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back after a while... looking for dommes primarily but happy to chat with fellow subs and shar
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back after a while... looking for dommes primarily but happy to chat with fellow subs and share experiences/stories. 


I have a relatively limited amount of experience but certainly no shortage of desire... I've been obsessed with the scene for 8 years now and its never relented to be a major piece of my focus. 


Essentially I'm looking for a Mistress/Domme who is willing to push me, take control of me and thoroughly humiliate me. However I am slightly picky when it comes to looks/ age etc. I believe I'm a relatively good looking lad and I take care of myself, I have no shortage of interest for vanilla relationships but unfortunately they just dont cut it and I've rarely found a vanila relationship which I can remain fulfilled in.  


I'd love to have a strap-on used on me by a beautiful woman and to be frequently thoroughly abused in frequent realtime sessions but I could settle for online ;)


It never ceases to amaze me just how many fakes and con artists there are on this site...I do not take kindly to it, in fact I find it insulting to think that people would possibly mistake me for someone without any common sense or intellect. Nevertheless, I continue in my search, and hopefully, at some point I'll find a genuine domme, with a real passion for their passion, instead of a real passion for taking the money I work so very hard to earn. 


By the way, I realise the pic is rather blurred... I intended it to be, to at least uphold some privacy, If you want to see a more detailed version, please feel free to ask. I can also service your requests, within reason. 




Why does it seem that the only fetish the dommes on this site have is FinDomme?


Journal Entries:
10/11/2010 2:27:55 PM
Met an extroadinary Domme today. was very much a pleasure and hope to serve her soon. x

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