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Hetero Male Dominant, 58,  Wilson, North Carolina
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 North Carolina

 5' 10"

 198 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only





 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing






 1950s Household


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music


 Card Games




 Classical Music

 Eighties Music






 Curious About:

 Outdoor Bondage


Profile problems...
I spent all day putting my desires to words and had it rejected.
I thought it was awesome.
I seek a sane sub near my age for a ds relationship.
Write and i will answer.

100 Dominant
100 Rigger
100 MasterMistress
100 DaddyMommy
97 Owner
97 Primal (Hunter)
89 Degrader
87 Voyeur
75 Ageplayer
71 Sadist
70 Exhibitionist
48 Experimentalist
46 Non-monogamist
36 Brat tamer
3 BoyGirl
1 Primal (Prey)
0 Rope bunny
0 Slave
0 Degradee
0 Brat
0 Submissive
0 Masochist
0 Vanilla
0 Pet
0 Switch

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Journal Entries:
1/13/2018 6:42:36 PM
At this point I'm not the norm. I am only compatable with someone that accepts themselves. If you are who you accept as a person i might be for you. It's a rugged 2 fisted life. I'm a man that understands that. Bring something to the table and you will find a capable and charming insperation.

11/8/2017 8:32:20 PM
You came to me in longing For desires of submission You fed on my souls conviction. On my sense of purpose. In all i gave you freely. But you never took your place. Beside me in this world. Now i hear you in the distance But just can't feel you any more. Can't feel you anymore. I remember how you smiled through all the pain. I remember how your body taste. I remeber how i felt when i had you. But now you're living for world you left for me. I'm still here and I'm the same. Changed By the loneliness and time. But still what you found attractive. What you needed to be alive. I'm still all you ever wanted. Just wrinkled and damaged. Like the first time i saw you. Like the first time that i saw you.

10/15/2017 6:58:26 AM
Its been to long since the smell of sweat along with the rythem of. the flog and the primal grunts and whimpers have soothed my desires. From the cane to the feather duster all is foreplay. Wish you were here...

9/30/2017 8:03:33 PM
Another exciting saturday night. Pasta salad with turkey.bourbon and coke. I thought about intimacy several times. I watched the news and smoked. Pondered the cycle of life. I am really comfortable with me. I miss having an us, but my decline is superficial. Someone who wanted an alpha male near my age would like me I'm aging like fine wine. ...but seating for one really diminishes cultural activities. I will never be vanilla. I need to play my partners body like an Instrument.

6/24/2017 6:26:28 PM
I'm certainly meeting some interesting people. Thank you all. It seems some are not firmilar with their own self identity. I feel for all who see reality as unfulfilling. I can relate. I am encourage by all who relentlessly pursue their ideals of Recognition of their desires. Along the way i have discovered people have do i. I belive people should embace their desires and self image. I see my self as a perfect maaster for everyone but a pain slut. I don't mind beating you but i don't want it to take all night. I see myself as the person that excepts the image a person desires. At the moment I'm waiting for the bitch that can't live without me. It's been a long dry spell. In the meantime if anyone wants the input of a guy that has lived hard for 57 years, feel free to write.

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