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The abused guy in the picture is my kinky doppelganger. I look very much like him.   --
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The abused guy in the picture is my kinky doppelganger. I look very much like him.


-- is amazing.. While I'm not really into chastity, their coin flip log is fascinating, and their pics are steaming hot. Highly recommend to check them out..



If you're looking for a doormat, backbone-less puppy, or a 24x7 servant - I'm not your guy. I am looking for a special woman who can connect with me on a personal level outside the bedroom, and happens to get turned on by assuming the director role of sensual play-time in the bedroom. I am registered as a sub, although I occasionally enjoy being on "the other end of the stick". This way or another, Her satisfaction is what I care most about during play, and when I'm in that headspace I find that I am able to take pain, insults, and discomfort to make Her feel special and amazing. 


I found that I tremendously enjoy "fear play" spanning beyond sessions. Meaning, the realization that when I misbehave and piss Her off there will be harsh consequences next time She is in the driver seat actually triggers fear in me and amplifies my desire to please. Which is awesome. It creates so many possibilities for fun interactions in the day-to-day that no vanilla relationship can ever have.


I also fairly enjoy orgasm control spanning days or weeks. I am quite creative begging for release, but I know I don't deserve it before You say I do. I am strong-willed enough to go to bed shaking and teary after a night of serious teasing and begging that ends in denial, yet make You a hearty breakfast the following morning with a smile on my face.


I enjoy some degree of pain. I think pain is necessary to establish and maintain fear and respect. I don't enjoy the sensation of pain, of course, and I tend to squirm, scream, beg, and cry (endearingly, some say). But giving You the last word on how to end the night - even if it's the kind of burning pain I absolutely hate - is to me the essence of what it means to be a sub in a D/s relationship. 


Lastly, I also enjoy some degree of protocol and rituals. I find that having rituals to begin sessions is a fun way to put us both in the right headspace. When "go to the bedroom" carries the meaning of how much I should wear, and how I should stand for inspection, and how much light should be turned on, and how amazing was the last time She said these words, and how much I should be scared of that stupid tongue slip - it makes switching into my role an easy stride. 


Aside from all of that I'm quite successful in the professional world, graduated from top institutions, and have accomplished much in life. I feel like I can contribute and enrich many aspects of that special someone's life. My bedroom preference is in a way a fun escape from a not-so-bad-by-itself world. It is a way for me to express another part of myself, and I'm looking for nothing too crazy - a deeper level of intimacy that can be fun and safe. 

Journal Entries:
3/16/2018 4:19:30 PM
Hypothetical session inspired by MistressLina32.


The alarm woke me up at 2am and I rushed to my computer groggily. "I'm awake, Miss. Kinda..", I wrote. I couldn't avoid feeling a bit silly as I went on my knees naked while waiting for her reply. But that's what she had instructed - "I like those knees red" - and tonight I did not intend to add insult to injury.

I was dozing off as the call came in at 2:25am. "Mistress Lina, how wonderful to hear you", I answered politely. "Shut up and stand up", she said. It sounded like she did not appreciate the message I sent her before going to sleep.

"Who do you belong to, bitch?", she demanded. "You, Miss Lina", I replied. "No. I do not own broken slaves", she said sourly. "Broken?", I asked. "Slaves obey. You do not. You were told not to touch yourself. Yet you did. I do not like that". I lowered my gaze guiltily and mumbled "I.. I am sorry that I disappointed you Miss.." "Shut up", she cut me off curtly. Then, silence. I stood quietly, not daring to look up.

The long pause that followed seemed like 10 minutes. "Did you cum, whore?", she finally broke the silence. "Of course not, Miss Lina. I have been weak, and.. and I touched your property without permission.. but I am not that stupid to cross such unforgivable line".

Another long pause. "Do you deserve to be fixed, pig?", she asked. "I would love that Miss Lina!", I replied truthfully. "I will determine that, dog. Pick a number of spanks as the fixing cost. But watch out. Too low and you will never see me again."

I took my time to think this carefully. The highest number of spanks she instructed me to administer was 70. It better be much higher than that to appease her. But how much?

I can't risk it, I finally decided. Her accent is too adorable to not hear again. "500 Miss", I finally said.

There was another long, dramatic pause. "This number is accepted, slut", she said, and I exhaled in relief. "On each buttock", she added. "With your open palm this time, strong arm. You won't miss any strike tonight like you did with the belt, you worthless whore". I swallowed my saliva.

