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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

All the pics you see are of me or of my two dungeons. Yes two. I have one in my home for perso
Male Dominant, 51,  North miami, Florida










Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 North miami 


 5' 10"





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Transgender

A Poly Household

All the pics you see are of me or of my two dungeons. Yes two. I have one in my home for personal use and one 5 minutes away in a warehouse complex 

Master B  seeks a female  who seeks to be a sub or slave   Sir B been in the lifestyle over 30 yrs and has done workshops for  tesfest,tes,dsf, floating world, LILR and many more.

  I can give you what you seek and desire from sensual to sadistic. 

do not be afraid to approach.


I am   the one that will make you feel cherished, loved, protected in all ways and you will never feel taken for granted.
 caring  yet very strict

can walk in any world, Kink or Vanilla.

 If you seek online games, cybersex, a quick kink fix, or empty meaningless

play look elsewhere.

I will not be your"Fantasy"Masters

I offer only substance and Reality.

Who serves Me?

A SINGLE sub.  you are bi or bi curious. Honest, intelligent, quick witted, charming, secure in

themselves, and who is willing to learn, has a desire to grow and has a brain.


What matters is the Connection and the spark We see when We look

 in each others eyes. 
What I seek is one who is truly willing, through trust in Me, to give themselves totally. 


Your level of experience does not matter.

Novices are welcome but only ones who are truly ready to explore this side

Of themselves.

 Do not waste My time if you are DS closet case.

I  invest in My sub/slave, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. I am not concerned with your past and not intimidated by baggage. I will not carry it for you but instead work you through it to become the best you can to serve Me.


How to approach


If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, read the following very



Your submission or slavery is a valuable gift, if you are willing to throw it around to any Master with a profile, We are certainly not interested in you.


Be honest, Be up front, Be yourself


Tell Me what you seek.

Tell Me what sets your soul on fire.


I will want to learn about you..your mind....and then your body.

It is the only way.

There is a fine line between"want"and"need".

I will have you needing Us.If this frightens you,

If strong feelings and intimacy scares you...

then I am definitely not for you.  
I find that the best subs are strong independent women so do not be afraid to approach.

 To all Extreme slaves

I  seeking a slave. i am  the One that when other Doms are afraid to push their subs/slaves they send them to Me. I am an  expert in extreme play such as fire, electricity, canes, needles, single tails, large plugs, extreme breast play, extreme Japanese bondage, cuttings, brandings and whatever else your little slutty heart desires. Just to let you know I do not treat all subs or slaves the same. I will find out what you need and desire and go from there.


 To all sluts

if it is a whore and a slut you want to be then I can train you to be that as well. I will have all your holes filled so often that your fucking head will be spinning.


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