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Hetero Female Submissive, 30,  Centreville, Canada
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Last Online:


 Submissive Female



 Under 5'

 200 lbs





 18 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Male-Dom Couples

 Lives For:






 Horseback Riding


 Anal Play


 Body Worship


 Breast Binding/Play


 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Foot Worship



 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing

 Serving as a Maid/Butler





 Wax play



 Bar Hopping


 Fine Dining




 Scuba Diving


 Ultimate Frisbee

 Electrical Play

 Hair Pulling

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage











 Curious About:







 No Strings Housework

 Sensory Deprivation


 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries


 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets


 Garage Sales

 Musical Theater



 Renaissance Faires







 Martial Arts




 Skate Boarding

 Surf Boarding




 Wind Surfing





 Gas Masks




 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Rubber Fetish


 Theatrical Scenes

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Hard Limits:



 Fire Play

 Knife Play

 Medical Play

 Needle Play

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

   First Things First I Am In A Wheelchair,But That Does Not Stop Me From Living My Life,I  AM Willing To Try Gang Bangs,Anal,Fisting,Paddels,Hard Limits No Cumming On My Face,Tits,and my ass,No Needle Play,and no latex play, Looking for my Daddy Dom,NO FEMALE DOMS.YAHOO.i wanna be A Daddy Dom's princess by day and his lil slut by night or behind closed doors more like it.Are There Any Real Daddy Doms On Here.Looking for guidance.I Am looking for that one Daddy Dom whose face lights up when he walks through the door and sees me waiting for him to get home from work and to also give a kiss that tells him welcome home and that I missed him all day,and if Daddy has had a rough day at work,I'd kindly tell him to go sit while I get him a drink then take it to him,then I'd help relieve my daddy's stress from the day,but I also would not try to run away From Daddy if I needed punishment,and when Daddy says it's bedtime I would not argue.IF THERE IS ANYONE ON HERE WHO TALKS TO SIR HILL TELL HIM TO DELETE ME FROM HIS FRIENDS LIST

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Journal Entries:
4/14/2016 1:05:30 PM

Stella Would Just Be Getting Back To Her Apartment Building After A Long Day Of Classes,She Walks Past The Front Desk And steps In One Of The Elevators Before Receiving A Text On Her Phone,How Was Your Day At School My Little One,Stella Text Back Long Sir And Tiring Before Stepping Out On Here Floor,She Unlocks The Door To Her Apartment And Steps Inside,She Closes The Door Behind Her Before Slipping Off Her Shoes And Sweater,She Looks In The Fridge For Something To Eat After Such A Long Day,She Would Walk Over To The Sofa And Settle In To Watch Some TV,Later There Would Be A Knock At Her Front Door She Answers It After She's Finished Checking Dinner,Mark Would Be Standing At Her Door,Stella Cant Help But Stare At Mark Standing There Wearing A T-shirt And Torn Jeans,Stella Cant Help But Stare At Marks Well Figured Body,His Muscles Making His T-shirt Fit Nicely To His Upper Body,Mark Points To The Oven And Says That The Dinner Is Burning,Stella Quickly Grabs The Dinner Out Of The Oven but it is completely ruined,Mark Walks Up Behind Her And Whisper In Her Ear That's Ok Little One I Wasn't Really Hungry For That As he walks up To Her And Softly Kisses Her Lips,She Whispers Sir After The Kiss,Mark Smiles At Her And Says Yes Stella It's Me Before Grabbing Her Hand And Leading Her Into The Bedroom,Mark Kisses Stella's Lips Again But This Time He Slides His Hand Down Between Her Legs And To Mark's Surprise Stella Would Not Be Wearing Any Panties,So U Did Follow All Of My Instructions This Morning Stella Moans Yes Sir,Mark Would Just Smile And Say Good Girl Before Untying Stella's Top And Remove It Then He Would Remove Her Skirt Then He Would Gentle Kiss Down Her Neck And Shoulders While Reaching Down And Rubbing Stella's Clit,She Moans Please Sir I'm Not Ready,Mark Bites Her Ear And Growls Oh U Are Ready My Little One Before Turning Her Around And Down To Her Knees,Stella Quickly Undoes His Pants And Begins Sucking His Cock,Mark Growls Ah Good Girl,Stella Would Release His Cock Then he Would Help Stella To Her Feet Turn Her Around And Put Her On All Floors On The Bed Before Getting Up Behind Her And Slowly Enter Her Ass,She Would Softly Say Oh My Sir Your So Big,Mark Would Bend Down Over Her Bite Her Ear And Shoulder While Taking Her From Behind,Making Stella Very Wet Before Long,She Turns Her Head And Kisses Him While Cumming Then Sliding Off,Mark Rolls Her Over And Opens Her Legs And Slowly Enters Her Pussy She Whimpers He Looks Down At Her And Says Relax Little One Before circling Her Left Nipple With His Tongue Then Takes It Completely In His Mouth While Slowly Thrusting Into Her Pussy,Stella Gasp Before Mark Moves Onto The Right Nipple Repeating What He Did To The Left Then Releases It,He Gently Kisses Her While Slowly Thrusting In And Out Of Her Taking Her Completely Until The Early Hours Of The Morning Claiming Her In Every Way.            

