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These things are always hard to figure out what to say, I am sincere, straight forward and hon
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These things are always hard to figure out what to say, I am sincere, straight forward and honest and am looking for the same. I am submissive looking for someone to serve either in a strictly play role or  hopefully a relationship. Ideally the hope is to find the Miss Right for both the vanilla world and my submissive desires. I am the hopeless romantic that enjoys spoiling and treating the person I am in a relationship with like a queen.  I am straight so far but would say I am bicurious while I  have no attraction to men the thought of submitting to one or being forced to be taken by one is an extreme turn on, and is something that could be interesting to explore, I recently had a chance to explore a bit and sucked a cock for the first time it was intense and pretty freaking cool, but then again I am very oral. I am not here to find material to beat off to I have a strong NEED to serve and want to find the person to serve. I feel like its been about me so far when the thought of being submissive to me means its about what you are able to do for your dominant, the happiness you get as a sub is the pleasure you bring to your Queen or Master.  I am shy at first but open up quickly. Feel free to message me hoping to talk to people to learn and develop more as a sub/slave. My ideal situation would be a ltr that has a vanilla world at times but still allows me to serve a superior goddess. I know my ideal isn't the ideal for all and being a sub/slave means you serve your Dom/Domme's ideal when, where, and how you are told. I am open to trying anything and truely want to explore my need to serve and please. Picture will be shared after first email. I also wouldn't mind just chatting it is amazing the things you learn from talking to someone. I believe I babbled enough feel free to message me if you wish I try to be an open book thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

Journal Entries:
9/12/2016 6:43:04 PM

After the first experience of giving head and getting head life came about and I wasn’t able to take it further for quite a few months. I finally had some down time and that urge came racing back. I tried the usual sites one night as I needed it, I was ready to get fucked I wanted my cherry popped. While having no attraction to men there is something about a cock that draws me in, it doesn’t hurt that humiliation is such a turn on for me and the thought of being over powered by a man is like the ultimate humiliation. After a few hours of searching I finally got the courage and posted an ad on CL. It was a Saturday night and I received several responses pretty quickly. I responded to the first one, his response subject line was come to my place big black cock missing ass. I responded and we quickly over email arranged for me to meet him at his house. I quickly showered and followed his directions to clean myself out, got dressed and was on my way. I couldn’t think straight, a million thoughts ran through my head from what was it going to feel like, could I take his huge cock (he had sent a pic and damn it was thick and looked awesome), to all the reasons not to go through with it. He was about twenty minutes away so I started the drive as the thoughts continued to race through my head. The entire drive there my cock was rock hard I couldn’t wait for it, I was ready to be someone’s bitch. He had instructed me to park in the driveway and come to the door. As I approached the door opened, it was dimly lit and he said to me remove my cloths and kneel before him. I did as directed, once kneeling I was ordered to undo his pants and remove his large thick cock. I knelt there with this amazing cock in my hand. I was thinking how the fuck can I take this. Only a moment went by before I was ordered to follow him into the living room he walked to the couch and sat as I crawled towards him. He then said well bitch it ain’t gonna suck itself. I opened my mouth slightly and wet my lips as I nervously approached his cock and allowed his head to enter my mouth. I took him as deep as I could and did my best to please him. He kept pushing my head down on his giant rod (I would say 9 inches long and holy shit it was thick). I gagged on several occasions which seemed to make him push it deeper as time went on I started to handle it and really loved worshipping that rock hard throbbing piece of meat.  He didn’t believe me that he was only the second cock I had sucked, he keep telling me I sucked it like a total whore. He was ready for my ass he got up and dragged me over the side of the couch, and roughly entered me. Before I knew what happened he had me pinned face down and was balls deep in my ass. I have had several toys, plugs, and strap-ons in me in the past but never the real thing and never anything this rough, but I was surprised it didn’t hurt it was awesome and by the third thrust I was pushing back and begging him to fuck me harder. He kept calling me his slut, as he continued pounding my virgin ass. My mind couldn’t focus all I could think about was his cock and being the biggest slut I could for him. My cock while paling to his massiveness was rick hard, I could feel my precum as it was pushed into his leather couch. He kept saying if I came I would be cleaning it up. Well it didn’t matter and before I knew it I came all over the couch and myself. He didn’t care he just kept fucking me like a jack hammer until he couldn’t hold back anymore. All of a sudden he pulled out shoved his hard cock into my mouth and fucked my face till he shot his load deep down my throat. He kept his cock in my mouth till he was soft, he then pointed to the mess I left on his couch, I knew what to do as I knelt and licked it clean. I got dressed and left. I can not wait to experience more.  

8/9/2016 1:11:23 PM
Anyone free for some fun tonight? Hold nothing back I'm up for anything.

12/26/2015 2:22:24 AM

I have been bi-curious for a long time along with being a total submissive since before I can remember. I tend to be shy and have chickened out on the very few opportunities that I have had to delve into my bi desires. I had always fantasized about blowing a guy and him being in charge and fucking me but never really wanted to receive a blow job. I have never had an attraction to men and still don’t, I am attracted to the cock and the male power. I was away for a few days and got the courage up to check out this adult book store that had booths in the back, which one pair had a gloryhole, I went in bought some tokens and was determined that I would take any opportunity that opened. I went in to the booth with the gloryhole and slide my tokens in the slot. The booth on the other side was empty but that soon changed, hearing noise in there I got very nervous but knew if I was ever going to explore this it was time to make something happen. I saw him look through the hole and decided to take the leap. I unzipped my pants and took out my already hard dick, it took a couple moments more and I got the courage to get up and slide my dick through the hole, it immediately found a warm mouth swallowing it all the way in. he stopped after a couple of minutes then sliding his through the hole, it was only partially hard and already longer and a lot thicker than mine. I liked my lips, knelt down and slowly sucked each inch of his massive cock in my mouth, I was immediately hooked. This went on for a few minutes when he all of a sudden left, there was a knock on the door to my booth and it was him. He entered the booth, as I sat on the bench with my dick in hand, pulling his cock out and slamming it in my mouth, he started to face fuck me, I tried so hard not to gag but I would as he thrust it deeper in my throat, it seemed to turn him on so he would make me gag more, which I really was enjoying all I could think of was wanting to make this amazing cock explode. He pulled out before he came, having me stand, he knelt and took all of my cock in one quick suck in his mouth, it almost made me cum right there but he knew how to hold me off. After a few minutes he slide me out of his mouth and started jerking me off, a some point in my ecstasy he had undid his shirt and wanted me to cover him with my cum. I was so turned on and beyond any point of thought as I shot the biggest load of my life all over his chest. Still wanting more I quickly adjusted and took him back in my mouth till he finished he kept playing with my nipples which drives me crazy. As we started to get clothes back on he let me know it was the farthest he had ever went also which made my already racing heart race a few beats faster and we just parted ways. By the time I took the five minute ride to my hotel I was rick hard again just thinking about what happened. I am looking forward to exploring more, maybe even a bit of a top role as I learn the ropes you never know, I do now that it’s worth just going for it and am going to take as many opportunities I can find.  

12/27/2011 7:06:28 PM

Happy New Year Everyone

12/21/2011 6:00:20 PM

Hoping everyone had a great Christmas

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