeking a submissive or dominate female for ideas and friendships,


I rather top then submit but willing to explore both sides,


Creative, spontaneous, and for sure no drama, open to try new things, and love to fulfill


that special person desires.


Give Me a Jingle and Lets see where it goes from there.



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