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I am a Dominant Man with a strong presence.  Tall and powerfully built, I have always been Dom
Male Dominant, 51,  Los Angeles, California












 Dominant Male

 Los Angeles 


 6' 3"

 235 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

I am a Dominant Man with a strong presence.  Tall and powerfully built, I have always been Dominant in my relationships and it is not something I have to try to do.  It's just my nature.  If you're looking for a lot of leather, a dungeon and a Dom who thinks he's a Gorean Warlord, please move on.  I don't need any of that to take control and make a submissive want to drop to her knees and serve me.


I enjoy the D/s dynamic in general and find myself drawn to younger subs/slaves who have an appreciation for an older, wiser and generally more experienced Dom like me.  I'm also quite comfortable with the Daddy-daughter dynamic.  But basically I just like younger women and the dynamic I have with them.  So don't assume I'm ONLY looking for a daughter vs. just a younger sub/slave. 


Also, I have a fair amount of experience with Hypnosis and Relyfe programming.  I love putting a sub/slave in trance and helping her become the best sub/slave she can be.  I don't use this in a subversive way as I feel that's not morally right.  All my subjects have known and wanted to be hypnotized.  I take great caution and responsibility in who I would hypnotize, but do love it when I find a willing subject.  If you're interested, female, sub/slave, and want to see what it's about without a lot of commitment and no fears about what I will place in your subconscious, let me know.  I have had great success in the past with all my subs/slaves.


I hope to hear from open-minded, younger, subs and slaves, especially if they are local to Los Angeles area or willing to relocate.


Peace be with you...



Journal Entries:
10/9/2017 5:49:55 PM
Just to save us both time: 1. If you tell me you don't have a cell phone, or your phone is broken so you can hear me but I can't hear you (yes, I actually was told this recently). Or... 2. You tell me that you don't have your own computer, or no mic and no cam. So with both of these options we can never voice or video verify, let alone even talk - DO NOT contact me. It will never happen. Similarly, if... 3. You are ready to relocate to me after one or two conversations because you think I'm the right Dom for you, or your situation is bad and you want to get away immediately, or any other reason that makes you think I'm going to let someone I barely know into my very happy, comfortable and successful life - DO NOT contact me. All relationships take a level of trust and communication. That ain't happening over a few messages on Collarspace. Additionally - and this is a good one so please pay attention... 4. If you are ready to be mine and the only thing that is holding you back from starting an amazing life as my sub/slave is either: A) You don't have money to come to me so I just need to send you a couple hundred dollars for gas - after you go and fuck yourself - please get off your lazy scamming ass and get a job. But no matter what - DO NOT contact me. B) I saved the best for last: If the only thing I have to do to have you fully as mine is to just pay a small fee (couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars) to your current Dom/Domme so they will release you and then we can live happily ever after - Feel free to kill yourself in a painful and agonizing way. (Don't take this too seriously folks). I have been a Dom in the lifestyle for over 20 years. NEVER, and I mean NEVER have I heard of any genuine Dom expecting such a thing, especially online with their sub/slave negotiating the deal! Can you imagine a Dominant - who is the leader in any Ds/Ms relationship letting their sub make that decision? Just absurd! So yes, the scammers, fakes and flakes are alive and well on this site, just like any other. But seriously people get some new fucking routines. This is the same shit I heard in the nineties. With all that said I severely doubt any of these examples are of actual subs/slaves. Just the usual little snake oil salesmen. OK - RANT OVER. Just thought I'd share in case any subs/slaves out there think you're the only ones putting up with morons and time-wasters.

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