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Sadistic avrg uc top in2 cbt tt ff ws spank/cane bdsm pain looking for painloving sub/slave //
Male Dominant, 41,  California












 Dominant Male


 6' 2"

 212 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Sadistic avrg uc top in2 cbt tt ff ws spank/cane bdsm pain looking for painloving sub/slave //moneyslave for rt/local.
Serious only.
Gay only, no females.


Want 2 find the one.


I find it that being honest greatly cuts down on the time-wasting and superficiality so I'm going to just speak my mind instead of painting a pretty pink-tinted picture.
I'm here to find a guy who complements me, someone who's not looking for an equal partner but is wanting to devote his life totally to be someone's underling, doormat, slave, plaything.
Someone who wants to be directed, wants to be told what to eat, wear, watch, 'think.' Someone who wants to be someTHING instead of someone, wants everything decided for him, doesn't want any 'wants' but just wants to be.
Someone who just desires an uncomplicated life, where he's happiest when he's given up control over his (old) life completely and is given over himself to me. Someone who's completely satisfied with my decisions, doesn't question my authority, is not challenging my choices, someone who just wants to orbit my star gratefully and faithfully. Someone who's an uncomplicated soul, is ok with me not talking to him maybe for days, just barely registering his existence, but at other times can be just as enthusiastic if I get involved with something and follow me anywhere and everywhere.
Someone who has a job, but it's just that, where he makes money, earns a living, but not a career.
Someone who loves pain, or has solid determination to please me no matter what. (Yes, it'll hurt.)
Not sure if someone like that exists, but that is what I'm looking for.


I am god. Or a god...I'll always think of me that way & don't give a fuck whether or not the sub agrees or not. I'm a selfish prick & I always come first then selfish me, followed by selfish myself.
No more room on the platform.
Can u handle it.
Do u want 2 handle it.
Are you naturally inclined to always & forever be dead last & not feel an iota bad about it?
Never complain never bitch & never ever think u deserve more/better than what's given 2 u by fate & u fully & unequivocally accept said fate as ur life.
Understanding that it was meant to be ur life & u have no control over it & everything u've ever done in ur life has lead u 2 this life & it isn't & never was ur job 2 pick ur owner but 2 be picked by the owner should u be so lucky.
u understand that ur purpose in life is 2 be claimed & nothing else. If u were to be picked u'll be informed of that decision & that is 4 u 2 accept, irregardless of how u might 'feel.' it's not ur place 2 feel freely except what u r told.
As always.

I'm also looking for a real thing, don't have patience nor time for time wasters, subs who are not subs and don't know it. You can't spend all your time in the gym (I'd much rather you be lean/slim than defined); it's being done so people will want to have sex with you -very misguided when it comes to being a sub.

Besides the above, the person physically has to appeal to me. Sorry, no obese people, and no beer guts either.
Looking for around +/- 10 years range of me.
Have a preference for latinos or asians, but nothing's set in stone.

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