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What follows is a catalog of your thoughts. I don't feel pretty without his cum on me. H
Male Dominant, 36,  Los Angeles, California


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BisexualFemale Slave
Age: 33, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 100 lbs.
Location: Ohio
Last on 7/15/16 at 12:11 PM
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BisexualFemale Submissive
Age: 36, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 123 lbs.
Location: Poland
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 Dominant Male

 Los Angeles 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 171 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


What follows is a catalog of your thoughts.

  • I don't feel pretty without his cum on me.
  • His cock in my mouth, whether fresh from his pants or fresh from my ass, centers me.
  • His handprint on my face feels like love.
  • I wonder if he knows I love it when he makes me cry.
  • The marks he leaves on my body are love letters.
  • My body is his to manhandle. My mind and soul are his to fuck.
  • He pushes me, slaps me, hurts me. Thank goodness.
  • Fear makes me so wet.
  • He almost never lets me take his piss. What have I done wrong?
  • When he told me not to talk back, I was surprised to realize I couldn't.
  • I don't deserve him.
  • The only thing better than having his marks on my ass is having his hand there.
  • I can't process the feelings when he spits in my mouth. I just swallow.
  • I like it when I can't breathe.
  • I promise not to make a sound. I want to listen.
  • Sometimes he makes it so impersonal. I am in love.
  • What should I look like for you today?
  • He rapes me when I'm not ready. I'm so happy.
  • When he kisses me, I get scared, but I forget the world.
  • I don't want to be as stupid as he makes me feel.
  • I hope I'm tight enough.
  • Tits out, ass out, eyes on him. Forever.

By now, you know if we're compatible. Don't fool yourself.

I'm not new. I know exactly what I want: a highly-cerebral TPE LTR. I'm worth it.

If those three things are true for you, say so. No sense in more waiting.

(More at

Journal Entries:
11/9/2012 6:37:50 PM

More inapplicables, as though they'll pare the tares:

  • There's little more tedious than a person you know instantly. Empty vessels need not apply.
  • If you don't know yourself, deconstructing you is meaningless. The self-oblivious need not apply.
  • Feeling without thinking is emotional masturbation. Non-cognitives need not apply.

11/7/2012 8:46:40 AM

Some questions I've received.

Becka asks, "What do you want?"
A highly-cerebral TPE LTR. Read closely.

Therese asks, "Why does your profile talk about sex so much?"
It's about a headspace most women only reach during sex. Look through the lines: most of them aren't sexual, but sound that way because of the intimate charge they carry. Sex is a means to an end, period.

Bren asks, "Do you think you're better than everyone else?"
I'm better than many, not as good as others. Anyone who thinks everyone is equal has no reason to discriminate between partners.

ASWN asks, "Are you a misogynist?"
Strictly, no. That's not how it feels to a woman, however.

Angel asks, "How can a girl get your attention?"
It's easy: talk to me without pretense. I'll answer you.

JS asks, "Do you really want all those things on your Tumblr?"
That blog isn't a checklist of activities. Like my lists here, it delineates a paradigm. What it means matters more than what it is.

David asks, "Any interest in guys?"

Gina asks, "How do you know you're worth all you put a slave through?"
I always have been. I operate at high levels in every part of my life, but none moreso than this. Don't kid yourself: there are leagues to everything. I am an astonishing mate. Everything flows from there.

11/1/2012 7:13:53 AM

If I'm going to make you feel ... 

  • Ugly
  • Weak
  • Pitiful
  • Fat
  • Inept
  • Worthless
  • Foolish
  • Used
  • Helpless
  • Hurt
  • Unstable
  • Out of control
  • Not good enough

... you can't already be that way. Broken women need not apply.

10/31/2012 10:56:39 AM

More one-line lessons.

10/31/2012 9:52:25 AM

Two facts: I have photos to trade once we've established there's potential between us, and I'm not in California. I haven't posted my picture or my real location for obvious reasons.

EDIT: I'm currently wading through 11+ pages of messages. Please be patient.

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