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First I would like to apologize, for any grammar errors I am writing this on my phone.. my g
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First I would like to apologize, for any grammar errors I am writing this on my phone.. my great fantasy is to have a beautiful little subbie of my own, a little lap dog that does my bidding, eats what and when told, cums only when I see fit, and gives themselves to me to explore. Pegging, collars, whips, bondage, humiliation and more. I am not looking for one thing. This is for me a release and fun, I am not new, but like everything in life I'm still learning so why would I not learn something new bdsm and not looking for a short term fun This will be all true and unedited. I would like for you too know this is just, just as I like to call it a rant. I'm the type that love to control ppl, places and feelings. Most of my own friends call me an ass, or a douche right too my face. To be honest I don't mind it. If I just met him or her and Plain and simple I'm a realest, I speak my mind and have had some bruises to prove it. There's a secret to my madness, most ppl who are honest and have a bit more then common sense. I have few but great personal friends. So as for other things. I love the feeling I have of total control of a woman. I love the thrill of over power. I strongly believe people shouldn't do what they feel comfortable doing. Its mind and your body, and its our choose what happen. But every girl I have been with, or dated. All say I have this way of making them do something they would not want too do. One told me that she dose what I ask, because she felt she has too not because I wanted it because she wanted too.. As she had to because of my tone. I don't know maybe she just fed me this BS?? Now for my opinion on younger woman? I love them. I do have a cut off when it come too their age. I adore how some ppr want to learn everything in the bedroom. How some are so willing to do what ever I ask of them. Also I love how they feel so soft and tight body. When a younger girl always argues with me, or says no too me too often. That is when I start to smile in joy. Because she doesn't know what will be coming. I love to convince her that its better then what will happen when she says no. I use some of my toys in my black bag. Or use what ever is lying around. Anal you ask??? I love it!!!!! I love that it feeling, so tight. But that not the only thing I love about it. Anal virgin, that is amazing. The face of a girl just in so much pain and regrets what she just agree for. The more screaming and fighting me off just turns me more on. Oral!!!! As in you giving it too me. I like it rough and hard. You have to suck as hard as you can. Not less then that. I need to feel soar the next day. When I pee in the morning I have too feel it. There is this great feeling of the first pee after some real good blowjob. When I hear some gagging noises coming from her mouth I get turn on and I tend to get rougher. I can say I would never hit a woman or girl out of anger. But I can lie I do love to see a sweet red bottom. What I love more about it is that warm feeling that comes off a fresh spanked bottom. I would never smack a woman (girl) out of anger.

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