2/3/2015 10:08:13 PM

I'd be Looking At Myself In The Mirror When I Hear The Door Open And Hear Daddy Coming Up Behind Me,MMMMM I Love Seeing My Baby Girl In Here School Girl Uniform Daddy Would Say As He Puts One Hand Down Between My Legs While Kissing Down My Neck,I'd Moan Daddy Please Stop,I'd Hear Daddy Chuckle In My Ear Alright Are U Ready To Go Kitten,I,d Turn Around And Look At Daddy,Yes Daddy I'm Ready To Go,Daddy Says Alright Kitten But U Need A Few More Things On Before We Go,Daddy Walks Over To The Night Stand And Pulls Out A Pair Of Wrist Cuffs,My Collar,And My Chain,And Puts Them On Me Before Taking Hold Of The Chain And Leading Me Down Stairs To The Front Door And Grabbing Both Are Coats And Heading Out The Door And Getting In The Car,An Hour And A Half Later We Pull Up Infront Of This Bar,I Look Over At Daddy,But Daddy I'm To Young To Drink,Daddy Would Look Over At Me And Say Slide Forwards In The Seat Kitten Then Lean Back,I'd Say Yes Daddy As I Slide Forwards In The Seat And Lean Back,Daddy Would Reach Over Grab A Hold Of My Hair And Pull My Head Back,Now Open Your Legs Kitten I'd Whimper And Say Yes Daddy As I Open My Legs Then Daddy Would Pull His Hand Back Before Smacking Me Hard Between The Legs,I'd Scream Before Daddy Says Now U Are Not Here To Drink,U Are Here To Meet The Bartender My Friend Travis Grey Is That Understood Kitten,I'd Whimper Before Saying Understood Daddy,Then Daddy Would Get Out Of The Car Walk Around To My Side To Let Me Out Of The Car,Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Chain And Lead Me Into The Bar And To The Table Back  In The Corner Before Walking Up To The Bar To Get His Friend The Bartender And Bringing Him Back To The Table Where I Was Sitting,I'd Look At Him And Introduce Myself,Then I'd Notice All The Other Guys In The Bar Get Up From There Tables And Walk Over To The Table As Well,I'd Try Hiding Under The Table But Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Chain,Oh Where Do U Think Your Going Kitten,I'd Look At Them All And Whimper,Daddy Would Stroke My Hair,Shhhhhhh The Sooner We Get Started The Sooner It Will Be Done Kitten,I Whimper Yes Daddy Before Getting Down On My Knees Infront Of Them All As everyone except for Daddy And Mr.Grey Drop There Pants, And Then One After The Other I'd Suck There Cocks As Daddy And Mr.Grey Watch,Then The Last Guy Who I Sucked Off Would Bend Me Over The Table,Then One After They Would Fuck My Ass,Before Rolling Me Over And Doing The Same To My Pussy Before Leaving Me On The Table A Cum Covered Mess,And Leave Lying On The Table, Daddy And Mr.Grey Would Look At Me Before Mr.Grey Scoops Me Up In His Arms And Carries Me Up To His Apartment,Then In To His Bathroom To Get Cleaned Up While Daddy Runs To The Store For Over Night Supplies Leaving Me Alone With Mr.Grey,Mr.Grey Would Get Me All Cleaned Up And Dried Off Before Carrying Me To His Bed And Lying Me Down,As I Lay There Sore And Breathing Hard I Would Feel The Tip Of Mr.Grey's Fingers Tracing Up Between My Legs And Finding There Way Into My Pussy,I'd Moan And Beg Mr.Grey To Stop,Mr.Grey Would Get On The Bed And Drive His Cock Deep In My Already Sore Pussy While Scream,Then Mr,Grey Would Pin My Arms Above My Head And Continue,I'd Scream Again But This Time As I Cum All Over Mr.Grey's Cock,Mr.Grey Would Say MMMMM What A Good Girl U Are Before Moaning And Cumming Deep In My Pussy All Before Daddy Gets Back With The Supplies For The Night.     

