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Bisexual Female Submissive, 45,  BOSTON MASS, Massachusetts
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 Submissive Female



 5' 2"

 174 lbs






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      Thank you  For stopping by nice to meet you. .I am    SINGLE AND HAVE BEEN FOR TO LONG AND MISSING FROM HERE TO BUT I AM BACK AD I AM OUT TO BE NAUGHTY spunky, open-minded, submissive. As you see I am a full figure gal if that is not what turns you on and makes you think about sweet desires please move on.please be within 100 miles off me I do travel MY TRIKE IS DONE!!!
        l am looking for a man that I can fully submit to looking for a friendship, relationship where ever the cards may lay, as  a friend or friend with teaching and learning skills. Someday my soul Mate Master. I am Sensual, attractive, full-figured, sexually adventurous (except for limits).  Honest, loyal, giving and funny, but no doormat. 

   That said please do not show all this interest and when i say ok lets meet please be the one that can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I am  done with fakes,players.
Yet on a good note i am the real deal just because I have not been around for a while was a choice I made from to many unreal people,i hope this time is different. 
I am into bondage in many ways, floggers, all kinds of adult toys. Forced orgasm over and over in many ways. blindfolds and many other things just ask. I enjoy pleasing My Master I love the passion the trust and freedom you feel when you are with someone who you can explore your darkest fantasies.

                        I have been off line for a while my search now is more what come to me then to chase. Good things come to those who wait. I am sure he will come and make me complete in a way no one else has.

I love a well endowed man and long hair. (Not a must just like it lol) Please be single and looking to date and no games with a picture on your profile. If not be please be able to email me one.

I am for real and would hope you are to.  You will only get honesty from me and a true craving and desire to please the man I am with. I am not like most ladies. You will see as we get to know each other.

 ps i do spend some time in apache junction az in the winter I own a home thier so I am not against talking and meeting someone out there to.

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Journal Entries:
6/6/2008 11:21:58 PM
Well  again I have not been on for a while but i am around if you only look beautysubx can be found. All is still the same a naughty sub looking for the partner that completes me. Good news is my trike is almost done it has been painted the upholstry is done but now it seems like the front end is just not right it is driving me a bit crazy as i want to be riding itk I might get in some riding this year yet I hope. I love to ride the great thing about my trike is that someone can be tied to it lol.....always the naughty girl......well hope all is well with all talk soon have a great summer

naughty thoughts

9/2/2004 11:20:18 PM
The story  is real it haappened to me in real life and was a very cool rush hopefuly it was entered right that it will make sense..the entry before this one is the end of sttory and just read back till you find the beggining or email me


9/2/2004 11:17:47 PM
   He came up behind beauty kissing the back of her neck driving her wild he knew as he kissed his hand slid down her backside.

     Beauty knew what was comming next. And she felt a finger slid inside her ass losing her up for what was to come.Her master worked his fingers in and out as he was kissing the back of her neck making her moan and almost letting  the rose slip from her lips.Once he had her relaxed he slipped in a butt plug filling her ass.

Beauty let out a moan.then heard mher master whispering in her ear.

" well my pet,you have done well but your punishment still awaits for not being ready when i called". All beauty could do was moan,as the master took the egg from between her lips,and undid her arms.

       He took her and pulled her forward,beauty finding it hard to keep the butt plug from falling out. "now sit" Her master ordered.

beauty thougt she was in the bedroom but relised she was on the couch.As she sat down the plug went in deeper making her moan and squirm ." now show me how much you appricat my touch"

Beauty reached forwrd not being able to see only going by touch till she founds her masters waist.LIfting her face up her master took the rose from her lips. Continue my pet.Beauty undis his zipper best she could and let out his hard cock.She could not wait to have it bewteen her lips.

 Beauty teased the tip with her tounge,lickeing and playing with it,then bringin her mouth all the was down on it sucking it deep down her throat.She could not get anough of his cock she wanted more she wantd it inside her.SHe knew she was getting him so very close and she was right because he pushed her away."not yet my pet you still need your punishment"

Beauty knew he was right and she also knew she would not get his cock unless she did as she was told.

