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I am a gay man with some experience submitting to other men.  I like spanking and cocksucking.
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I am a gay man with some experience submitting to other men.  I like spanking and cocksucking. I would like to expand my limits.

Journal Entries:
7/25/2014 12:51:56 AM

Sir requested that i write and post a deion of our last time together. Sir is a married man but, on occasion, usually on his way to work, stops at my house and provides me some of the discipline that i need and the cock that i crave. Sir told me to await His arrival wearing only a jockstrap. i was looking out the front window when i saw that someone who was walking his dog noticed me. i quickly stepped back but then thought that Sir would require me to show myself so walked back to the window. i am a big guy but he must have liked what he saw somewhat as he stayed in front of my house for several minutes.


When Sir arrived he seemed angry with me and sent me upstairs to my room where he told me to kneel facing the corner. He prepared himself by undressing and then sat in a chair in the room and told me to stand by his side. He told me that He was going to give me the hardest spanking yet and that my safe word was red. Then He had me lay over his knee and proceeded to spank me hard with His hand for several minutes. Then he stopped for a moment and then spanked me again for several minutes. i did not want to use the safe word but i did ask him to slow down and He did. He told me to kneel between His legs.


i wanted nothing more than to worship His cock. He made me beg but eventually gave me the supreme honor of sucking his cock. He calls me cocksucker and tells me i am good. i could continue to worship forever but He stops me and tells me to apply six clothespins to His nipples. Then he kneels on the chair and requires me to give him five hard spankings with the paddle. Then another set of five hard spanking with the paddle. i feel uncomfortable spanking Sir but i do as i am told.


After he sits back down and i continue to worship His cock. His balls. i don't want this to end but i know Sir must go to work so He allows me to make Him cum. Seeing Sir cum and knowing that i played some small part in that is an amazing feeling.


i know he needs to leave so i quickly clean him off. He allows me to nurse on His cock but soon He must go and i help him to dress. it saddens me when He pulls up His briefs and even more so when He puts on His pants. i pull up His zipper which saddens me but He allows me to briefly nuzzle His cock through His pants. Then He leaves me. i am so hard but instead of jerking off i dress myself (continuing to wear the jockstrap) and go to work. All day i think of Sir and when i return home that evening i masturbate.


i hope this pleases Sir and that He will allow me to worship again. Soon.  

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