1/10/2015 8:21:08 PM

I'd Walk Into The Master Bedroom And Find Daddies Pants Laying On The Edge Of The Bed And I Would Hear The Shower On In The Master Bathroom,I'd Walk Over To The Bed,Pick Daddies Pants Up And Start Searching The Pocket Turning My Back To The Bathroom Door,A Few Minutes Later I'd Hear Daddies Voice,What Are U Doing With My Pants Kitten Daddy Would Say While Walking Over To The Bed To Stand Behind Me,Daddy Would Put His Arms Around My Waist Before Putting One Hand Down The Front Of My Panties And Rubbing My Clit,I'd Whimper As Daddy Puts His Lips To My Ear And Says,Don't Lie To Me Kitten Or You Will Be Punished,I'd Whimper And Say Yes Daddy Before Cumming All Over Daddies Fingers,MMMMMMMMMM Did My Kitten Cum All Over Daddies Fingers Without His Permission,I'd Whimper Again Before Saying Yes Daddy,Daddy Would Then Remove His Fingers And Sit Down On The Bed  Before Pulling Me Down Across His Knee And Remove My Panties Before Rubbing My Ass Cheek Then Begin  Spanking It,I'd Let Out A Little Cry Before Saying Thank You Daddy May I Have Another,Daddy Would Spank Me Several Times Before Reaching Into The Night Stand And Pulling Out A Pair Of Hand Cuffs And Slapping Them On My Wrist Before Pushing Me Down On My Knees And Removing His Towel,Then Crab My Ponytail And Forcing His Cock Down My Throat,MMMMMMMMMMMM That's It Kitten Take All Of Daddies Cock Down Your Pretty Little Throat, I'd Look Up At Daddy As I Choke,Gag,And Drool All Over Daddies Cock Before He Finally Pulls It Out Then Picks Me Up And Turns Me And Bends Me Over The Bed And Driving His Cock Balls Deep In My Ass,I'd Put My Head Back And Let Out A Loud Scream,Daddy Would Then Pull Back Against His Chest And Say How Does It Feel Kitten Having Daddies Thick Uncut Cock Balls Deep In Your Ass,I'd Scream Daddy Your Tearing Me Apart But Daddy Would Not Stop Five Minutes Later I'd Cum Again,Then Daddy Would Roll Me Over On To My Back Before Getting Down On His Knees And Start Eating Me Out,Daddy Would Look Up But Not Stop,Finally I Just Give In And Cum In Daddies Mouth,Before Daddy Stands Up And Drives His Thick uncut Cock Balls Deep Inside My Pussy,I Reach Back And Grab The Edge Of The Bed Ass Daddy Pounds Away At My Pussy,I Close My Eyes Hoping That It Will End Soon,Finally After Five Hours Of Daddy Pounding My Pussy He Cums Then Pulls Out,Then Daddy Bends Looks Down At Me And Says Go Clean Yourself Up For Dinner Kitten I Slide Off The Edge Of The Bed And Head To The Master Bathroom To Clean Up For Dinner.    

