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I am a dom from southern NM. A friend introduced me fully to the lifestyle a few of years ago,
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I am a dom from southern NM. A friend introduced me fully to the lifestyle a few of years ago, and shortly afterwords I met a young sub that was just starting out. When college kicked off again we separated, but both of us really enjoyed what we had learned and tried of the lifestyle. After that, in combination with my earlier experiences, lets just say I was hooked. I definitely would like to try to meet others in southern NM that are into the lifestyle, that is going to be changing in the near future depending on job location or possible PhD programs if I can get into one.


I got into things a bit early, and experimented with dominance and submission as a teen.  Since then I have branched out into other areas and I am pretty openmined about trying out new things.


A little bit about me well I am a bit if a geek, but at the same time a history nut. I love gaming and reading, when I'm not busy with college that is. As for other interests well I am a pretty open minded guy and if I don't like something I will atleast respect that you do.  Things that I enjoy vary from toys, restraints,  orgasm denial,  sensation play, total domination.  

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1/10/2018 2:05:44 PM
Bdsm is a journey and an experience for all of us that are trying it out.  The amazing thing about it is that it is customization to each person and situation that can be encountered.  I have been a member on here since before the change over to CS.  Like some others I lost my data and had to start over fresh.  In that transition, there were many members lost, and connections that were severed.  Sites like this are amazing places to talk and meet up with other like minded people in the world.  

I wanted to take this time to thank those women that read messages that doms put together and formulate some response.  Above and beyond all other things bdsm is something that prides itself on communication above the vanilla world.  Those that take the time to respond back, even with the automated responses, help forward that.  Now having said that I have seen the amount, type, and structure of messages that alot of the dominant people on the site send out in bulk.  Due to that I can't blame women for just scrolling over or deleting messages unread.  It is a difficult system at times, and who knows as tech continues to advance maybe there will be advances in the way alot of this is handled (maybe a minimum word count for first messages from a dom to a sub or something).

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