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3/2/2016 5:49:44 AM
I had a great session with my Mistress - Bombombaygoddess when she had come to Mumbai. The session started of with a wonderful talk with Goddess where we exchanged notes about each other's lives including stuff about education, family, interests in the kink world and so on.

Goddess then asked me about my preferences in BDSM and what I am into as a submissive. She then asked me to strip and proceeded to cane my bum. In between, she would say something humiliating me. She then blindfolded me and attached clamps to my nipples. She then took some matches and started burning my balls, which left cute scars for a few days! She tickled and played around with the sensitive areas around my groin which made me wiggle a lot, following which Goddess would sternly ask me to stand straight. She would then administer a few more canings on my bare bottom. She then took out the nipple clamps which hurt like crazy. Pleased with that, she went on to give a few slaps on my face. Satisfied with her efforts in torturing me, she then released me from my predicament.

We then sat down discussing the session. She had to wake up early the next day, so I took her leave. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable session. Goddess is extremely talented and is a wonderful dominant woman. God bless her!


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