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Short, sweet, and to the point: I'm a mature, single, experienced bottom with submissive and
Male Submissive, 59,  Albuquerque, New Mexico












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 Submissive Male


 New Mexico

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Short, sweet, and to the point:

I'm a mature, single, experienced bottom with submissive and masochistic tendencies. I'm actively seeking a mature, experienced, and assertive Dominant woman. I love power exchange during play, but I prefer to be an equal partner when we are not playing.

I'm seriously looking for a committed, lifetime relationship. But until that happens, I'm open to a wide variety relationships from play partners & dating, to training without intimacy, or even a regular arrangement with a mature, experienced ProDomme (45+).


Here are more details:

I am an experienced submissive bottom,single (widower), retired, and lives alone. I have no problems sending you a photo of myself if we decide to go past email and decide to meet. I'm a caring, considerate companion and play partner with a strong desire to be in a committed relationship with an assertive Dominant woman.


My preference is for an ongoing or lifetime relationship with an experienced Dominant or Top woman. My hope is that she would be open to getting to know each other in a non-rushed manner. I desire kinky play on a fairly regular basis, hopefully she does too, along with being an strict, severe, relentless, and can push my limits. I'm an enthusiastic sub and am excited by suffering for my Domme's pleasure. Ideally she is retired or close to it, or has a lifestyle that allows her free time to for us to enjoy life together.


I live alone in a quiet, private, semi rural home. I'm retired and have a very flexible schedule. I can be available most days and eves on fairly short notice.



24/7, slavery, cuckold, swinging, poly

Humiliation, degradation, name calling, face slapping

Female supremacists

Financial domination


Fireplay, branding, cutting, blood play

Age play, furries

People that say they "Love" Shopping (even worse say they're an "Expert" at it)


 I'm aware that living in the Southwest means that kinky folks are spread out, but I love road trips and short non-stop flights and am happy to travel to visit you. I can easily drive within New Mexico and up to a 300 mile radius from Albuquerque, so that means I can also easily fly to: Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas on a regular basis.


I'm a good cook, and keep a neat and tidy house. I enjoy gardening and am fairly handy around the house with hand and power tools. While I enjoy quiet nights at home making dinner, discussing current events, reading, or watching a movie together, I also enjoy getting out of the house for: live theater, music, a variety of cultural events, museums, sightseeing, easy day hikes, going to the movies, and exploring dining experiences (Asian, European, Mexican, delis, diners, humble walk-up windows, and nicer white linen eateries). I'm not a gambler and could care less about the newest glitzy casino, I don't drink alcohol or smoke, use recreational drugs, or use Rx pain meds daily. But I'm OK if you occasionally enjoy, in moderation, a few drinks, or wine, or indulge in 420. But if you're daily drinker or enjoy getting drunk, get high every day, or use Rx opiates on a daily basis then I'm not the guy for you.


While I'm open to many aspects of SM, impact play is by far my favorite. So for me, it's primarily s-p-a-n-k-i-n-g-s (hand and with implements) followed by flogging. I've also been trained as an ass whore and crave dildos and fisting. I'm also not shy about begging to be used long, hard, and deep. It's my pleasue and duty to provide oral service, pussy and anus (clean - no scat!), in that regard I can enthusiastically enjoy marathon sessions. As you can see by my pics, I'm really into large dildos, so if you are into ass play and like subs that can take a long and hard dildo fucking, then you're my dream woman.


About finances, your money is yours and none of my business, but if you need to take over and control my finances you can just pass me by. I'm a traditional kinda guy and expect to pick up the check for dinner and entertainment. But if we're taking a two-week trip then I'd expect you to contribute towards your travel expenses. Also pass me by if you list yourself as "Living For" shopping or being a "Shopping Expert ?" Seriously? Talk about advertising to the world just how shallow and insecure you are.

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