"Tonight, I will watch you squirm. Tonight, you pay with tears. Who do you belong to, bitch?"

"You, Mistress Lina. Thank you for fixing this broken dog."

10/31/2017 5:00:32 AM
I find it incredibly hot to submit to shorter women. There is something intense about standing naked with hands behind back, wincing in fear and pain as She squeezes my balls tight, stares up into my eyes, and says "I'm going to ask this one more time... And you better get it right this time around". That feeling - that despite me being bigger and stronger I am made powerless by Her literal and metaphorical grip, by Her rules which I agreed to, by the intensity of Her presence - is what makes subspace so special to me.

2/12/2017 12:47:10 PM
I think this needs to have a femdom equivalent:
Anyone near Paris wants to properly re-enact?

11/10/2016 3:00:05 PM
"Prepare for the finale", she says when she comes down from her post-orgasmic high.
My cock is still hard, my balls are throbbing. Will the 2 weeks of orgasm-free edging come to an end?

I bring our finale pack and spread the items in front of her in order of nastiness. Icy Hot to apply on my genitals as a "very rough punishment". A cooled cut ginger root to use for figging as a "mild punishment". A red string to tie around the base of my cock to symbolize "kick-the-can" (denial). A spoon to feed me the marginal cum during ruined orgasm as a "mild reward". An Ice cube tray to collect a full load of satisfying orgasmic cum for "great reward". 

She writes something on a piece of paper and puts it facing down on the floor in front of me. "I made my decision", she says. "Let's hear you first, what do you think you deserve?", she asks her typical, tricky question. The rules are simple. I can only get as good reward as I ask for. But there is a catch. If I overstate the reward by one notch she will worsen her decision by one notch. If I overstate it by two notches, she will worsen it by two notches. Namely, if she decided to deny me, saying I deserve a ruined orgasm will earn me figging, saying I deserve a satisfying orgasm will earn me Icy Hot. 

I haven't had an orgasm in 2 weeks. It must be time already, I think, so I take the risk. "Satisfying orgasm", I say. She nods but does not change her stern expression. "To your knees", she says. As usual, before she reveals her decision and my "catch of the day" I am to be edged 3 times. I brace myself. Cumming prematurely in this stage will earn me 7 days of figging as guaranteed finale. I had learned this the very hard way. 

But before edging, something else must be done. She picks an ice cube from the tray. It's one of the frozen cum cubes from 2 weeks ago. I open my mouth as required, my head slanted upwards, tongue sticking downwards as I look at her from below. "What comes out must go back in", she says as she grabs my chin and pushes the cube into my mouth. I feel the frozen cum melting slowly towards my throat. As required, I keep my mouth open, tongue out as long as she holds my chin. Our gaze locks in this humiliating position for some good 15 seconds. She finally release her grip and taps my chin. I heed the cue and close my mouth, ice cube still in place. 

"Edge", she commands and so I obey. I stop short of cumming, biting into the diminishing cum cube to move my attention away to something less pleasing. She gives me 5 seconds of rest before she grabs my cock and wanks it in 10 rapid movements. I tense my entire body, contracting every muscle to counter her challenge. "Don't you dare cumming", she hisses. I barely survive the first round. She gives me 30 more seconds, then commands me to start again. 5 seconds after I edge, she goes down on her knees and give me a 10 second blow job. My neurons are firing. The ice cube is depleted, and I have nothing left to bite on. I tense again, and somehow survive it. My balls are ripe to explode in any second now. 

My final edging lasts about 3 short seconds of wanking. I am dangerously close. This time she spares me her challenge. "Now beg for your chosen reward", she instructs. "Please princess!", I cry. "Please let me cum. I've been so good to you these two weeks!" I make my plea. "Ha. That's not very convincing", she says. "I am not just interested in your empty words. Edge again," she commands, "then tell me how you can be a better boyfriend". 

She edges me twice more. It takes a promise to do dishes for an entire month and a visit to her favorite restaurant next week when she finally agrees to deliver the finale. Cleverly, before doing so she records all my promises on her phone. "That's for future evidence", she says, "and also because it's hot as hell how pathetic you sound in this state."

"Prepare for administration", she changes the subject. I lie on my back on the bed and she cuffs my hands to the headboard. She always takes this precaution. Cuffed like this I can always turn over to give her access to any part of my body she chooses to reward or punish. She climbs on the bed and reveals the piece of paper she had wrote when she made her decision. 