"turn over my pet ,let me see your hand." one hand he placed the vibrating egg the other he tied to the window still.

"i want you to take that egg and put in against your clit you will be allowed to move it around your clit and pussy but you are not to cum untill i tell you to i s that inderstood"

Beauty knew all to well it was not going to take much to make her cum,how was she going to do this and not cum.

  She felt the egg turn on"do it now beauty"

beauty placed the egg on her clit making her jump it was so sensitive.Her master came up behind her pushing the butt plug in deeper.he whispered in her ear now your ready to talke your punsiment,and placed the rose back bewtween her lips.

 the dark prince took hold of the whip and stared wokring on beautys back and ass. at first slow teasing strocks then then faster,getting harder and making her ass redder. when he had her a point that she was squrming he changed overr to a leather paddle.

well my pet that was just to warm your ass up for me,now your pinishment.

 Beauty was having a hard time staying still,the egg she had been moving all over her pussy was bring her so close to comming,not to mention the plug in her ass at every strock of her mastre her ass swuezed down on it.she whimpered and moaned knowing she might not be able to stop from cumming.

  the dark prince rubbed her ass pushing and pulling the butt plugg just anough to tease her ass.Then he got to work.

He knew a few good wacks of this paddles would lleave her ass red and she would remember this.He saw herr muscles tighten getting ready for the feel of the paddle against her ass.the first coulple smaks where not that hard he worked them to they got harder and hardrer till beauty was trying to squirm from them.he grabbed on to her hair and held her still for the last couple that left her ass bright red.

Beauty tried to pull away but was goign no where.SHe pushed the egg againt her clit trying take her mind of the sting of her ass but it only brought her clousere to comming.

   the master stopped and she felt his hand rubbing her ass.What do you want my pet.

Beauty mumbled with the rose still in mouth that she needed his cock inside her.He pushed her forward more and she felt the heead of his cock againt her pussy. but he did not push it in.

play with that clit my pet,as he played with the plug in her ass slpwly moving it in and out.

it was driving beauty crazy she was so close to coming,and her master knew it.He removed the plug and she felt somehting bigger fill her ass she knew it was not her mastre as his cock was still sitting just inside her pussy lips. AS he pushed the dildo into her ass,he pushed his cock inside her pussy as deep as he could and just let them both sit.

 Beautys fingers still held the egg againtsrt her clit and she now pushed back wanting his cock deeper wanting to be totlaly filled by her master.

He must of felt her muscles tightten.just as beauty was aboout to come he pushed deeper inside her and started pumping her ass and did not take much and beauty was coming all over his cock.<
he fucked her deep and hard.with her moaning loudly the rose fell from her lips
the dark prince noticed this and pulled his cock out just as she was goign to cum again I told you not to drop it.!<
now suck my cock and he  pushed his cock where the rose had been between her sucked him hungerlly wanting to taste him wanting him to cum as much as she was
Her master did not dissapoint her as he worked the dildo in her ass and she was runbbing her clit he fucked her mouth deep till he was coming deep down her throat
beauty swallowed every drop and tried to get more. as her body convulsed from cumming so hard  the dark prince intied her and took off the blindfold.they went into the bed room and layed in eachothers arms resting
 It was still early they still had afternoon for dinner and more play llater but it had already started out to be a valentines day she would not forget soon 

9/2/2004 11:17:36 PM
    The dark prince took the flowres from her..reach out and take a rose my pet.Beauty again reached forwared with bound hands and touched the roses. Being carefull only to pull out one and not get stuck she pulled slowley."very good my pet" then she heard her master walk away . SHe listend  as she sat quitley,and herd running water,she knew he was setting them in water for her.

      Beauty waited patiently for her master to return.The dark prince was looking forward to this time together. HE enjoyed how his training with beauty had come alonge.SHe was a good little sub alwasy willing to please his desires.

