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Hello every one i am manoj from India , I am a submissive and i have been in this life style
Male Submissive, 26,  Auckland, New Zealand












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 New Zealand

 5' 11"

 183 lbs





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Hello every one i am manoj from India , I am a submissive and i have been in this life style from 7 years and i have been searching for a Domme or a Dominant couple I have got real life experiences with Dominant couples and Mistresses in India and in Auckland. I am bound to the submissive lifestyle I believe that I am a born submissive who can give my leash to the right person considering few of my limits. i am a pure submissive with only few limits and i know what my limits are and what a submissive's job should be..! i am looking forward to find some one as soon as possible whom i can give pleasure by obeying them i would love to be a under an Matured women who can tame me..please consider me as a willing submissive ..!! I am also interested in TPE with the right person after getting to know each other I can share my pictures on request. Will be looking forward to meet fun loving kinky people in the lifestyle









Journal Entries:
6/27/2017 6:52:31 PM
Whats Happening Guys RELOCATED to India after 5 years and who ever I speak with here are asking for Tributes and Money. Thats INSANE people are claiming to be Dommes just for the sake of money or some other benefits. "GO GET A LIFE guys "

2/10/2012 7:46:28 AM

hello 22 male here a submissive guy from HYD can be a slave of women and couples, has an experience with an hyd couple please be real and if u want a slave in real life then contact me i can be a Good slave . note am nt all seeking for sex unless if u ask me to join u in that part and i can be a submissive slave who obeys his owners..willingly..i do this for my pleasure if u like that then contact me..!!



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11/30/2011 6:51:30 AM

eagerly searching a Domme or a couple from india ( hyd ) to serve i will be a good slave i have an experience with a couple from Hyd..!

10/11/2011 12:19:37 AM

Relocated  to Auckland ( Nz ) hope that i can get a real life experiences here i am willing to serve Women or Couple  if any Interested please drop me a Text 


slave from india ( manoj) 

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