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*** I answer ALL mail that I receive. Since the mail system here can not be relied on, I have
Male Dominant, 56,  Bainbridge, Ohio











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 200 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household

*** I answer ALL mail that I receive. Since the mail system here can not be relied on, I have opened another off site mail account. If I do not reply/have not replied to you on here, that means I have not received your letter. So, it is up to you whether to write me here or at the address below. Yes, I notified support to no avail. I can be reached also at:***


      **If you can't handle, or don't want to know, the truth, then don't bother reading this profile. If you do like to hear the truth and do read this profile, then read it all the way thru.**


Don’t even ask for any of the following !!! I am not a fool and do not fall for scams !!


*I will not send you money under any circumstance*

*I will not help with Visa’s or any other travel documents*

*I will not assist with tickets for plane, train, bus or gas*

*True slaves find their own way to their new Owner (this also proves your sincerity, loyalty, dedication and willingness to serve)* If I deem that you are close enough to me, I will travel to pick you up (also once you have proven you are where you say you are).

*Owners are not responsible for a slave until they are in his presence*

*No ex-cons or those with a police record (felonies)*


      I usually (but do make exceptions) don't write slaves, slaves write me. And I mean WRITE an actual LETTER! No one or two word, or one or two line sentence, damn notes. Make it worth my time opening. I do look at profiles. Just because I look at yours and do not contact you does not mean I may not be interested in you. If you are in my 'favorites' folder, that means I am studying your profile and/or trying to decide if you are worth my time contacting. If you are the slave described in my profile, then contact me. And no, I do not do online, sessions nor role-play. I only do real time, in person, Owned by me. This is for Consensual-Non-Consent.


      If you do not have your height, age AND weight ON your profile, then do not write me. By not having any of those three on your profile tells me you can not be trusted already because you are already hiding something. You have to reveal yourself anyway sometime so why not be honest and do it from the start in your profile.


      Slave = Chattel (only property). If you do not consider yourself Chattel, then you are not a real slave to me. I only consider women as property and as things to have around (Own) to use as I see fit and for my pleasure, not as something that has any kind of rights

(human or otherwise). I am a very firm believer in Male Superiority, which means I am against anything for feminist/feminist movement. I consider all women to be inferior to men.


      I am not new here, just left for awhile. Therefore, I know the games played here. I am not here for games nor will I play any with or on anyone. I am very real and serious about taking me a slave property. I will also not mince words in the following. What this profile says is exactly what it means.


      Owner seeking personal female slave(s) property. No subs, switches, cd's, trans', m2f, tomboy types. Be feminine. In other words, act like a female should act, smell, look. Only true, absolute slaves. Any age or race. No experience needed. I will train slave property to suit me. Slave property must be D/D free.

      This Owner is very Dominant, Domineering, Controlling, Micro-managing type, Strict, Stern, Demanding, a Perfectionist, Disciplinarian and Harsh. This Owner believes that an Owner is the One and Only HOH! I run my domain, no one else! I demand obedience at all times without exception. Slave property will do exactly as told/ordered/trained immediately, without question or hesitation, or suffer the consequences. I am heavy handed and do not give "love" (warm-up) taps so my punishments hurt from the start like a punishment should. I will not allow any backtalk or disobedience in any form. Any backtalk or disobedience is punishable and my punishments come quickly and harshly. Nor will I ever accept the word "no" from slave. You will refuse me nothing. You will do exactly as told/trained no matter what it is, when it is or where it is. Slave property will come to me limitless (unless they match mine) and without any type of conditions of her own. Slave will only be property to me and will only be treated as such. This is not for the modern fake "slavery" played now-a-days. This is for real, true, actual slavery like it was before the Civil War. Old school/old south slavery.

      With me, slave property will have absolutely no rights of any kind whatsoever in any manner or matter. Slave will have absolutely no say, control, voice or choice in any matter nor in what is done with or to her by me. You will not be allowed to make any choices or decisions on her own. I alone will make all choices and decisions for slave property. I will control absolutely everything about slave property’s existence without exception. There will be absolutely nothing about slave property that I will not control. How slave property walks, talks, acts, sleeps, drinks, eats, dresses, bathes, toilet’s, etc. will all be controlled 1000% by me. I will not only OWN you but also EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about you and your life. You will have absolutely no privacy from me for any reason and you will do nothing without my permission.

      I do have a Sadistic mindset. With me, slave property will not be involved with drugs, children, child porn, sharing, anything illegal (theft, stealing, conning, scamming, etc.), anything that will cause permanent injury nor anything that can/may cause loss of life or limb, mutilation, amputations, scat, diapers, blood sharing. Thus, this Owner will always have slave property’s well being in mind.

      Slave property does not have to be super intelligent to serve this Owner. Slave property can be dumb as a rock as long as she can follow orders and meets the criteria described in this profile. I do not care about what you do or do not know (experience). I will train you in all you will need to know to serve ME to MY pleasure/satisfaction/standards/requirements. You will adapt and adjust to my ways/rules/rituals/protocols. My ways and life will be your ways and life. If there is something you do not know how to do, you will learn it. I am looking to take a slave property in as soon as is possible. I am actually ready to take a slave property in right now, not some far distant day in the questionable, far, unknown future. I am ready to take in a slave property just as soon as she is able to come to me. Any true, absolute slave property may contact me to petition/ask me to accept them or to get further information. I want any slave property that contacts me to speak openly and freely in their letters to me. Include a full body photo, including face, of yourself with your letter to me. I will not answer one line letters nor ones without a photo.

