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Greetings!    Let's try something a little different here.  i need pictures of myself for va
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Let's try something a little different here.  i need pictures of myself for various Flickr groups.  i need pix in wedding gowns, at the beauty salon, having gags inserted, tightly bound, high heels, dresses, etc etc.


i need people willing to take the photos but in return i will take photos of you as well so we both win!


Example, i may need pix of me tied up, so you do that to me and then i'll tie you up and take pix of you.  Or, You may want pix of your red buns.  i'll tie you up and beat your buns and then take a pix.  If you know someone who could take the pix while we beat each other that would be cool a well.


me, i'm a sissy cross dresser who is submissive but if it is for the sake of pictures then i can tie you up and beat you or whatever you want to capture on "film". 


So, no matter if you are a Dom/Domme, sissy, slave, tv, cd, sub, male, or female, if you need pictures then let's get together and take some!  If you are a couple and want some of your "precious moments" preserved on film then i can do that.  Domme/sub...i can do that,  tv/tv, tv/cd, as you can see, just about anything interests me.


if you need a "model" for a photo session for personal pix then give me a call.  i have some limits but open to just about anything.....Absolutely no sex though!  i might agree to simulated sex for the picture, but not the real thing on camera.


Let's have some fun, take some pix and video and see what happens!


Be real People...... If you live in Indiana are we reallygoing to get together?????  Be within driving distance of Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach) or Northeast North Carolina.  Due to my work schedule the closer you are the better.  Sometimes i only have a few minutes to arrange a get together.  It is probably better if you live in VB or NENC.


Please remember NO SEX means just that.  This is play and pictures only. 

Journal Entries:
9/16/2011 4:17:10 AM

I switched back to being a "submissive male" in hopes that some of the wonks will leave me alone. 

9/16/2011 4:11:30 AM

Gawd, This gives me a whole new perspective on how Domme's are treated on this site.  What part of being close by do people not understand.  Due to my schedule, I would like to meet sometimes on the spur of the moment.  If you are not in the area there is no way that can happen.  If you are not close (minutes wise) to Va Beach or NENC you just get deleted and you are wasting your time writing because i don't read it anyway. 

Dont ask me to chat, webcam, messenger or anything.  i just want some frickin pictures.  i'm not gonna rim ya, poke ya, drive it home in ya or anything like that. If you mention sex then you get deleted. 

i'm gonna try a little more but with an inbox filled with out of the area people, wonks, wankers, and people who obviously cant read how can i trust them with a camera.  i'm afraid my pics will end up on some reality show or something.  Think before you write and dont waste time writing something totally unrelated towhat i'm trying to do here. 

Oh, and for the dude who was just 4 miles away.  The simple fact that all you said was "hi" and nothing else got you deleted and blocked.  If you can't write a sentence then i figure you wont even know how to push a button on the camera. Pathetic. 

Even though im all submissive it seems like i sure am sounding like a Domme.  sorry

9/15/2011 4:36:14 AM

Hi People!  Can we be a little more creative than "I want to get together".  Can you give me some interests of yours?  Maybe what you would like pix of?   If you tell me a little more about yourself then you might get a faster reply.  And the sex thing.... Please read the profile.  Some guy just wrote that he wants some pix of him banging me in the ass....Dude, it ain't gonna happen.  i might take some pix of you banging someone else in the ass but it is not going to happen with me!  It just gets you deleted..

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