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 Located in the GTA   I have been away for a while, I only just found out that col
Bisexual Male Submissive, 39,  ON, Canada

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 Submissive Male



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Dominant Female

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A Poly Household

 Located in the GTA


I have been away for a while, I only just found out that collar space had replaced collar me and I am absolutely delighted :)


Submissive sissy boy looking to expand her horizons, looking to learn to be a giving and demure servant - be it maid / slut etc, just anything femme. Will work hard and learn quickly. This is not about a quick release this is about learning, growing and making other people's lives easier be it through domestic servitude, amusement or performing tasks to help in any way I can. Nothing makes me happier than a smile and the words "well done".


Feminization for me is about a desire to emulate females as I believe imitation to be the greatest form of flattery. If women ran this planet I believe it would be a better place. 

As an update, I am becoming more and more curious about humiliation, Cuck experiences and serving. I know I was put on this planet to Please others and make their lives easier, I just want to put a smile on people's faces. I have a definite curiosity about serving a transwoman too.


I am most definitely not into least I do not have a high pain threshold but to me emotional and psychological domination is far more effective and worthwhile. Control my mind and the rest of me soon follows.


Reading back on the above there are many I's and me's and that does make this appear to be a selfish profile but that truly is not the intention, it is just to try to paint a picture of the sub who wants to give so much, to please more than anything and to show that there can be flowers hidden in the weeds.

I wish you the very best of success in finding what you seek if I am not a fit for you. Xx


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