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This time, rather than trying to list the qualities that I believe to exist in the perfect wom
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This time, rather than trying to list the qualities that I believe to exist in the perfect woman for me, I have come up with a few situations to illustrate the difference between the common, and what I believe to be my perfect woman:


It is your birthday / Valentine’s Day / Christmas Eve, and you are looking forward to nibbling on some delicious chocolate as you celebrate with your boyfriend when he gets home, because every man on Earth knows that women love chocolate.  He comes home with a bowl of fruit, and tells you he is concerned about your weight.


An hour later, he says he wants a blowjob, as he drops his pants and sits down.  Do you (A) kneel in front of him, give him a smile and a wink, and give him what he wants, because he was thoughtful enough to give you a treat that is low in calories, or would you rather (B) kneel in front of him, give him a smile and a wink, grab his scrotum and squeeze, as you explain that you don’t need to be reminded that you don’t look just like the whores he just saw on the internet?


You're watching a movie with your boyfriend, you see a woman kick a man in the groin, and he falls to the floor.  Do you (A) feel sorry for the man, because that must have really hurt, or do you (B) think about kicking your boyfriend’s nuts the next time he says something rude to you, or doesn’t consider your feelings, because he needs to understand that he is being an asshole, and that is not acceptable?


You are having an argument with your boyfriend, and you both know that he is wrong, but he won't shut up because he won't admit that he is wrong. Is it your nature to (A) say that you are wrong, just to end the argument and bring peace for the rest of the day, or would you rather (B) kick him in the nuts, quickly take off your belt, and start whipping him with it until he admits that he is wrong, and understands that such behavior will be punished?


You're watching a movie with your boyfriend, and you see a bad guy try to suffocate some innocent person - drowning, strangling, bag, whatever. Do you (A) feel your heart race as you squeeze your boyfriend’s hand, hoping that the innocent lives, or do you (B) start to wonder how long your boyfriend could go without air before passing out?


Dinner is over, and the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. Do you (A) get your boyfriend a beer to drink while you wash the dishes, because that is what a good girl does, or do you (B) tell the boyfriend that he'll get a hand job if he does the dishes and takes the trash out while you have a beer?


30 minutes later, you look in the kitchen, and the dishes are in the drying rack, cleaner than they were, but not really clean.  He sits down next to you on the couch.  Do you (A) give him the hand job because he tried, or do you (B) grab his nuts, give them a few good smacks, and explain the definition of “clean?”



You've just had sex with your loving boyfriend. As usual, it ended with his orgasm, and none for you. Do you (A) put up with it, because it's your job to please him, or do you (B) suggest trying bondage the next time, so you can ride his face until you get an orgasm for a change?


The next evening, your boyfriend is tied to the bed.  He gets tired of licking you after 2 minutes, complains about an odor, and orders you to untie him so he can fuck you and get what he wants. Do you (A) do as he says with a smile, because your purpose in life is to please him, or do you (B) adjust your position to cover his mouth and nose with your butt, as reach for the belt you left on the nightstand to give him motivation to keep licking?



You think about your life, your level of satisfaction, and your boyfriend.  Do you (A) want to go through life as his semen receptacle, always ready with a fake smile for him to make another deposit, or do you (B) want to genuinely smile everyday, when you see him with your belt marks and cigarette burns on his body, always with the faintest taste of your vagina on his lips, and your urine in his breath?

If you like the A options, then we've already met, and I’m fine with being single.

But if you like the B options, then I would really love to meet you, and it would be my honor to take you to dinner one evening and discuss possibilities.


Journal Entries:
12/25/2015 11:25:35 AM

This is what I daydream about: 

My Queen has the only key to my chastity cage, so my little guy gets no fun whatsoever unless she unlocks the cage.  She only unlocks it after I have been tied down on the bed, and she locks it back up before untying me.  She owns my ability to get a woodie, to touch it, to play with it, and to orgasm.  Because of this, I think about her all day, everyday.  I always try to think of new ways to make her happy with me, and I never tell her No.  Any time she calls and asks for something, I get it and bring it to her.  Every time she asks me to do something, I do it.  She has control over me like a drug dealer over a junkie. 

When we meet for fun, she tells me to strip, and she ties me down.  When she feels like getting some, she’ll sit on my face while I lick and lick.  She pees into my mouth as soon as she is in position.  If she is on her period, she won’t mention it first, and I will be punished if I mention it.  The same applies if she is unwashed and stinky, or if there is a man’s cum inside her.  When she is pleased, she slowly rubs my dick with her fingers.  When she is displeased, she rolls back to smother me and keep me from screaming, and punches me, pinches me, and beats my nuts.  I am not allowed to orgasm until she has had enough, and maybe not even then.  Either way, the cage goes back on and she hides the key before I am untied. 

When she doesn’t feel like getting some, but does feel like adjusting my attitude, she’ll incorporate torture with pleasure.  She’ll stuff something into my mouth to keep me quiet while giving me pleasure and pain at the same time – stroke my dick while squeezing my nuts, or while burning me with her cigarette, or while slapping, scratching or punching some tender area.  Maybe she’ll wipe her ass with a rag, and tape it in place over my nose, or drop one of her turds into my mouth and tape it shut – anything that reminds me that she is my world, and that she and only she decides whether I get an orgasm, a beating, or both. 

She will have the ability to do whatever she wants to me, but she will not do any permanent damage, or leave bruises that would be visible in public, because she knows that I have responsibilities, and she doesn’t want to disrupt my life outside of her presence.  She knows that I’ll always come when she calls, and do whatever she asks, because she is my world.  She will have the ability to kill me without struggle each and every time we meet, and she’ll remind me frequently and threaten it often, and I’ll love her more every time. 

Oh, where to find such a woman?

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