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Hello not really too sure what to say about myself other than my two favorite fetishes are tic
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Hello not really too sure what to say about myself other than my two favorite fetishes are tickling and teasing I'm now looking for friends maybe more and one point in time I'm friendly I have a good sense of humor and I can be childlike at times sometimes LOL I just hope to meet some nice people I don't get the really talk to too many people and it's kind of lonely to be honest I'm not trying to get laid or fulfill some sexual fantasy even though I do have a lot of them just trying to find friends that's all . Why do I like chastity and tease and denial kind of hard to say probably for a few reasons when I was 13 I seen a girl get raped I tried to stop it but I failed I got beaten up pretty bad by three guys maybe it's the guilt that makes me a submissive or even not want an orgasm the Chastity to me I never considered it a punishment more of a gift to actually have somebody tell you that they want you enough to lock you in men that do have Chastity devices are very lucky in my opinion. As for my love for tickling and tease and denial that's probably for the endorphins it makes me emotionally feel better and it can be quite addicting. Same as bondage is such a nice feeling and I say feeling to be restrained rather it be by rope or straight jacket I prefer straight jackets because of the fact that my shoulders are not good and the feeling to be someone's captive someone who actually wants you there it's a nice feeling I have to admit I've always considered myself as a pleaser tried to be anyway but my health windup declining is reason why I just want to be friends I wound up becoming useless to a degree and I still have my mechanical talents to work on things but anyway I don't want to sound too depressing not really me I always try to be funny and I always try to be friendly with all people if you want someone to talk to I'm always great listener well I won't bore you anymore with my story rather talk about something more important like who I'm talking to because I believe that people should get to know each other because we are all more than just our fetishes we are people with real feelings well have fun and please be safe everyone

Journal Entries:
12/23/2017 9:48:19 AM
Hooked up to dialysis machine feeling really tired now think I'm going to sign out of here sleep if anyone is reading this all I want is for everyone to have fun and be safe thank you

10/15/2017 7:55:05 PM
Sitting Outdoors now in the cold well chili anyway lit a candle for my dog and I still miss him I feel like he may have been the last bit of my Humanity I remember when I used to smile every time when I saw him used to have separation anxiety and I would hold him when I got home from dialysis some would say he's just a dog but he was more than that he was my friend he would listen to me and even though he couldn't speak English he still told me that he loved me so the least I can do is sit here by his grave and talk to him and tell him that he was the best dog because he was he made me enjoy life now I just feel so empty I think that I pretend to be happy because people always tell me I need to go see someone to talk about it but there's not really much to talk about he was my best friend and no amount of money no amount of anything can ever bring him back I've gotten to the point where I can't stand most people I just want to reach out and hit them maybe I just need a little rest.

9/5/2017 5:07:07 AM
I hope everybody's doing well this weekend I'm still mourning the loss of my poodle but slowly starting to get better about it I just find it amazing how a dog that I did not want or did not even want want to know stole my heart I remember making a promise to him and I told him that I would never ever hurt him and I would never abandon him sometimes I feel like I failed in a little guy but I remember when he was looking out the window that Monday like he knew that it was his time I can only keep hoping that he's in a better place and that he's happy well I hope everybody's weekend goes well and be safe

8/19/2017 10:10:19 AM
My dear little poodle died last Monday he was my world my baby now he is gone it hurts so much R I P little buddy I love you so much.Damien was his name he was an angel.

11/3/2016 4:20:17 AM
it is really hard to make friends here

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