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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Los Angeles, California
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 Dominant Male

 Los Angeles 


 6' 2"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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Thank you for looking at my profile.  Well, let see... I'm a 50 year old, tall, good looking and wickedly smart SWM looking for an intelligent, passionate partner. My demeanor is kind, but never forget that while I have a very alluring and charming persona, I am indeed a Dom - cruel, although compassionate. I will take great pleasure in tormenting you and exposing your inner secrets. There are so many areas for us to explore together, and our abilities to communicate about our desires are important, but let me first tell you a little more about the non-bdsm me: I’m an intelligent, commanding, and talented Dom with a great sense of humor. I’m very serious about this but I know the times when not to be. Successful professional that knows how to communicate…patient, caring and attentive…energetic…Can hold my own in a relationship both in and out of the bedroom. I value trust, integrity and creativity. My interests in BDSM play are quite broad, and I can play at any level I need to, depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive. Whether you want to be tortured, helplessly restrained, suffer corporal discipline, indulge your fetishes, endure heartless humiliation, receive a true mind fuck, or experience edge play, I will guide you through your explorations I can be stern and/or strict, and while I’ll respect your limits, I like to push them as well.

I enjoy the darker sides of pleasure, and I’m looking for someone who can enjoy that with me. Each experience is as unique as the individuals who are involved. I feel that the most important element is chemistry; otherwise, it is simply mechanical. I am very skilled, versatile and diverse in My administrations of pain and pleasure. I want someone who enjoys extreme pleasures, anything from the sharp smack on the ass that sends an electric thrill through your body, to tying you up and doing… well, whatever I dream up (lol). I like both the B&D and the S&M and I’m good at both, so be prepared and be willing. I’m very smart and extremely empathetic, so I’ll get inside your head and I’ll know what makes you tick, what makes you scared and what makes you moan with pleasure. Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I need an intense, sexually liberated woman with a mind of her own; willing to be seduced, to surrender, or be forced to tend to my desires. I’m looking for a someone that wants very much to give herself for my pleasure as well as her own, to submit and allow her hidden recesses to be exposed -- and should I choose I might expose you in front of others. Your responsiveness and your willingness to relinquish your mind and body are what I require. If you think this could be you, contact me… now.


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