        The dark prince walked back in and stood in front of beauty" ok my pet take that rose and put it between your lips" Beauty did not hesitate or ask questions just did as asked and placed the rose between her lips.

       The dark prince then grabed her wrist pulling her to her feet.

Beauty wanted to feel her masters touch so bad,but she did not say a word. He pulled her forwrd walking her into the hall and beauty knew what was next.

           Her master loved having her helpless to his touch so he could do as he wished. They walked into the hallway and he pushed her up against the door pulling her hands above her head and locking them in place .

    beauty felt her legs pulled open and locked in place as well.She could not move she was there for his taking.

       The dark prince liked having her unable to move he smiled to himself thinking of all the things that could be done when he had her like this.

        Taking the rose from beauty's lips the Dark Prince got so close to beauty,she clould almost feel his body against hers.She strained trying to get clouser to him. He loved seeing her want and desire for him.To see how she reacts to the sound of his voice,low and deep whispering in her ear telling her what he was going to do to her.

 'well my pet,you are to keep this rose between your lips as i explore and take my time with you.You are not to drop it or you will be all ready have a puinshment coming you do not want to make it harder ob yourself my pet" Do you uderstand my pet?

 Beauty knew she was not getting out of that pinishment not matter how good she was.But she also knew not  to do anything more to provke her master. "Yes master I understand"

 with that the dark prince leaned forward and kissed beauty.Teasing her lips with his tounge making her stick hers further out to be able to touch his. A moan excaped her lips and her master pulled away.and placed the rose back between her lips.

        Beauty moaned again wanting his lips on hers but knew it would do her no good .she felt his hands opening the front of her corsett and pulling out her breast. He pulled and twisted hre nipples teasing them,then leaned clouser taking one bewteen his lips tasting it.

    Beauty squirmed only wanting more she had been to horney for his touch she wanted more. But her master stopped as soon as he had started it seemed.then she heard him walk away.She wondered what he was up to what he was after.Her body was trembling with nervuses and antisipattion.

       THe dark prince had gotten some rope and toys he loved playing making beauty crazy begging for release.He took the rope and procceded to bind her breast.He liked they way they looked swollen with nipples sticking out.He took a vibrating egg and spread her cunt lips setting it just between them over her clit and turned it on.

     Beauty  shuddered.The vibration teasing her clit,her breast throbbing  form being bound.She moaned and tried to squirm but her master warned what would happen if she moved and the egg dropped from between her legs. SO beauty stood still as her master continued.

     the dark prince took the rose from between beauty's lips.Beauty smiled hoping that it meant he would kiss her but she was wrong.

he took the rose and slowley traced her face with it. the touch of the rose so light teasig her skin.

    down her face over her lips sending chills down her spine.HE procceded slowly over her shoulders down across her breast.Beauty could not help but moan.and beg for more.the touch was as ligh as a feather and was driving her crazy.

     Her master kept going over her nipples making them rock hard aching to be sucked on.Then she felt it between her legs on the inside of her thigh up to the top of her lips.The vibrator still hummed bewtween her lips and this light touch was making her wiggle as much as she tried not to move.but today beauty was lucky the egg stayed in place.

     the dark prince drew this out and when he was done placed the rose back between her lips kissing her  first feeling all her pent up desire and passion.He then turned released her ankles and turned her around so he could continue.

       Beauty was gettign so was getting harder to keep the rose in place not to mention the the vibrating egg against her clit.

     The dark prince knew he had her on egde and loved having her there.He loved watchingh her fight it trying not to squirm yet wanting to cum so bad.


9/2/2004 11:16:31 PM

now suck my cock and he  pushed his cock where the rose had been between her sucked him hungrily wanting to taste him wanting him to cum as much as she was
Her master did not disappoint her as he worked the dildo in her ass and she was robbing her clit he fucked her mouth deep till he was coming deep down her throat
beauty swallowed every drop and tried to get more. as her body convulsed from cumming so hard
 the dark prince untied her and took off the blindfold.they went into the bed room and layed in each others arms resting
 It was still early they still had afternoon for dinner and more play later but it had already started out to be a valentines day she would not forget soon 
   Beauty and the Biker

                        Valentine's Day!

