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  **Owned** Update 4/13/2018 - Progression towards being my Owner's Haus-cow is clos
Female Slave, 33,  Coastal NC, North Carolina











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 Female Slave

 Coastal NC 

 North Carolina

 5' 4"





 44 minutes

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Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Dom/Domme Couples


Update 4/13/2018 - Progression towards being my Owner's Haus-cow is closer to reality, started leaking already after forced lactation diet suppements. (Master posted the photo) I'll soon be begging Master or Mistress to milk me.

As of 3/1/18 I have arrived for a two week visit with my Master and Mistress. The most amazing life aspirations are finally starting to see light. All those pieces of my life that I felt didn't fit anywhere, have found the perfect fit in the puzzle which they belong. I am  longer seeking, thanking you for your time and consideration! 


I am unavailable for service as I am pursuing and being pursued, developing a relationship with a lovely dominant couple. Best wishes in the search for your own piece of forever.  I am here just to keep up with old friends, and to chat and relax with like minded people. A kajira at the heart and soul. The desire and need to serve burns from the core.  I find men and women equally attractive, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Gorean trained kajira, BDSM flavored kinks, sapiosexual with diversified interest. Sex is among the least of these. I enjoy domestic service, and find many more ways to serves than with just my cunt. I am not into the fantasy dramatics of online Gor. I believe in being Gorean, not going to Gor. It is just a make believe planet in a book; however to be Gorean is to carry yourself with a set of moral and character standards, to believe in natural order, and to live in a pursuit of better. Exquisite beauty, and  absolute obedience.

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