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(For all those who have said they read my profile) I am Married to Lord Chaos.  Anything
Female Switch, 41,  Augusta, Maine


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 45, Height: 6ft 5in (196 cm), Weight: 285 lbs.
Location: angels camp, California
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(For all those who have said they read my profile) I am Married to Lord Chaos.  Anything here that I see he sees. There are no secrets. 


My ever evolving profile. My Dom and I are looking for a third. Female nonsmoker,  fit D&D free. Afternoon or earlier. He sometimes has a profile on here as Fierceone. About him: 6'2 hot likes the buggiewhip and crop we have floggers and sometimes the tens. Let's talk

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3/23/2018 3:52:44 AM
My  Dom and I are looking for third to join us occasionally.   Usually somewhere between 11:30 and 1:30ish in the afternoon.  
We are looking for a female,D&D free. Non smoker. We use condoms. Somewhere between fit to curvy. Age 30-45 

He is Sometimes on here as fierce one. He is in his late 40's, 6'2'  rocking hard body and likes crops and a buggie whip, but has other toys and is wonderful at keeping the flow going. 

I will host. Lets start chatting on here them meet for coffee.  

8/18/2010 6:01:31 PM
Had such a nice time at the munch @ Fastbreaks. A great bunch . I had my first play date in front of a lot of people. I have played with couples before and when we started there were only 5ish people in the room and the others were mostly engaged..omg butt is soar and all I can do is smile like Eliza Doolittle after she came back from the ball. ( the marks even look like a smiley face) Im still on a sub high. 

6/16/2010 3:38:15 PM
Had a great time at the munch in Lewiston with the exception of the music. Couldn't hear well. I so enjoy getting out and being around the people I chat with. There all good people.

Im nervous as hell about pulling up stakes quitting my job and moving 1 1/2 hours away from friends and family. Made new friends easy and the munch is closer. Things will be better if I can land a job before moving.

5/28/2010 3:39:03 PM
Had the first playdate with the BF after months of dateing in the nilla sence. Not to bad.

There are lots of differences. He likes his pets free roaming im sure to insite terror. I like not to be able to move an ince. It takes escape and hope right out of the equasion.  You are at the mercy of whom welds the flogger...Ah yes there was a lovely thick hand made flogger beautiful made by the BF.he did a change up withthat the dragons tongue and a cane. (the last two have been known to scare The tongue licks my skin and I yelp wishing it were comming to an end wondering  then the flogger ...AHhhh a sigh it thumps and stings so lovely. Then the cane tapping where the dragons tongue bit..

My mind flashed back to "Flash Gorden" when princess Aura was tied down and whipped that was so hot for the 80's..
I get acussed of topping from the bottem alot..Im a switch ...Still top when asked. at 40 I know what I like Mind games, tight bongage, pain and maybe if im real good treat me like your wench ..mmm a pearl necklace..not for me good to the last drop.  I should add that I don't expect to like everything but I do expect the Dom to be stronger or one step ahead of me. I like my BDSM like a chess matchI may only be bratty because I need some attention.

5/23/2010 1:44:20 AM

well h hope this get better they can't get worse..well they can I just hope they don't.
 Todays drama is unfoldingI want to move 1 1/2  house away and the ex who doesnt want to see my imp even though he lives 15 minutes away wants her now. Im dateing a Dom who is uber family and has a great nilla side and two imps of his own. I dont want her to leave and dont want to move with out her.  Im going to sugest he take her for the summer and do what I do. She needs to go to the doc once a month and a tuters  twice a week.
my heart is breaking.

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