This would be her first Valentine's Day with her new Master. They have been together since late June and she has never regretted a moment of serving him.

    She wanted to make this a memorable one for him, to show how much she cared for him and enjoyed serving his desires. He had taken the day off work for her to her surprise and wanted to make it worth his while.

        So Beauty sat back and thought. Just how could she get her dark prince to anticipate Valentine's Day as much as her. Then she set to work.

She stepped out and went shopping for the few things she needed. The whole time smiling and thinking about her Master and her plans to entice him.

  She got home and dumped all her purchase on the bed. Then walking over to the stereo she put on some relaxing music, lite an incense sat down on the bed and relaxed. Sitting back she smiled pleased with her self that she had though off this.

       In front of beauty lay all she needed to make this valentines just a little different from the others.

     She sat up and got to work. Fist she picked up a blank tape "miles well start here she thought to herself" opening the tape, placing into the recorder.

      She wanted to waken all his senses as he had done for her so many times in the past.

So she started recording her voice message just for his ears, when done she picked up a fetish book and read him a story it was not written by her but it was a little different, in the back round the soft music played. When done she pushed rewind/play and listened to her voice. It was not perfect, but you could hear her voice over the music and it sounded good. She hoped it would make her master smile the sound of her voice teasing his ears.

     That done she went on to the next thing...hmm she thought touch? Well, I do not have a vibrator. She stood up and grabbed a feather from her vase running it down her arms it reminded her of his teasing touch. AHH that will work.

   She took the feather in slid it into the mailing tube, with the tape. She then put in some fill, shimmery Easter basket grass. along side that a perfect Valentine's Day card inviting him over for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

Then she dropped in packets of edible oils for touch and taste. She was getting there. She reached over and picked up a chocolate rose, and chocolate kisses, hoping they whereas sweet as her own juices. And would melt in her masters mouth as she had.

The cylinder was almost full she only had a few more things. A little teddy bear to remind him of holding her close. Then a sachet with her perfume sprayed all over it. The scent her Master always wanted her to wear.and the most important thing that made it all come together.A little golden box.

She opened the box and placed 3 keys into it. There she thought to her self. The keys to my desires, and she smiled knowing how many of her needs and desires her Master had already taken care of.

But the keys where not just a symbol the keys where to the restraints that beauty would be wearing when waiting for her dark prince.

     Placing the last thing in place beauty sealed the tube and wrapped it fancy paper, and set out to mail it.

Beauty was thinking about him the whole time, what would her master think when he got this. Would it bring that great sensual smile to his face. Would he think she was just a little crazy? Would it have the affect Beauty had hoped making him anticipate there day together even more.

She ran up the post office steps, making sure to mail it overnight so he would have it before Monday.

As she was leaving it was funny she was almost giddy with excitement hoping her Master liked being treated a little special. As he was special to her.

      She could be her self with him, open and honest and as sexual as she wished. He did not mind the sexual adventures they played. In fact he had thought up some very interesting ones himself. It kept her wondering just what he would think of next. But she did not mind she felt safe with her dark prince and knew that he would protect her and always respect her limits.

 She thought back to that first night waiting for her dark prince. She was so frightened and nervous. She had waited so long to find a Master that she could share all with. A Man that understood her desires, A Master that she could talk to and feel safe with. they had talked several times and had traded pictures. But still that first time beauty was nervous she wanted it to be perfect. She wanted to be all he thought she was and more. She did not want to disappoint him. But to beauty's relief that first night went fine. The excitement, desire, the adrenillian rush was all there. Her dark prince was all she had dreamed and more. So this valentines was going to be almost like thier first night and she could not wait.


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