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I'm a Dominant bottom here to find an LTR/TPE with a submissive and hung top to serve me domes
Male Dominant, 24,  Saint Louis, Missouri













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 Dominant Male

 Saint Louis 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 170 lbs






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Submissive Male

I'm a Dominant bottom here to find an LTR/TPE with a submissive and hung top to serve me domestically as my houseboy and sexually as my full-time whore and plaything, human dildo/fuck machine, sex doll, cock toy, cum cow, and pain slut. With that said, I am also looking for more than just submission/servitude - I want substance too. My aim is to develop a true/total power exchange  while also cultivating a meaningful, mutually beneficial, loving relationship built on a foundation of trust, respect, openness, communication, and most importantly, consent. Hopefully this will gradually lead up to a live-in arrangement. I am NOT looking for casual play, hookups, or part-time partners. If I'm committed to you full-time, I expect the same in return.

A few notes about your role:

~ Masturbation (or touching your cock period) is prohibited without my supervision.

~ You will be given a chastity cage to wear while I am not using your cock. You will also be given a key but you must wait for my instruction in order to use it (with the only exception being emergencies or extreme discomfort/pain).

~ All of your orgasms will be regulated by me. I decide when or IF you get to cum which may vary from being allowed to cum once a week or month to being forced to cum 20 or times a day.

~ You must be available for use and perform sexual services for me when I demand it no questions asked. If I tell you to fuck me, you get hard and put it in my ass. If I tell you to lick my hole, you get on your knees and stick your tongue out. You stop when I tell you to and not a moment before.

~ Upon becoming my slave, all control over your cock will henceforth be relinquished over to me. It's mine to tease, torture, punish, and please as I see fit. I'll suck it and play with it as much I want. I'll make you hard just for the fun of watching you getting all horned up and then putting you back in your cage immediately after. If we're not together, you'll send me pictures of it if I want to see it. If we are together, you'll show it to me when I demand for you take it out. It doesn't matter where we are, even if we're in public or driving in the car. When I want it, you don't hesitate to pull down your pants, put your hands up/back, let me handle my business. You don't have any say or rights.

~ Your body is also mine. I have the power to explore, taste, touch, grope, fondle, and molest it whenever and wherever I want. I can and will do anything to you that my twisted, perverted little heart desires. Never forget your place as nothing more than a piece of slave meat that exists to spoil, worship, and obey his master.

~ Nudity at all times is mandatory unless I say otherwise.

~ When you're not servicing me, you'll be put to work and given chores and responsibilities around the house (taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, cooking, doing the laundry, etc.). You're a slave in EVERY sense of the word.

~ Giving me daily or weekly sexual and non-sexual massages will also be apart of your service.

Here's a full list of my kinks in order: ob-ject-ification, cock control, chastity, bondage/sensory deprivation/gags, sadism, orgasm control and cum play, edging, forced milking, post-orgasm stimulation/torture & relentless glans polishing, CBT, impact play, sounding/urethra play, ass worship (receiving), face sitting, ass play (mutual), discipline, nipple play/torture, sensation play, tickling, foot worship (receiving), forniphilia, forced workouts, wardrobe control, CMNM, forced exposure/exhibitionism, voyeurism, and some humiliation, cages, collars, and leashes. I want to explore deeper with hypnosis and CNC. I'm also curious about pet play, sharing, and possibly breath control. 

My non-kinky/"vanilla" sexual and misc. interests in order are: kissing, oral sex (giving and occasionally receiving), anilingus (mostly receiving and occasionally giving), anal sex (receiving and rarely giving), outercourse, felching, frot, foot jobs (giving), handjobs (mutual), biting, scratching, massages (receiving), and cuddling.

My only obvious limits are: scat, watersports, spit, play with minors, bestiality, necrophilia, permanent damage or extreme body modification. Aside from those things, I'm open to trying anything once. 


Outside of BDSM, I'm pretty adventurous and easy going. I'm energetic, curious, goofy, and extroverted. I like just about anything and everything outdoors from mild (hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.) to wild (skydiving, bungee jumping, ziplining, etc.). I live for traveling and seeing new places. I also enjoy going to jazz and blues clubs, art galleries, museums, concerts, music & culture festivals, and sometimes even the theatre. I also appreciate simplicity and minimalism. A quiet evening at home is just as exciting (if not more so) as a night on the town or jumping out of an airplane. Having someone to be excited with and someone to be excited about would be great. I am a hopeful romantic and a bit old-fashioned when it comes to relationships. To me, that first kiss and the moments leading up to it is still the sexiest thing ever. I like dating and establishing a friendship first before sexual intimacy. I don't like to rush, I'd rather take my time. I like getting to know my partner inside and out because ultimately, I want more than just a sub/slave, I want a best-friend.

Ideally, I am looking for athletic or average built (also into beefy/bear and slim types too), well-endowed (7+ inches preferably), masculine guys (Alpha on the outside but all bitch on the inside) in between the ages of 18 and 49 (but open to older). Of course, none of this criteria is set in stone as true connection trumps everything else. I have no hangups about race/ethnicity. I don't care what your income is, what religion you do or don't practice, where you fall on the political spectrum, etc. Come as you are, come as your beautiful authentic self. Just be respectful and not an asshole. 



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