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 I am an older experienced Domme . I am on the tasteful tomboy butch side. If you know wh
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Submissive Female

 I am an older experienced Domme . I am on the tasteful tomboy butch side. If you know what Old Guard or Old School is then I would like to hear from you.  


I looking for an elite submissive to slave who is on the femme side.  I need someone who is smart, and motivated.  I am not looking for anyone who describes themselves as "bitch" or "brat".  I have a public life that requires someone who can pass for vanilla but remain in a submissive/slave space.  


I am looking for a woman who takes pride in her ability to serve.


I am even handed, clear with my instructions, reward or punish according to actions.  I am not into edge play (as in knives), scat, water sports, children, blood, or animals.  


While ultimately I am looking for a long term placement/commitment, I am open to temporary transient encounters to help take the edge off.  Photo's will be exchanged after I am interested in you and you voice verify.  You must have Skype with a working camera if you are long distance.


Gentlemen, thank you but no thank you.  Do not waste my time as I am not wasting yours.  That also includes cross dressing men, sissy boys, bisexual boys and anyone with a Y chromosone.  NO ABSOLUTELY NOT will I ever submit to a male dominant.  REALLY?  Did you even need to go there?  Cause you really are not all that...


Disclosure: I travel for work quite a bit so distance, while a challenge, can be dealt with.

Journal Entries:
11/28/2017 7:19:02 AM
New question.... WTF with all the fallen or broken domes? Honey if someone broke you and you now bend a knee .... newsflash... you were never a dominant to begin with. The thought of bending a knee is so repulsive to me there are not words for it. Sometimes I am contacted by "domme's" who are looking to explore their submissive side...HUH? Yeah thats a hard no for me.If you have a submissive side to explore you are not a dominant. If you have to explore something I am definitely not the Domme for you.

11/26/2017 2:26:12 PM
ooooo hate mail..... I love hate mail! I got this today from a "submissive" named suzimay ...

Just to amuse myself while having breakfast i read your profile, what a self important bitch you are, seriously, and at 50 or so ha ha you should be well fixed upby now , and you probably voted for the other moron aka trump have a nice day noreply blocked. hahaha.

This is an example of someone who is NOT an elite well mannered submissive. I still haven't figured out what an upby is... oh well it isn't important.

11/25/2017 12:38:40 AM

Anyone who thinks edge play is getting someone to the "edge" of an orgasm and not letting them cum is called ... orgasm denial. {rolling my eyes at the putz's who think they what they are talking about.)


1/31/2017 9:49:47 AM
I am sick of the submissives and slaves who bill themselves as sluts and whores? Really cause I can go to the East Village and get a real whore for $100 who is much more skilled then you are. Sluts come with all kinds of diseases and attitudes.

I miss the days of sophisticated service from refined smart slaves who knew their place and took pride in their abilities to please their owner.

1/24/2017 4:35:02 AM
The latest source of peels of laughter for me.... shit you not this really is written in a profile by a self labeled slave...

"deal with it or move along I'm here for me and what is best for me not for you"

I am still rolling on the floor, laughing... kids today... so silly.... "slave"...

blahhhhh hhhhaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa 

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