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I have been into BDSM for many years now, dont remember exactly what got me interested. I have
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A Poly Household

I have been into BDSM for many years now, dont remember exactly what got me interested. I have some basic bedroom play experience but want to explore more. In my time of exploration of this lifestyle beyond the basic bedroom play, i have served a Pro Domme, a few casual situations. On the casual situations i was both Dominant and submissive. I do enjoy both roles, but will usually pick one or the other when with someone that does not switch. So If your Dominant ill usually become submissive, if your submissive ill become more Dominant.

As for what i am here for, well i keep my options open. I am looking for friendship, play partners, a mentor, someone to go to events/parties with since i am kind of shy, possibly something more serious if things progress. So like i said my mind is open. I am open to all genders and roles, ages, experience levels, pretty much all are welcome to contact me. Ideally looking for people around my area, but wont rule out talking to someone far away.

So thats pretty much it, i hope you got to this point, and if you did then congrats lol. If you want to know more or anything like that, please just let me know. I answer all messages i receive.

Journal Entries:
11/13/2017 10:17:32 PM
just want to clarify why i chose switch. Yes i do enjoy both roles, but i am happy to take a role based on who i am talking with. So if your Dominant ill take on a sub role and be happy in that role. Same if your a sub, ill take on a more Dominant role. If your a switch and enjoy both sides like i do, then i guess it would come to a flip of the coin lol

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