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So what to say to introduce myself... I'm an IT professional and a fair bit geeky. I love coo
Male Dominant, 37,  Arlington, Virginia











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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 230 lbs





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Submissive Female

So what to say to introduce myself...

I'm an IT professional and a fair bit geeky. I love cooking, good film and theater, reading (classics, sci-fi/fantasy, history, etc.), hiking and camping, video games and interesting conversation. I've also been learning more types of dance the past year or so, gotten decent at salsa and bachata and also enjoy swing and other types of ballroom. Basically I'm a fairly fun guy with diverse interests, maybe you share some of them? 

I'm on here to learn, to hopefully to meet a special partner for more than friendship.  Also on FL as LooseleafHarper if you care to look me up there. 

I'm looking for a partner that I can be uninhibited with sexually while still having a relationship that connects on other levels as well. Specifically, I want to be able to hang out and have fun, have intellectual and emotionally intimate conversations as well as control her for our mutual enjoyment. 


I'm looking to have a relationship where my submissive is cherished, nourished, and encouraged to grow. Recently however, I've also been engaging in more resistance play, so if you want to be reconquered by your Dominant occasionally, I enjoy that too. 

As a dominant, my style sometimes tends toward what many describe as a "Daddy." I prefer to care for and nurture and encourage my partner, but I also have a twisted, sadistic side that wants to muck around with the darker parts of each of us.

Want to know if I'd be interested in you? Well, you'd have to want the above too. You'd also have to be mature enough, and emotionally and mentally healthy enough, to be able to engage in the relationship described above.

To anyone that read this far, good luck wherever your path leads.

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