12/2/2014 8:31:14 PM

Daddy Would Come Home But He Would Not See Me Waiting For Him When He Walks Threw The Door,I'd Hear Daddy Put Down His Briefcase Then In A Loud Angry I'd Hear Daddy Say Where Are U Kitten,I'd Hesitate Before Saying I'm In The Dining Room Daddy,Daddy Would Come In The Dining Room But Before Daddy Could Scold Me For Not Being At The Door Waiting For Him Like I'm Suppost To Be Daddy Would See Me Laying On The Table His Dinner Covering My Body,I'd Look Over At Daddy And With An Innocent Grin I'd Say Sorry Daddy No Clean Dishes To Have Your Diner On,Daddy Would Walk Over To Me And Kiss Me Before Saying That's Alright Kitten Before Taking His Finger And Dragging It Threw The Whipped Potatoes On My Breast And Sticking His Finger In His Mouth To Lick It Clean Then Daddy Would Bend His Head Down And Slow Lick My Breast Clean,I'd Whimper Daddy Drags His Tongue Across My Nipples, I'd Whimper Has Daddy Slowly Cleans Off My Stomach Before Working His Way Down My Legs And Back Up But Between Them This Time I'd Hear Daddy Say And What Do We Have Here Kitten As Daddy Stares At The Two Piece's Of Meat Sticking Out Of My Pussy I'd Just Giggle As Daddy Would Begin To Eat The Meat,After Daddy Had Finished All Of His Diner Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Hand And Help Me Down On To The Floor,I'd Look Up At Daddy While Rubbing The Crotch Of His Pants,I'd Hear Daddy Moan,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yes Kitten Go Ahead I'd Unbuckle Daddies Belt And Unzip His Pants And Let Then Drop To The Floor Before Taking Daddies Cock In My Mouth,Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Ponytail And Start Fucking My Face Harder For 45 Minutes Before Releasing Me And Picking Me Up And Bending Me Over The Table,Is My Kittens Ass Hole Tight,I'd Whimper Yes Daddy It Is Before Feeling Daddy Push His Cock Balls Deep In My Ass,I'd Let Out A Whimper Before Hearing Daddy Say Goddamn Kitten Your Ass Is Tight,I'd Put My Hand On The Back Of Daddies Leg And Daddy Would Start Pounding My Ass Harder,I'd Hear Daddy Say Cum For Me Kitten Cum For Daddy,I'd Whimper Yes Daddy Before Cumming On The Floor,I'd Hear Daddy Say MMMMMMMMMMM There's My Good Kitten Before Pulling Out And Rolling Me Over On To My Back Before Driving His Cock Deep Inside My Pussy Then Picking Me Up And Carrying Me Over To The Wall And Slamming Me Hard Against The Wall And Wrapping My Legs Around His Waist And Digging My Nails Into His Back,I'd Hear Daddy Oh Fuck Yes Kitten Take It Take It Like A Good Girl Suppost To,Daddies Grunts And Groans Would Begin To Get Louder,I'd Scream Cum For Me  Daddy Cum For Me Now,Daddy Would Say Oh God Damn U Getting Before Cumming Deep Inside My Pussy Then Lowering Me To The Floor,I'd Clean Of Daddies Cock For Him Before Heading To The Bathroom To Shower.

11/17/2014 11:10:24 PM

Daddy Would Take Hold Of My Hand And Lead Me DownStairs To The Front Door,On The Wall I See A Set Of Chains And Shackles,Daddy Takes Me Over The Wall And Shackles Me To The Wall Before Ripping My Clothes Off,I Watch Daddy Very Closely Before Daddy Press His Lips Against Mine,While My Eyes Were Closed I Would Feel This Pain Between My Legs I'd Look Down To See That Daddy Has Shoved A Vibrator Up My Pussy,I'd Look Up To Find Daddy Smiling With The Remote In His Hand I'd Plead With Daddy To Take It Out, Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Hair And Pull My Head Back,Sorry Kitten But The Vibrator Stays In Your Pussy While I'm At Work Understand Kitten,I Whimper Yes Daddy Before Daddy Turns Around To Head Out The Door But Not Before Pushing The Remote Control And Making The Vibrator Go Off I'd Put My Head Back And Let Out A Loud Bone Chilling Scream While Daddy Steps Out The Door,I'd Spend The Whole Day Shackled To The Wall The Vibrator Going Off Every Five Minutes Until Finally Daddy Arrives Home And Takes One Look At Me,MMMMMMMMMMMMMM You Made A Mess All Over The Floor Kitten,I'd Whimper I'm Sorry Daddy As Daddy Releases The The Chains And Leads Me Up To The Bedroom And Then Out To The Balcony,I'd Get Down On My Knees InFront Of Daddy And Playfully Start Biting His Pants,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Tell Daddy What U Want Kitten,I'd Look Up At Daddy And Say I Want Your Cock Daddy Before Undoing Daddies Pants And Removing Them Before Sucking Daddies Cock I'd Hear Daddy Say Oh Shit Kitten That Feels So Good After 15 Minutes Of Sucking Daddies Cock Daddy Would Pick Me Up And Bend Me Over The Railing Before Giving Me A Hard Smack On The Ass Before Rubbing His Cock Against My Ass,I'd Whimper Please Daddy I Want It,Oh And Where Do U Want It Now Kitten Daddy Would Whisper In My Ear,I'd Whimper I Want It In My Ass Daddy,Daddy Would Grab Hold Of My Hips And Drive His Cock Deep In My Ass,I'd Let Out A Loud Scream,I'd Hear Daddy Say Oh Yes Kitten While Pounding My Ass,After A Couple Of Hears Daddy Finally Pulls Out And Turns Me Around Before Driving His Cock Deep In My Pussy And Pounding Away Until Finally We Both Cum.  

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