I can't believe what I see. "Denial?" I ask surprised. "But we never went that long!" I exclaim. "It's called NOvember for a reason, honey", she says. "Thought you'd be smart enough to figure this out". I start to frantically twist my body and try to break free. Icy Hot is not what I expected today. She is prepared for this, of course. She easily overpowers each of my legs and cuffs them in place to the bed. "Please no, babe! Oh god.. please.." She opens the Icy Hot tube and rubs some on my shoulders. The smell drives me crazy, as I know where it's heading next. She lets me squirm and struggle until I realize it is futile. 

"I'm really sorry baby", she says softly as she strokes my hair, "but we have to do this". "No we don't!" I cry, "please oh god please.. no..". "Shhh", she puts a finger on my lips and locks my gaze. My heart is racing. "Now say what you're required to say, honey", she says still in a very soft voice. I reluctantly concede. Fighting is useless, let's get it over with. 

"I accept your decision", I say defeatedly. "I love you. My purpose is to please you. Only you know what's needed to achieve that. I may not like your decision. My limited male brain may not understand why it's needed. But this does not matter. If you think I need it, I will accept it."

She smiles. Hearing this always make her beam. She leans forward and kisses me passionately. "It's needed, honey" she says. "My decisions are final. Always." I nod, close my eyes, and open my cuffed legs for easier access. I can smell the substance getting out as she squeezes the tube, and a second later feel the cool ointment on my blue balls. My predicament ensues shortly after.

10/31/2016 11:13:04 AM
My favorite D/s sessions are within long term relationships. They mostly have 4 parts: starter, foreplay, satisfying her, and finale. Finale is where the long term magic happens which can sustain D/s relationships over a long period of time.

My favorite session starters involved some agreed upon ritual. Here's a great example. When I come home from work and my collar is on the floor near the entrance. I am required to stand where I am, quickly undress and wear the collar before I can close the door behind me. If she's watching, I have to ask for permission to close the door. I then tell her "At your service" and off we go. This can be expanded to any situation in which my collar gets to the floor, e.g. when she tosses it or sets it up at the bathroom doorway while I'm taking a shower.

I personally prefer having a ritual over a 24x7 submission, since this really allows me to fully express myself in the relationship while giving her an "on" switch she can use whenever she's in the mood for it.

The foreplay typically gets both of us really horny. I can't talk for everyone, but it's important for me to get horny because my pain tolerance and "dirtiness" red-line go up a good notch. This part involves spanking, verbal humiliation, ball slapping, licking or sucking whatever I'm told, multiple edging, and a good level of pain - the kind that still makes me hard rather than want to crawl into a cave. All of these should be activities that make both parties horny, otherwise there is no point.

The next part is obvious - making her cum. I highly recommend the techniques in the book "She comes first" by Ian Kerner. Oral sex is generally preferable so that we avoid any accidents of me cumming. If instead we go for an intercourse and an accident happens, the session might end (I typically cannot bear too much pain after cumming) but it's kept on record to be dealt with later. Fear of retribution is a very strong motivator for behavior correction.

Now for the last part. Session Finale. Assuming she is now fully satisfied, there are a few ways to end a session. The obvious rewarding way is a satisfying orgasm. I can say with all honesty - for a guy who has this privilege taken away from him this is an incredible reward. Awarding a satisfying orgasm sporadically is a really great carrot to put me on the good behavior track, which is why I am not a fan of 24x7x365 orgasm denial. Resorting to wet dreams as the only form of release misses this point in my mind. Another two obvious ways are ruined orgasm, and orgasm denial using ice or a chastity device.

But let's talk about other very effective session finales. Everyone has some weakness. A kryptonite of some sort. Mine is pain which involves intense burning sensation. Like the one you get with figging or when using Icy Hot. This is not fun to me at all. It's a huge turn off. After such treatment I'll be soft and teary, and will need plenty of aftercare. And yet, I consent my partner to use any of these during the Session Finale at her discretion.

The fact she has complete control on which session finale to employ is one of the most important aspects of D/s long term relationships. All the other parts are fun and rewarding - the starter, the foreplay, and making her cum - on both short and long run. Finishing with a full orgasm, ruined orgasm, or orgasm denial is also fun on both the short and long run to some extent. But exploiting someone's kryptonite is where short term is not fun at all. Giving her control on invoking it is an ultimate act of submitting to someone - I let you do this to me even though I hate it, because I love you. I let you do this to me because I trust you'll use it only when you think it's necessary to my progress as your sub.

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