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Career-oriented unattached businesswoman, educated, cultured, personable, attractive. 'Squeaky
Bisexual Female Submissive, 34,  Tampa, Florida












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 Submissive Female



 5' 6"

 130 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Dominant Transgender

Dom/Domme Couples

Femdom Couples

Male-Dom Couples

Career-oriented unattached businesswoman, educated, cultured, personable, attractive. 'Squeaky clean', drug and STD free (and expect same).  Have unquenchable inner craving to be 'demoted' (behind closed doors only -- nothing public).  Put this 'high-minded bitch' in her place! Strip me of my clothes and my dignity...reduce me from lady executive to 'fifty cent whore' (okay...25 cents).  I seek PHYSICAL DEGRADATION accompanied by STRONG VERBAL HUMILIATION...and reasonable punishment if I fail to please/satisfy/amuse. Prefer someone very assertive who radiates absolute superiority and can make me melt in submission. 

Will submit to male, female, or couple, any race.

Occasional encounters only, but would prefer to develop something long term.  I do have the flexibility to make arrangements for some  travel (including overnight) with advance planning.  And I occasionally make business trips to Valley Forge, PA and White Plains, NY. 

Please note: I am NOT a lifestyle submissive, 'girl', 'little one', etc. And I'm not into all that formal protocol stuff. I lead a normal life and am simply seeking an occasional outlet for the deep submissive streak within me.  I crave the submissive feelings associated with being controlled and used at the will/whim of another for their erotic pleasure.

I invite communications leading to REAL TIME.  I do not cam (but pics are available).

Journal Entries:
12/12/2015 3:51:03 AM
Why are so many white males concerned as to whether I've had BBC or not?  (I haven't).

10/10/2015 3:48:22 AM
Well, I think it's close to a draw right now:  half the males who message me like a hairy cunt -- the others tell me I need to shave my bush off.  What is a poor girl to do???

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