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I find myself always interested more in the dominant side of life, both professionally and in
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I find myself always interested more in the dominant side of life, both professionally and in my personal life. Here I am just interested in finding new experiences, and maybe new women.

Journal Entries:
11/9/2015 11:13:51 PM
What a great morning.

5/11/2015 3:25:15 PM
Any foot fetish ladies in my area? My feet are killing me...needing some

4/24/2015 3:11:10 PM
I'm curious...does kink attract idiocy? Or is it the internet? I am really hoping it's the net.  Why do I ask? Just looking at various profiles and journal entries. Makes me wonder what people really think? Or what kind of fantasy world they live in?
"Up until last night I was a dom...but I have been broken, I am now a submissive slut!"..umm...seriously? Really? You are saying in an evening your whole body identity has been crushed between someones leather boot? In truth were you always submissive, and wanted a new fantasy? Or are you just looking for attention?
The other current seems there are a pile of dominant men who feel the best way to introduce them self to a submissive woman is with some diatribe of dominant bullshit. "Whore you will respond to me! RAWR!" I hate to say...but if anyone actually responds positively to that...its more than likely another guy pretending to be a woman. A HUGE percentage of men are looking for instant gratification. I could be wrong, but women tend to look towards more meaningful relationships and conversations. Do they get horny? Yep...but most arent really looking for that kind of thing....until an actual bond is generated.
Ladies, if I am wrong, feel free to tell me. I am always looking forward to trying to learn how you tick.:)

12/3/2014 12:53:58 PM
Soo...probably going to get some hate mail if I get any from this, but..I have been wondering lately about the term BBW.  Big Beautiful Woman.
I am going to preface the comment with the fact that I know I am a heavy guy. I have never tried selling myself as anything such...and I have never said it in any way makes me attractive. I have also met more than a few women that were on the bigger side and were very attractive.
        Here is the what point does a woman stop being a BBW, and gets into the territory of just eww? Is it a weight thing? Hygiene? Confidence? As I said, I have seen more than a few hefty girls that made me as hard as calculus...but then I have also seen more than a few women who bill themselves as "BBW" when they are in no way beautiful, they are just out of control with their body, and can't accept that they are just "Overweight".
       I just find it odd that I see BBW often, whether it be here, FL, or other sites...but the only women that admit to being overweight are those who get turned on by being refered to as a nasty pig. 
       Am I missing something?

5/4/2014 8:59:54 AM

Probably an odd place to post this...but I want to anyways.

So...I saw on my FB feed something about Australia's "The Voice". It seems there is a list of people in uproar over the thought that someone could possibly be offended by a woman nursing her two year old child on television. 

First...I warn, I am an asshole. So...if anyone dislikes assholes, try to gloss over this entry.

Getting on with it....

So...why is it I am the bad person for not agreeing with this? "But...But...But...Breastfeeding a baby is a beautiful thing." is the argument I hear, and I agree. Breastfeeding a baby is a positive experience. That being said...if it can walk...its no baby. It is now a toddler and should be working on solid food. And even if the child isn't eating solid this point you should be working on meal times. That means, you don't whip out your tit ever time the kid says "I'm hungry" wait till meal time, and do it privately.

It's possible I feel this way mostly because I have walked into it unexpectedly before. I used to work nights, and my lady would babysit her friends kid. On more than one occasion I would stumble out of the bedroom, into the kitchen, and there was my girls friend at the table nursing her three year old daughter. No warning, no "Hey, this is your house, do you mind", just...bam....looks like someone is shooting midget/milking porn.

As a working professional I understand I have to support this AT WORK. But in my home, I get to be the closeminded dick I want to be...don't I?

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