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Some Questions to ask yourself to see if We are a good match 1. Do you enjoy long conversat
Dom/Sub Couple, 37/34,  Jackson, Mississippi






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Some Questions to ask yourself to see if We are a good match

1. Do you enjoy long conversations about deep and maybe difficult subjects?

2. Are you interested in your own spiritual growth?

3. Are being honest and keeping your word important to you?

4. Do you realize the world is going to shit and actually want to do something real to make an impact in your own life as well as work toward broader areas of influence?

5.  Are you willing to relocate?

6. Do you enjoy reading?

7. Do you desire to live a simple natural life surrounded by food plants, bees, bugs, and animals?

8. Do you value learning the skills it takes to have a healthy emotionally stable life?

Hello, we are intelligent, thoughtful, and looking to make the world a better place, and we are looking for people of either sex who would like to join us in our home for a committed, life long relationship. We are a 37 year old MALE and 34 year old plus sized FEMALE(caps because some people have had confusions).  UPDATE we now have a 31 year old male sub and a female roommate as part of our household.

Currently He is the Master and she is Switch and slave to him. While we do have BDSM interests truly matching us in the rest of life is most important.

You should possess or value and be pursuing honor and honesty, and with it have an ongoing interest in the world, and how best to live. Sex is an important part of our lives, we are very kinky, and you should be open to many things. You should be either wise, or submissive, or both. You should be bisexual and/or comfortable with nudity etc. We practice safe sex with people outside our group, and unprotected sex within it. This is one of the many reasons you need to be honest, and trustworthy. We both read(for both pleasure and self improvement), play roleplaying games(as learning tools, and for fun), and like anime(mostly for fun). We are currently watching a certain magical index. We do not have a TV, and do not want one. We are striving to create a loving relationship free of much of the taint that ruins many, one which is open and supportive to a deep degree. Both of us are very committed to making this happen. We are working to be an internally sufficient as feasible, digging ponds, planting gardens, putting in trees and blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and more. We own the house, which while not fancy has very low maintenance/tax costs. These costs will continue to decrease over time, leaving more time to save money, improve the world, or just fuck. You should value life, and the world...Not the vile way it is sometimes done, but the underlying value of them, and know and seek a good way to live. We are atheist, ideally you should be also, though we are open to well thought out and considered beliefs...Communication is very important to us, and poorly thought out religious paths lead to barriers to thought, communication and growth. In many ways being willing to solving and improving things through discussion is one of the most important criteria. 


No inside pets, others are negotiable. No children, and no one who wishes to have children. They are too much work, and there are enough people. No pesticides or poisonous chemicals. These are among the few non-negotiable things.

We are flexible in many things, especially for the right person. This is not looking for a hookup, or even just a room mate...This is an invitation for the right person to join a truly committed community, where you know that if push comes to shove, someone has your back, and you are not on your own. The way we do it is not easy, however, the results are worth rather a lot. If you contact us,  Please tell us about your ideals, beliefs, goals, and the like in your email. The more you tell us, the better. Ideally have it be of similar or greater length, and tell us about your beliefs, what you hope to find in a relationship, and what you want for your future.

as a side note.... we are open to playmates that do not have the desire or the means to live with us. The more your interests align with ours the more likely you will be chosen. 


Be well.

Journal Entries:
11/21/2017 4:56:00 PM
where to begin on a quest to find loving people in which to have our poly house grow... that is the question... 

9/22/2016 9:35:36 AM
looking through the large number of profiles can become somewhat mind numbing. i find it interesting that there are so many people on here who are interested in kink and yet for the most part it seems like strangers passing in the night. perhaps it is due to the sheer amount of kinks one can be into...

either way i hope that we are able to find people to connect with and to grow with

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