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I AM EUROPEAN! This will be a very honest profile. I have always been a dominant. Even no
Hetero Male Submissive, 34,  Albany, Alabama











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This will be a very honest profile. I have always been a dominant. Even now, I have a few baby girls, submissives and even a slave I meet regularly. I abuse their asses routinely. But maybe because of that, a secret desire grew on me. The pictures on my profile speak for themselves. I want to have a mistress use me for her pleasure and explore my very tight virgin ass with care but with no forgiveness. I am straight, though. That means that i am absolutely not attracted by men. It is true, however, that I get turned on by the humiliation of being forced by a mistress to serve a man. At the end I am still very much a dominant and thus I ideally look for a switch to explore the full dimensions of the experience. However, there is also something special in the idea of being the slut for a girl, in oposition to the dominant abuse I impose to the girls I met so far. I wont post pictures of myself. Not yet, at least. I can describe myself, though. I am a white european, 177cm tall, with toned athletic body, although not big muscles. I have a 6 pack too ( Feel free to ask questions and bear with me as I learn more about this dimension of me.

-Extreme pain

Journal Entries:
11/24/2017 10:50:41 AM
As a dominant things are easier. To me, at least. I am in control. I say, you do. Now, this switch I am trying here is harder, since I am always just waiting to be controled, to have a mistress come and offer me an experience I cannot refuse. To open my virgin ass.

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