      This is not for any kind of short-term arrangement, but rather this is for real, true, actual, absolute, 24/7/365, live-in, life-time enslavement of you by me with you having no way out of it of your own accord. I WILL have you marked and registered as my slave property for life. I do not play the "consideration", "temporary" or "training" collars games. Those are just games played by people to waste others time now-a-days. You come to me and you walk straight into a permanent, real chain, Ownership collar with a lock on it so you can't take it off and it will also have a leash ring, a small bell and an Ownership I.D. Dog Tag attached to it. You will wear chains, other restraints as required.

      Although I do not have a photo listed with this profile, I do have one for exchange in correspondence.

      I am also a practitioner of Hypnosis, Relyfe, Mind Control, Brain Washing.

I am a smoker, so get over it!

      I will change, modify or add to this profile as/when I see a need to.

Journal Entries:
8/27/2017 2:45:24 PM
      Know how you can tell a true slave from frauds? True slaves have manners. They do not delete messages unread, they do not read and delete messages and then not send a reply back. True slaves know manners, are polite and are courteous and respectful. They treat all free people with kindness. They also do not hide things from their profiles. They are not rude and disrespectful like the so-called "slaves" on here that are really subs. The majority of the females on here don't even know the difference between a sub and a slave. They even call themselves both. Where are the TRUE slaves hiding?

4/1/2017 7:33:29 PM
There is absolutely NO ONE real on here!!! NOT ONE honest, sincere person on here!!!
NOTHING but kinksters playing BS games!!!

5/21/2016 6:54:15 AM
         Females: You need to go back and learn the true definition of the word slave !!!

      No where in the word slave do you find the words: "I, ME, I WANT, I NEED, MY KINKS/FETISHES, MY LIKES/DISLIKES, MY DESIRES, MY NEEDS, MY CONDITIONS, MY LIMITS, MY GIFT OF SLAVERY, or anything along these lines; if you say anything along these lines then you are a Submissive, NOT a Slave.
      You need to get your damn heads out of the stupid Gor and Grey book series, Second Life, or any other such books and/or movies and get back into reality; These/those things are all FICTION WRITINGS and FANTASY GAMES!!!
      A real, true, actual Slave knows she is nothing but Chattel/property with absolutely no rights of any kind. She does not have limits or conditions. She does not have likes or dislikes, needs, wants or any of the other things listed above. She does not demand anything at all and she knows her slavery is not a special gift of any kind, it is just slavery.
      A real, true, actual Slave knows she only likes/dislikes what her Owner likes/dislikes. Her limits and/or conditions of enslavement are only those set by her Owner, not her. She knows she has no say or control over any aspect of herself or her life, only her Owner does. She knows her feeling, thoughts and opinions do not matter, only her Owner's do.
      A real, true, actual Slave knows that once she is taken it is for life. She knows she can not set a time limit nor is allowed to ask for release. A real, true, actual Slave knows she has no way out of her enslavement to her Owner of her own accord and does not want one. She knows that once she is taken she is now dedicated to serve her Owner however he desires no matter what for life. She has no sense or thoughts of self; only of her Owner. Her world only revolves around him.
      This is what REAL, TRUE, ACTUAL SLAVERY has been all back through history. Not this modern, fake, play slavery done now-a-days.
      SO, if your mentality does NOT agree, or fall in line, with the above outline then YOU ARE A SUBMISSIVE, NOT A SLAVE. So adjust your profile accordingly to Submissive instead of Slave.

      Now, let's clear up one more fallacy of misinformation that is out there. A real, true, actual Slave knows she does not pick her Owner. She knows she is to go with/to the Owner that takes her and tells her to come with/to him. It does not matter if she likes him or not. She is a Slave and therefore has no opinion or options in the matter.
      Those of you who think that you pick your Owner are sadly mistaken. No matter how much you wish, desire or pick an Owner to serve; it does not matter until HE allows you into his home and life. So in the end it is HE who has made the final decision on the matter, NOT YOU! He has picked you, not you him. Think/believe what you want but that is the reality of the matter, not the other way around. Instead of listening or reading what some in the so-called "COMMUNITIES" or "LIFESTYLER'S" are telling you or writing in their articles and such, pick up a dictionary or a encyclopedia or watch a documentary and learn the truth about what slavery/enslavement really is. And just so you know, it depends on what "community" or set of "lifestyler's" you happen to hang around with and listen to is what your understandings and beliefs will become. ALL "communities" and/or sets of "lifestyler's" are different in understandings and beliefs about how things should be and/or done.
      I myself go by the old school/old south/old guard/historical views and beliefs on slavery. So, if you do not ascribe (believe in) to the deion of a real, true, actual slave from above; then do not bother to write me because I do not have time to waste on fake, so-called "slave" Submissive's. I only have time for the real, true, actual slaves out there that are what is described above.
      But all you real, true, actual, historical slaves that do ascribe to the above, do write me; I AM interested in you.
      I do not care in the least if you agree with my ways/views/beliefs or not. I am not going to debate or argue with anyone about this. Nowhere in this entry have I said you cannot believe or do as you wish. To each Owner/sub/slave their own is what I go by. So do not write me if you disagree with me to argue the matter or try to debate the issue with me, I will not respond to you and will only delete your letter.
      I am not spineless about my ways or beliefs as you should be also about yours. I am my own man and I run my home and slaves the way I want, not how someone else thinks it should be; just as you should run your home and slaves your way.

      So in closing I will say this: If you are in disagreement with me, then fine, let's be in disagreement. If you are in agreement with me, then fine, let's be in agreement. But let's let each Owner do, and run, his Domain/Kingdom/Home the way he see's fit. This entry (rant?) was not toward Owner's anyway. It was toward the way the females on here need to get their heads out of their asses and list what they truly are properly.

Good day to all!


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