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  Greetings Sirs/Ma'ams, (for pictures the ones that are smooth are new) I am findin
Transgender Submissive, 48,  SD, South Dakota


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Greetings Sirs/Ma'ams,

(for pictures the ones that are smooth are new) I am finding myself being more and more of a crossdressing sissy. This is not my only way of presenting. I have now shaved completely and love it. So if you want beard and hair, they are gone.

What do I want? I am open to anything at all. I am able to talk and hold a conversation. I like to play and have adult fun. I seek to serve a superior person who will use me as They desire.

I will (try to) do anything you want. Only exceptions in play: no kids, no shit, no perm harm, no animals and death (that is really bad). In other words I have no real limits. I am a pain slut.

Tie me up, beat me, fuck me,  rape me, use me, abuse me, have all your needs satisfied, have all your wants satisfied. Then you can send me away, or place me in a cage, or tie me up and leave me till you are in need again. I will also do anal.

I will be your bitch, your whore, your slut. You can even make me your sissy slut prostitute or escort. Change me to fit Your needs and desires.

Slut me up. I will serve as you desire. Would love to serve a couple.

I am really good at oral, following directions, pleasing my mistress/master. I do have experience. I love pain, humiliation both public and private, public play, really like xxx theaters for public play, ropes, whips, CBT, TT. Will submit to castration. 

I am also not really a mindless doormat. I speak several languages, have two degrees, and am rather philosophical.



kik is mitchellchub

Journal Entries:
4/30/2014 6:08:20 PM

Well here is my goal for this summer. I am driving to Atlanta. I am planning on wearing women clothing the whole time on my trip. As I suggested earlier a great way of humiliation. 


If asked I will point out that women wear mens clothes all the time. Now for the reversal. I also plan on stopping at every single Adult Book Store on my way.

7/1/2013 10:33:07 AM

Had a blast on July 3rd. I went to the adult book store. And for the first time I left the door opened. I normally just like sucking cock through the glory hole.


This was the first time I left my door unlocked here. I took of my clothes and the door opens with a guy. I go to my knees and open wide, insert dick. Great length about 7 inches, I can take it all the way in. I tease and play with the dick and let it hit the back of my throat.

Another guy walks in. I grab his cock and start sucking between the two. First time this has happened to me. I can easily take his 6 or inches in all the down my throat. He grabs my head and starts face fucking me. I am in cumslut heaven. He starts cumming and pulls out. He then wipes his dick all over my face. Cum is everywhere. I drip the cum out of my mouth.

The first guy now wants my mouth back. The second guy is not done. The both put dicks in my mouth at the same time. Another first. All I can do is slide my tongue around. Second guy pulls out and first starts face fucking me. He pulls out and shoots it all over my face. This load is huge, like a porn movie huge.

Two loads on my face. The second guy leaves and sends in a third. He is smaller and really horny. He only lasts a minute and shoots all over my face and chest. Tons of white goo all over my body. I am a cum slut. They all leave. I decide to put on shorts and go to the bathroom.

I cannot believe what I look like. Cum is all over my face and in gobs. No hiding what I did. I put on my shirt and walk out. The girl at the register smiles and snickers. The new guy who is being trained has a priceless look on his face when he sees all the cum on my face.


I love sucking cock.

12/22/2012 11:55:12 AM

I love adult theaters. I am sure I push the limits, esp being a bigger guy. I made my slutting outfit. I took atheltic shorts with air holes. Took out the lining and then cut the sides all the way up to the waistband. Cut off the middle between the legs. This way anyone wants access just has to reach. Of course once I get in there . . . my clothes do not stay on long.


I was totally nude except for shoes and nipple clamps in the gay theater (I have stopped watching straight porn). I must have sucked off about five guys till one forced me to the smaller booths. In there I was spanked, fondled, fingers in my hole, and face fucked. My deep throating skills are paying off as I was able to take him all the way in my mouth. After awhile he came on my face and I was back to the other people.


So now I had cum on my face and hair and over most of my body. What a great time.

8/17/2011 6:15:36 AM

Here is another idea for submale humiliation: I was reading about how to humiliate sub males, a lot of the ideas suggested feminization.

Here is my idea of twist. Dress a sub male in a dress, something short and floral with high heels and maybe stockings. Have it go out in that. No makeup, no wigs, no femme walk, no trying to be a woman, no trying to pass as a woman, just a guy in a dress. 


Have him go buy gas, go grocery shopping (late w/o kids), anywhere.

8/13/2011 6:33:56 PM

Slut time is here. Yesterday, i went to the local adult theater to have some fun. Now there are times I get to be scaredy cat and go slowly. As an example, go into to booth and strip then leave door open a little. Yesterday, i tossed that all out.


Went into the big area with couches and the big screen. I started playing with myself then through everything to the wind an took of my clothes. One guy started sucking me as I laid on a couch and fingered me. Another came for my mouth. When it was all over I had several real men cum on me. I was a total cum wreck.

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